Deck 3 - Transporter Room 1

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Posted by Cadet P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Deck 3 - Transporter Room 1

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NE Stevens arrived in the transporter room to see Halcyone and Dawes getting ready. “So, Williams told me to come to help, but what happened exactly ?”

NE Stevens

P’Mala nodded at NE Stevens.

She thought about his question and tried to answer it fully, in her Vulcan manner. “You are familar with Ensign Morton’s… condition, correct? I believe that the plan is to use the teleporters and adjust them to the pocket dimension’s frequency. The goal is to phase Morton into the buffers, readjusted back to our own frequency, and, if necessary, using data from the buffer to… restore his missing parts before we phase him back out again. More or less,” she explained. “Is that the gist of it? I’m also slightly concussed. Counselor?”

“That is the plan....more or less. In any case, if Lieutenant Williams says he has a plan then I trust it is a good one.”
Stevens nodded, his eyes widened : “Well, that surely sound… ambitious !” He scratched the tip of his head, making a quick analysis of the plan : “Well, that could work of course, but we’ll have to be careful when manipulating Morton’s pattern, or else…”

Dawes almost felt like she was watching herself in a holofilm. She’d need to go to Sickbay once all this was over for a thorough checkup.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

I can operate the transporter even though it has been a while since I have done so, but Mr. Stevens if you’d like to take over I will not object.” She tapped her comm badge and said, =^= Lieutenant Williams, Dawes and Stevens have arrived in the transporter room. We are ready and standing by for instructions.=^=

Halcyone, Counselor
Pilar combadge chirped some minutes later : =^= Williams to Pilar… Engage. =^=

Lieutenant JG Aaron Williams - CSO

She looked at P’Mala, “Doctor be ready to provide aid to Morton and transport him to sickbay, if he energizes on the transporter padd.”

P’Mala gulped. “Affirmative.” NC Liu awaited in the corridor with a rolling stretcher, just in case.

“Stevens, you’re with me, just in case you need to take over the transporter controls.”
Pilar began initiating the transporter sequence by pressing the necessary buttons on the console, after she confirming the lock on Morton, she placed her index and pointer fingers on the sliding buttons and pushed them up.
=^= Engaging now!=^=

Halcyone, Counselor

P’Mala Dawes held her breath. It was go time.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

It took a brief moment of adjustment as the transporter dealt with the phasing issue, but sure enough the whole body of Ensign Albert Morton appeared on the transporter.

“It worked,” he said, before immediately passing out and crumpling to the base of the transporter pad.

~Mischief Maker

It worked, P’Mala thought–a little dazed by it all.

“We need to get him to Sickbay,” P’Mala said. “NC Nurse Liu!”

The nurse rolled in with the hospital bed.

“Can y’all… give us a hand getting him on the stretcher?” P’Mala asked.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

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