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P’Mala finished hanging the replicated banner that said TALENT NIGHT across the back wall of the small stage she’d set up in the corner of Nine Forward, distanced from the bar and many of the other seating areas.

She’d usually never do anything like this–set up a public event–but this was an exception–the original idea for the crew showcase had been NE Nurse Liu’s project, but she’d came down with the Bolian flu while visiting her husband’s folks, and was in quarantine on a Starbase for another week or two.

P’Mala had no clue who’d signed up when–but she expected to run it like an open mic. Some N-crew had already came over to the area and signed up for performances, and the show looked pretty diverse: Klingon opera, jazz trombone, Risan harp, another Vic Fontaine impersonation act.

One of the Nine Forward staff came by with a replicated platter of assorted finger foods and a keg of cider, but the full bar was open. P’Mala set up a recording device and hoped things would go well enough to send NE Nurse Liu a couple videos to cheer her up later.

  • Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Aaron enters the nine Forward with a rectangle suitcase hanging under his arm. He was still in uniform, but the vest was fully opened and his beard wasn’t cut, giving him a more eased look. He saw P’Mala who was looking around the room, and he approached her with a smile.

“Finishing the decoration ?”, says the Lieutenant. “I heard it was your idea to host a talent show.”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

P’Mala held a clipboard and was looking around the room absent-mindedly until a bearded guy in Science Officer uniform came toward her. She startled a little, squinted at him.

“Oh, Lieutenant Williams! Aaron, I mean.” P’Mala said. “I didn’t recognize you for a second–how are you? For the record, this was NE Nurse Liu’s idea, but I offered to take over the event–she was so excited to be here–and I couldn’t really say no to her. ”
Aaron put a thumb in the air and says: Well, I think it’s a great idea! An excellent opportunity to better exchange with the rest of the crew.”

She noticed the Lieutenant carried a case. “Are you interested in signing up? We still have quite a few spots open, and the clipboard is at the table up front.”

Aaron gave a smile before saying: “If you think I would have missed an opportunity to show my talent, then you are missed. I already registered before coming here.” He tapped a bit on his case, quite impatient to play. “I’ve been training since the Academy, and I have yet to perform in public. We’ll see how it goes !”

There was talk of a talent show happening in Nine Forward. Pilar had never actually seen or participated in one but she had read about them when she studied human history at the Academy. She had learned the event was something humans invented to display their specific talents. There were some in which the contestants competed against one another for a substantial prize of some sort and some in which they just performed for the audience to receive praise and recognition relating to their talent. She was intrigued and headed to the lounge so she could get a good seat. As she walked into Nine Forward, she saw P’Mala and Lieutenant Williams engaged in conversation. After admiring the decorations, she headed to the bar, ordered a Saurian Brandy, then found the perfect seat in the front and close to the stage.


P’Mala waved at the Counselor from where she stood with Lt. Williams. She’d have to say hello shortly, when she had a moment’s time.

Pilar grinned at the doctor. She waved back at her as she stood and walked toward the two of them, drink in hand.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes
Looking at where P’Mala waved, Aaron saw Halcyone has arrived too, but apart from them, the room was yet to be filled. “Seems like the others didn’t arrive yet.”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

“Doctor, Lieutenant,” she said presenting a smile to both of them.

“Welcome to the party, Counselor,” said Aaron, before getting cut by an excited Vulcan.

“Counselor!” P’Mala exclaimed. “It is good to see you. Are you here to watch, or are you going to showcase a talent for us like the Lieutenant here?”

Noticing Williams’ case, she looked at him and said, “I am intrigued. Are you going to tell us what talent you will be displaying for us or do we just have to wait and see?”

P’Mala gestured toward the case.

“Lieutenant, I am also curious,” she admitted.
Being pressed by the two women, Aaron gave them a malicious smile and says : “I’ll keep the surprise for one I go on-stage. But I’ll give you a hint : I’ll be playing a wind instrument tonight. And you ?”

Pilar’s eyes got wide, “Me? Oh, no Lieutenant. I am just here to watch and enjoy the show.” She held up her glass of brandy. “Besides I think Risian Belly Dancing is .... a little too provocative for a talent show.”
Aaron eyes widened and he raised his eyebrows : “You’re hiding your talents, Counselor. I’m sure a lot of person here would love to see that…” He then gave her a bright smile and chuckled a bit.

“I think you are right, Lieutenant, but since I am very much modest, they probably will never see it.” She took a sip of her drink and assessed the room to see who was arriving.

Cadet Baptiste was exhausted, he had just spent five hours in intensive surgery to fix NE Caiden’s left hand and forearm. NE Caiden had been working on one of the shuttle craft when the hatch had suddenly come down on his hand and forearm, creating an immediate acute compartment syndrome situation. He had been immediately beamed to sick bay where Cadet Baptiste was pulling the watch and was the primary surgeon on duty. Now five hours later and exhausted, with his patient recuperating and resting comfortably, Baptiste made his way to the Nine Forward Lounge for a small bite to eat and drink before retiring to his quarters.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Halcyone, Counselor

Meanwhile, members of the crew began filling the lounge with their usual evening chatter. Some milled around the bar. Others chatted softly and played cards. A few signed up for timeslots at the talent show clipboard–before long, it would be showtime.

