CNS Office-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste reporting for evaluation

Posted May 19, 2022, 6:52 a.m. by Captain Grayson Rhodes (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Cadet Johnathan Baptiste (Doctor) in CNS Office-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste reporting for evaluation

Posted by Captain Grayson Rhodes (Commanding Officer) in CNS Office-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste reporting for evaluation

Posted by Cadet Johnathan Baptiste (Doctor) in CNS Office-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste reporting for evaluation
Having completed getting his toe repaired, completing his onboarding physical, and then performing an onboarding physical Cadet Johnathan Baptiste ran down his itinerary on the PaDD he had ‘borrowed’ from Sick Bay I’ll return it later when I report back to Dr. Frankenstein. Report to his Department Head; Lieutenant Daphene Frankenstein, M.D. Drôle, nommé d’après le médecin dans le livre Frankenstein de Mary Shelley he thought in French. Well she seems to be away on important business, guess I will have to circle back on that one. Next was to get his onboarding physical, check, then on to the Counselor office for the mental health evaluation. =^= Computer, what time is it?=^ he inquired? =^= The time is 11:00 hours=^= replied the computer. Excellent I have enough time to stop by my quarters and drop off the snow globe and hypospray, then report to the Counselor Office; with luck he would have it completed in time to return back to the Sick Bay and finally meet his department head. With a slightly stiff gait he headed out the door from Sick Bay and to his quarters. Arriving at his quarters he hastily placed the snow globe on his night stand and the hypospray in the drawer Hope I do not need that and can return it back to Sick Bay, my toe feels a lot better now that I had it treated. he thought, as he put it away. Bien parti à la tête rétrécit le bureau” he thought in French, then admonish himself, I have to remember to think and speak in Federation Standard; damn it Mom and Dad every time I visit it takes me a week to stop thinking in French he thought as he made his way to the Counselor’s office. What a day, had to admit to the Captain how I injured myself during my physical and performed the physical on the Chief Engineer; what away to start my actual Star Fleet career. Stopping in front of the Counselor’s door he pressed the buzzer best to insure there is not another individual present getting counseling he thought.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

The door opened and on the other side of it stood a man with dirty blond hair and a tidy van dyke beard that was very slightly darker in colour to his hair. The man held up his hand for a second to indicate the person was to wait a moment. He was reading something on a PaDD.

Once he finished, only a few seconds, he looked up and a look of recognition appeared on his face. “Hi, I’m Counselor Klein,” he introduced himself and held out his hand offering a hand shake.

“Come in and take a seat Cadet Baptiste,” He said it easily and without pause. “How’s your toe?”

NE Klein, CNS

Cadet Baptiste was startled by the abrupt opening of the door. Standing before him was a picture of the prototypical human psychiatrist. The counselor held his hand up and continued to read his PaDD. Wonder what is so interesting on that PaDD? he thought. Waiting patiently, Cadet Baptiste began a mental exercise to calm his nerves, finally the counselor looked up and introduced himself. He seems to recognize me thought Cadet Baptiste. He reached out and shook Counselor Klein’s hand “Hello sir, Cadet Johnathan Baptiste reporting for my head shrinking”, he replied with a smile. “The toe is fine sir, I see that the tell of news spreading like wildfire on a starship are true.” he replied as he followed the counselor into his office and took a seat. Well I wonder what we will be discussing? I know I am supposed to continue with the cognitive therapy for Ménière’s disease management.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

“Don’t worry, shrinking heads went out of fashion centuries ago. People frown on the hobby these days. Care for a drink at all?” Klein asked as he moved back to his desk, grinning slightly.

“The Captain informed me of your small adventure on the way here, you know, your toe,” he pointed downwards at the digit. “Thankfully I understand it’s nothing serious, still, toes always make your eyes water whether it’s you or someone else kicking them.”

NE Klein, CNS

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