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Posted by Cadet P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Mess Kitchen - Cadet Dawes Is Hungry on USS Challenger

Posted by Cadet P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Mess Kitchen - Cadet Dawes Is Hungry on USS Challenger

Posted by Cadet P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Mess Kitchen - Cadet Dawes Is Hungry on USS Challenger
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“Oh, gladly, but just a bit, I don’t want to deprive you.” Taking a bowl from a near shelf, he put it on the table, next to the plomeek. “At least, I know where the flower scent came from”, he joked.

P’Mala ladled the last few spoonfuls of plomeek soup from the large metal stockpot into the bowl.

“It’s really a rather conflicting taste,” she said. “Like human cilantro. I personally can’t get enough of it, but my roommate back in San Francisco, a big ol’ Pakled named Grustle we called “Garbage Can,” even he couldn’t stomach it.”

“As for me, I have quite an ordinary life”, he began. “I was raised on earth, my father was a Starfleet officer and my mother a doctor. So I took the two of their job and mixed them into mine as a Doctor in Starfleet.”
Looking down, he continues : “I wouldn’t be here without my mother. She really pushed me to study when I didn’t want to, and when I was down. Thanks to her, I get to live a wonderful life here on the Challenger.” Thinking a bit of her, he stays silent for a bit, letting the bubbling noise of the water drive his mind into some memories.

P’Mala listened thoughtfully. She knew how it was to be driven in a direction by a loved one, and how any kind of separation was hard and complicated.

“My parents were always very non-traditional. Academics. Studying religion. You’re familiar with Vulcan philosophy, the teachings of Surak?”

“About controlling emotions in order to embrace logic? I do know his origin and his founder, Surak, but that’s the best I can come up with”, he says. While he was at the Academy, Aarone had Vulcan history to study due to their influence on the Federation, but he only learned that Surak was the equivalent of Einstein or Newton in Vulcan society, and even more since he also was a renowned diplomat.

“Exactly that,” P’Mala said. “My family has always been interested in the old ways, too.”

She took a spoonful of soup, chewed thoughtfully.

“Father’s family line has skirted hereticism for generations–he taught me how to have a relationship with my human self, just as he learned to build a relationship with my mother.”

“Still, it’s really great you embrace your human part”, Aaron says, suddenly changing the subject. “You’re not the first half-breed Vulcan, but surely you must be one of the first that listen to their emotions. I don’t mind logic, but It’s a nice change you bring.” The way he sound was fully supportive. He could guess it wasn’t an easy choice for P’Mala to choose between two sides of herself.

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Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

P’Mala squashed a garlic clove into Willams’ bowl.

“I do try to keep human emotions in mind,” she said. “I can put what I feel into boxes, and I can choose to open them at the appropriate time.”

Aaron chuckled : “Well, you surely have better control than us ! I mean, humans have surely done weird things when they acted based on their most intense feels.”

“The Vulcans, too. Before Time of Awakening, the ancestors almost let their emotions destroy us.”

She pushed the bowl toward him. “Do let me know what you taste!”

Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Putting his head above the bowl, a strange scent came up to his nose, a mix between freshly cut flowers, milk, and some garlic. He resisted frowning not to disappoint the P’Mala, but the smell was quite surprising. Not something I would drink, but here I am, he thought with a bit of fascination.

Taking a spoon, he took a sample of the plomeek and ate it. Surprisingly, it tasted… bland, at first. But after a moment, the soup felt quite nice, hot, and a bit sweet. He could feel the ingredient, but if he compared their taste to music notes, they would be mute, almost absent yet still here, like a shadow of them.

Aaron’s eyes widened a bit as he swallowed, and he smiled at P’Mala : “It’s quite good! Thought I expected it to have more taste, and to be richer, but I truly like it.”

P’Mala’s eyes lit up, watching Lt. Williams taste then like plomeek soup. “It is a really subtle thing, plomeek! My memaw on Earth says it tastes like radio static. But I can’t get enough of it. Reminds me of Vulcan.”

Taking another sip, he says : “Is it a dish for special occasions, or is it a common one ?”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

“It can be for special occasions or eaten every day. It’s like Earth cuisine–how fancy it is depends entirely on the cookery and ingredients. This is just my quick and easy version.”
Finishing his bowl, he nodded at P’Mala : “Well, my compliment to the chef ! It was really good.3

P’Mala looked over to the stove. “Lieutenan– Aaron, I think your gnocchi are probably getting close to cooked through. Too much longer and I’m afraid you’ll have mashed potatoes. “

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

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Turning his head toward the stove, Aaron witnessed the water level rising at the top of the pot, almost boiling over. “Oh, damn ! Thanks for the notice” he says, quickly turning off the fire. Grabbing the nearest collander, he put the gnocchis, waiting for the water to be gone. A lot of smoke comes out of the sink, and on Aaron’s hand appeared droplets from the water smoke.

Putting the dish on a plate with some butter, the man saw a table at the side of the kitchen with three chairs around it. He turns toward P’Mala and says : “How about we take a seat ? Might a well eat in a comfortable way.”

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Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

“Sure,” P’Mala said. “I’ve been on my feet all day.”

She pulled her bag with the thermos over her shoulder and carried the two bowls of soup over to the table.

“This was my first time in the kitchen. Are we allowed to use it freely? Oh, and how did you learn how to make gnocci?” she asked. “As someone interested in ethnography and xenobiology, food habits are so interesting to me, and Earth has several different rich food cultures.”

Cadet Dawes

“Well, so far, no one has ever complained about my presence when I come here to cook, so I think it’s fine.” Aaron took a sit and start to toss his gnocchi a bit and put some salt in it.

“As for the gnocchi themselves, I just happened to eat them a lot in my childhood. It was my father’s favorite plate.” He took a bite, and his face looked relieved. “Mmh- oh yeah, perfectly boiled !”

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Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

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