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=^= Understood Ensign. Keep us in the loop on your status. =^=

Aaron looked over at the Captain. The last thing they needed was an ensign going rogue and hampering the medical treatment ongoing.

Cmdr. Foley - XO

Cadet Baptiste hit his com badge =^=Bridge what is the ETA on the Hazmat and Medical teams? Ensign Morton’s symptoms appear to be increasing, he is complaining of dizziness, I am about to provide him with a hypo of Meclizine. =^=

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Aaron looked over at the readout on the teams position in relation to the cargo bay.

=^= Hazmat team is 2 minutes out cadet.=^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO

=^= Understood sir. =^= As if on cue the team came running through the bay doors. =^= The team has arrived, bridge.=^= Cadet Baptiste informed the bridge.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Meanwhile, the crew was watching their consoles with interest and the ensign at engineering turned, a frown on her face. “Sirs? Whatever is happening the cargo bay is also resulting in microfractures in the deck around the cargo bay and it seems the radiation is still expanding. Next door are the anti-matter storage pods.”

~Mischief Maker

“Right bollocks,” Grayson muttered to himself, then looked at the crew around him on the Bridge. “Can we restrict the anomaly and radiation to the cargo bay using force fields, and can we lock onto the Cadet stuck in the anomaly with the transporter and get him out of there?”

Captain Rhodes, CO

“We can’t get a solid lock on his life signs. We could try but we don’t know how much of him would materialize on the transporter pad. Forecefields might be able to help but no guarantees.”

~Mischief Maker

“I wouldn’t risk it Captain,” Aaron said looking over at Rhodes. “Even putting the anomaly aside, with that much radiation there is no guarantee on what would happen with the transporter. I’m actually more worried about those microfractures headed for the anti-matter pods. It might be worth it to jettison the pods now, before we lose the ability and the pods rupture.”

Cmdr. Foley - XO

OOC: Bringing this forward

Pilar walked onto the bridge as they were discussing how to fix the microfractures on the deck and how to save Morton. “Captain, Commander,” she looked at both and hesitated before speaking her words, “I know this is going to be very hard for both of you to accept and I sincerely hope that we have a favorable outcome, but you have to be prepared to face the fact that you may not be able to save Ensign Morton.” She was worried about how the effect losing one of the crew would have on both of them.
Sometimes being the counselor was not the best job, especially in situations like these when it was her job to remind the crew that failing to save a fellow crew member after doing everything could to save him did not mean they failed.

Halcyone, Counselor

“Counselor, welcome to the Bridge,” Grayson looked up and nodded in greeting, “Take a seat, please,” his hand motioned to the chair on the other side of him as he leaned back and thought about what the XO said for a moment.

“Jettison the pods, Commander.” He looked at Foley and then stood up. “We can pick them up later when the situation has been resolved and for now, we haven’t lost anyone. I don’t plan to either. What is the situation on the ground in the Cargo Bay, Counselor?”

Captain Rhodes, CO

Pilar realized how rude it must have been for her to just walk onto the bridge and start talking about how they must be prepared to lose a crew member. She nodded to the Captain and said, “Yes, sir.”
She took her seat and then answered his question, “Situation is still dire, sir.” after a brief pause, she continued, “Despite that and what I said earlier, Ensign Hedley may have come up with a solution. She thinks we can phase Morton back in. A brilliant idea, nonetheless, and Lieutenant Williams has been informed but I am not optimistic it going to work and Morton seems to be suffering a great deal. The phasing may work, but that does not guarantee he will still survive this.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“Agreed Captain,” Aaron said standing up from his chair. “Preparing to jettison the antimatter storage pods.”

As he walked around to the Engineering station, he tried to block out the idea of what might happen to Ensign Morton. It wouldn’t be the first time he had lost someone, but he still didn’t have to like it. Plus he needed to remain strong for the crew.

Reaching the engineering station he brought up the ejection sequence. When prompted he inserted his authorization code.

“Jettisoning antimatter storage pods,” Aaron said as he hit the eject button.

Cmdr Foley - XO
Shortly after the antimatter pod ejection, the bridge heard : =^= Lieutenant Williams to the Bridge, we might have a solution, and we’ll need the transporters for that. Are they still functionnal ? =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO (crosspost)

=/\=Sheridan to bridge. does someone mind telling me why we just ejected most of our antimatter supply? the core just went offline, it must have been drawing antimatter from that side of the ship. Main power is out all over the ship, I am attempting to reroute power from the impulse reactor, hopefully it will be enough for main power in critical areas. Unfortunately restarting the core will take me most of twenty minutes because we didn’t shut it down properly=/\=

-Lt. Sheridan

There was a lot happening on the ship. “Captain, Commander....” she addressed both, “the odds are not in our favor right now. The core is offline and we are operating on auxiliary power. We do not have 20 minutes to spare. Lieutenant Williams intends to phase Morton using the transporters. We definitely need to get that power back on.”

Halcyone, Counselor

=^= Lieutenant, we had mircofractures extending from the cargo bay directly to the anti-matter pods. We were within minutes of them potentially rupturing. We tried contacting engineering, but no one responded.=^= Aaron said stepping back towards the center of the bridge.

=^= Priority is getting power restored to Transporter Room 1, second is making sure we can get power to the containment fields surrounding the cargo bay. Everything comes after that, including a diagnostic on the comm system. =^=

“Counselor, I’m quite aware of the odds. How familiar are you with the transporters?”

She nodded at him acknowledging his comment to her and said, “I am quite familiar with the operation of transporters. How can I help?”

=^= Bridge to Lt Williams. We’ve had a slight change in plans. What is your plan? =^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO
=^= Basically, we want to transport Morton and block his pattern inside the buffer so we could rephrase the missing part of his body with our universe. Do we still have enough power for that ? =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO (crosspost)

The NE at the engineering console frowned and shrugged, looking over at the XO. “Sir, the warp core is back online and seems stable.”

~Mischief Maker

Halcyone, Counselor

=/\= Understood Sir, I will get right on it for you. Looks like we just had a glitch in the core, its back up now. Once we are out of this I will check it out.=/\=

Lt. Sheridan (crosspost)

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