P’Mala scanned the crowded for familiar faces–it surprised her how many crewmen and women she’d still yet to meet and wondered how many from Medical would be in attendance.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes
Aaron looked around and saw the room filling up as time goes by. Turning back to P’Mala, he added :”Say, you will open the hostilities once everyone arrived ? Like a speech, or something…”

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

Smiling, Pilar agreed, “I think it’s a good idea.” She looked around and said, “I mean you have done an excellent job organizing and setting up. Everyone needs to know who is behind it all.”

Halcyone, Counselor

P’Mala checked the time on her watch. “You know, you’re both right, and it is getting close to that time. If you’ll excuse me–I’ll have some time to talk a little bit later. Until then, Counselor, enjoy the show. Im excited to see your talent, Lieutenant!”

P’Mala strode to the stage and cleared her throat. The usual evening crowd mixed with those attending the show or performing in the show had filled up the space more than she’d expected.

=^=”Computer, begin recording.”=^= P’Mala said.

“Excuse me!” she said tentatively.

The bustle of glasses clinking with ice and a raucous murmer created a steady din. She stepped closer to the mic. It echoed feedback somewhat effectively and the room quieted.

“Excuse me! I just wanted to thank everyone for coming to Nine Forward tonight to celebrate our crew and enjoy in the galaxy of talents in which we share. The original organizer of tonight’s event, NE Nurse Susan Liu, could not be here today, but as she says to everyone in Sickbay, ‘It is really our differences that make us more interesting.’“

P’Mala continued, “We still have sign-ups going on at the table in the back. Feel free to grab a drink and snack and enjoy the show! First up is our very own host, NC Jai Moritz and his comedic stylings! Come on up, Cadet Moritz!”

P’Mala made a show of clapping and backed offstage as the NC took to the stage and began telling some jokes about their time at Starfleet Academy.

  • Cadet P’Mala Dawes

(OOC: I welcome everyone to control NC Cadet Moritz or introduce other NE/NC performers during this side sim so we can keep the momentum going!)
Aaron clapped along the rest of the room, watching the stage.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

Johnathan made his way to the bar and ordered himself a tall glass of lemonade and a Rueben sandwich. He then turned when he heard Cadet Dawes announce NC Jai Moritz. He sat back in his chair Well this isn’t to bad of a way to relax after surgery he thought to himself as he clapped with the rest of the crew and watched NC Jai Moritz begin their comedic routine.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Pilar took the seat beside the doctor. She couldn’t help but feel that their previous interactions weren’t productive in building a sufficient relationship with him. It bothered her because as the cousnelor she wanted to establish a healthy relationship with all of the crew on the Challenger. “A lemonade huh?” she asked looking at the glass. “Are you planning to go back to work after the show is over? Or do you not partake in the ceremonious drinking of alcohol at social gatherings,” she asked jokingly.

Cadet Baptiste saw Lieutenant Commander Halcyone heading his way. Please let her be going to bother someone else he thought she is the last person I need to see after five intensive hours of emergency trauma surgery. He took a sip of his lemonade as she approached an asked “A lemonade huh? Are you planning to go back to work after the show is over? Or do you not partake in the ceremonious drinking of alcohol at social gatherings?” Remembering how prickly she had been in their first encounter, he carefully thought about his answer before replying “No sir, I usually do not partake of alcohol, with the exception of a glass of wine for very special occasions. I find a glass of lemonade and a Rueben sandwich, comforting after I finish doing surgery.”

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

“Ah,” she said nodding, looking at him, trying to figure out if she wanted to put more effort into the conversation or move on. “No need to be formal in a social setting like this. Pilar or Counselor is fine.” She smiled as she took a drink of her brandy before she continued, “We all have our routines that make us interesting. So what is considered a very special occasion for you?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Cadet Baptiste took a sip of his lemonade as he considered his response, “The usual; birthday’s, anniversaries, weddings, and so on.” he replied. He then took a bite out of his Rueben sandwich.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste

“Well, I admire your discipline.” She said as she shook her glass at the bartender, indicating she wanted a refill on her Saurian Brandy. “I never had alcohol till after I graduated the Academy and got my first assignment. I participated in a social event with my crew mates and now I find social interactions more be more....” she thought for a moment to find the right word, “…fun when I am allowed to have a drink.”

NC Moritz finished his set to a moderate round of polite applause. People were watching or chatting quietly, and the event was off to a great start.

Cadet Johnathan clapped at the end of NC Moritz routine. He then replied “Thank you. I find it easy to remain disciplined about alcohol, besides it is by far a better way to observe people and be entertained by other people usage of alcohol.”

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

Pilar clapped.

P’Mala brought him an updated list of performers discretely and he started his introduction of the next crewmember.

“LAAAADIES and Gentlefolk, welcome NC Bitu from Engineering, who will be… singing excerpts from the Klingon opera The Battle of Gal-Mok” Moritz announced to a smattering of applause.

