Deck 12, Cargo Bay- Main Sim

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IC : Aaron nodded at him and explained : “If we have your pattern, then we could use it to help the computer identify the missing part and re-phase them. But we’ll have to be careful with this maneuver if we don’t want to lose your molecular cohesion.”

“Appreciated,” Albert deadpanned.

He then pressed his communicator and said : =^=Williams to Sheridan, are you available right now ? =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO
=^= Halcyone to Williams. I am in Transporter Room 1. The transporter is ready to go. I will standby for further instruction.=^=

Aaron heard Halcyone and pressed his combadge to answer : =^= Understood, I’ll send you some reinforcement =^=

Johnathan winced when he heard the plan. There definitely was serious risk involved with the plan and no guarantee that Ensign Morton’s transporter pattern would help with his molecular cohesion. This definite was a time for a counselor to be available and talk with him.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Cmdr. Foley - XO (crosspost)
Looking around him, he saw Baptiste waiting next to him. “Baptiste, I’ll need you to go to Sickbay to support Morton when he goes out”, he says. “Notify me when you arrived.”

I’ll also need someone to phase back Morton, he thought. I know ! The Lieutenant pressed his combadge and says : =^= Williams to NE Stevens, drop the experiments we have a plan. Go to the transport room, the others will brief you. Contact me when you’re ready =^=

After a few seconds, the badge chirped : =^= On my way =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

Cadet Baptiste acknowledged Lieutenant Williams “Aye, sir” and turn and made his way quickly through he decon set up and hatch. Once free he made his way to the sick bay. Arriving in sick bay he saw NE Nurse Lucinda “Nurse prepare for incoming casualty, exposure to radiations and other unknown elements.” He then hit his combadge =^= Cadet Baptiste to Lieutenant Williams, I am in med bay with NE Nurse Lucinda ready to receive Ensign Morton. =^= He then looked over at NE Lucinda “Pray this works.” He said with a smile.

-Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Aaron was about to awnser Baptiste by telling him that he wanted him in the transporter room, but then he realized it would be better to wait for Morton in the Sickbay. Like that, once we’re done with the buffer, we can send him directly to Sickbay. He pressed his combadge : =^= Good, the team in the transporter will announce the transport. Stand by until then and prepare hazmat suits for the whole medical crew. Williams out. =^=

OOC : A misunderstanding, but a welcome one
P’Mala stood next to Brin Hadley in her own daze. It’d seemed like forever ago since all the cadets were lined up here, waiting to carry cargo throughout the ship like little ants feeding the colony.

“Lieutenant, is there anything we can do?” she said.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes
The Lieutenant answered : “Yes, while you’re here, give to the upper part of our friend a dose of sedative. Who knows what could happen to him in this state when transporting.”

P’Mala got her hypospray ready and looked at poor Morton in his state.

“Injecting 15ml Anesthezine, Ensign. This should be enough to allow you to relax. We’re all here for you,” she said, Injecting the sedative into his forearm.

“Sure,” Morton said, looking already a bit drowsy. Then again, when space-time had swallowed half your body it was hard to predict how anything would go. His heart rate was still racing but the injection did allow Morton to relax enough to bring it down slightly.

He gave a quick look, a bit worried, before continuing : “Also when you’re done, I want to you to assist Steven and the Counselor in the transporter room.” He then proceeded to take a tricorder and open it to watch Morton’s vitals during the transport.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

“Absolutely, Lieutenant. I’m on my way,” P’Mala said, turning toward the bay doors and the relief of the halls of the Challenger.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Once he verified that his small staff were in hazmat suits, and the appropriate equipment was in place to receive Ensign Morton he hit his combadge and in a muffled voice informed Lieutenant Williams of the sick bays status =^= Sick bay staff is in hazmat suits and appropriate equipment is on stand by and ready. =^=

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

A drowsy Morton gave a smile. “Well, if this doesn’t work, at least you tried,” he said, feigning a confident smile. “I’m ready.” And he was. Anything was better than being stuck in a pocket universe.

Aaron gave him a smile and sayed : “Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll be fine.”
~Mischief Maker

=^= Foley to Williams. Status update. =^=

Cmdr. Foley - Acting CO (crosspost)
Williams pressed his combadge nervously and said : =^= We are waiting for the Transporter room to get ready. But we are about to launch the operation any moment now. =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

=^= Lieutenant Williams, Dawes and Stevens have arrived in the transporter room. We are ready and standing by for instructions.=^=

Halcyone, Counselor
Aaron took a deep breath and pressed his combadge three times. First one : =^= Williams to Bridge, we are beginning the experiment. =^=

=^= Good luck Lieutenant. I’ll let you get to your work, keep me informed. =^=

Second one : =^= Williams to Baptiste, get ready to get the patient any moment from now =^=

Third, and final one : =^= Williams to Pilar… Engage. =^=

(OOC : The moment of truth !)

Lieutenant JG Aaron Willams - CSO

=^Sick bay is ready to receive. =^= came the muffled reply of Cadet Baptiste.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Cmdr. Foley - XO (crosspost)

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