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Alex had been hoping that he wouldn’t have to deal with any emergencies while he familiarized himself with the Challenger. But now all hope for an uneventful acclamation had been abruptly shattered as he watched the warp core go offline followed by the lights. Already halfway to the main diagnostic console in the center of the room by the time the crimson emergency lighting kicked in, Alex called out, “Report!”

“We just ejected antimatter pods near the cargo bay, and sensors in that area are picking up anomalous readings. probably a malfunction.” came the reply from one of the engineering staff.

As he reached the console, Alex called the bridge =/\=Sheridan to bridge. does someone mind telling me why we just ejected most of our antimatter supply?=/\= Irritated that he hadn’t been informed before the pods were ejected he began working on rerouting power =/\=the core just went offline, it must have been drawing antimatter from that side of the ship. Main power is out all over the ship, I am attempting to reroute power from the impulse reactor, hopefully it will be enough for main power in critical areas. Unfortunately restarting the core will take me most of twenty minutes because we didn’t shut it down properly=/\=

This was going to be quite the day…

-Lt. Sheridan

=^= Lieutenant, we had mircofractures extending from the cargo bay directly to the anti-matter pods. We were within minutes of them potentially rupturing. We tried contacting engineering, but no one responded.=^=

=^= Priority is getting power restored to Transporter Room 1, second is making sure we can get power to the containment fields surrounding the cargo bay. Everything comes after that, including a diagnostic on the comm system. =^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO (crosspost)

OOC: So I think there was some confusion here. They beamed off the ship the anti-matter storage pods that are next to the cargo bay on Deck 12, ie. the spare supply. They did not beam away the antimatter directly linked to the warpcore. No harm done, but this is a good reminder to let the GM decide the outcome of an action since the warp core is not offline here. So…
There must have been a glitch in the system that they would need to go over because suddenly the warp core powered up again and everything seemed fine. But it was definitely worth following up with at some point.

~Mischief Maker

OOC: my bad, sorry about that. I understand what you mean. Sorry if I disrupted the flow.

IC: =/\= Understood Sir, I will get right on it for you. Looks like we just had a glitch in the core, its back up now. Once we are out of this I will check it out.=/\= Pulling up a power distribution display for the transporter room and the cargo bay Alex rerouted power from other non essential systems to reinforce the forcefields and enhance the pattern buffers.

-Lt. Sheridan
=^=Williams to Sheridan, are you available right now ? =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO (crosspost)

=^= Understood Lieutenant. We can figure out what happened later. For now make sure we keep power to Transporter Room 1 at all costs. =^=

Cmdr. Foley - XO (Crosspost)

=/\=Understood sir, Sheridan out=/\=
=/\=I could be avaliable depending on what you need and where you are lieutenant.=/\=

-Lt, Alex Sheridan

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