Pilar’s head suddenly turned toward the stage as P’Mala announced the next act. The Klingon Opera was one of her favorite pieces of music. She wondered if Bitu would do it justice. Pilar looked at the Cadet and said, “Enjoy your meal Mr. Baptiste and excuse me as I take my leave to get a closer seat to the show.” She left the bar and joined a table full of Ensigns who, like her, had just come to watch the show.

Bitu, a tiny Trill man walked on stage in full operatic attire and began his medely, starting with a droning dirge listing the names of those killed in the glorious battle.

P’Mala noticed Pilar and Jonathan talking–she felt like she could probably circulate soon, as folks finished signing up for performances

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Halcyone, Counselor

NC Bitu transitioned from the opening dirge of The Battle of Gal-Mok and transitioned to a love ballad with a tender tenor tone. A hush fell among the lounge as the Trill on-stage performed immaculate Klingon coloratura.

P’Mala’s mouth dropped open, and she closed it reflexively. She’d worn out a holorecording of Aktuh and Maylota but other than that, she was a Klingon operatic neophyte.

NC Moritz came and took the latest sign-up sheet and P’Mala felt it was time to enjoy the company herself. Moritz retook the stage.

“Up next, we have one of our favorite crewmen from Betazed, NC Amana Dei from Engineering with a reading from her newest chapbook of poems, “My Heart is a Self-Sealing Stembolt!”

NC Amana Dei had frizzy brown hair that she normally kept in a tight bun. Tonight, it was long and wild around her shoulders. She wore a small pair of sunglasses, and began performing, to P’mala at least, hilarious and somewhat moving slam poetry that combined her experiences discovering her love for warp technology and exploring a new romance in the Academy.

P’Mala scanned the room and hoped to make eye contact with someone who had a good seat. It was almost time for a brief intermission.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

OCC: If anyone wants to use NC Moritz to introduce a new NC act or self act, that’s cool,

As the ship’s counselor, Pilar wanted to make sure she was showing support for everyone who got up there and showed off their talent. She found the poetry from NC Amana quite good and was impressed with how she incorporated her job skills into it. As Amana read the last line of her poetry, instead of clapping Pilar snapped her fingers. She read that is what the crowd use to do after poetry reading centuries ago.

When NC Amana exited the stage NC Mortiz hopped back on and said, “Our next talented contestant has no thumbs, but his fingers are so long that he can catch anything.” He waved his arm toward the next contestant as he continued, “Sooo, everyone put your hands together for Clodji, Nine-Forward staff, and the juggling Yridian!”
A being with a wrinkled face, an indented ridge running across the full length of his head, extending down his nose walked on the stage. He reached behind his back and produced four-ball props of red, blue, green, and yellow out of what seemed thin air. Already intrigued the crowd watched as he began slowly tossing them in the air for a few moments before he began a full 4-ball fountain juggle. He proceeded with this type of juggle for a few minutes, then he changed to a Mill’s mess juggling pattern. After several ball tosses in the Mills mess, he tossed the red ball to a surprised Pilar who, despite almost knocking over her drink, was able to successfully catch it. She held it up with a smile and waved it in the air proudly as everyone began to applaud the Yridian’s talent. He continued to juggle the three balls he had left, throwing each one higher as he tossed it back in the air. After a wink from him, Pilar somehow knew he wanted her to toss the ball back to him and she did. He reincorporated the ball back into the juggling pattern before ending the show.
Pilar stood to her feet, applauded him, and then raised her glass of Saurian brandy as she hooted and hollered with the rest of the crowd.

Halcyone, Counselor

Aaron applauded at NC Mortiz juggling. It was truly impressive to see that kind of agility and to see him talking and acting with ease along with that. He’s really talented !

P’Mala hooted and hollered with the rest of the crowd. She knew NC Nurse Liu would have been thrilled with even half of the talent that was being showcased on-stage. What a show!

After Clodji had finished his act to roaring applause, NC Mortiz jumped back on stage and introduced the next act. “ Gentle beings please give a round of applause for our next act NE Wilson who will be playing an Earth classic songs by Marty Robbins called “El Paso”, “Big Iron”, and Tall Handsome Stranger” on his Spanish Guitar. With that a very lanky and awkward young man stepped up onto the stage with a beautiful guitar, took a seat and began to strum the guitar. In a deep and rich voice he began to sing and the lounge fell silent.

-Johnathan Baptiste, Medical
While NE Wilson was performing “Big Iron”, Aaron made a sign to P’Mala, telling her he was ready to go after Wilson. He surely was a bit nervous, but he felt ready. I hope I’ll be as good as them, thought the man. For now, Wilson’s performance was really enjoyable, as the silence proved it.

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

P’Mala’s grandfather had a deep love of country and western music from the 1900s. She listened blissfully to NE Wilson when she noticed a sign from the corner of her eye–Lieutenant Williams must be next.

She motioned to Moritz, who discretely came to the table. “Moritz, up next before intermission is the CSO–be sure to give him the introduction of his life.”

NE Wilson was singing “Tall Handsome Stranger, and it was lovely. Made her think of her grandfather. But she was curious as to what Lieutenant Williams had in store, too.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

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