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Posted July 2, 2022, 4:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) in Counselor’s Log
In my short time as a counselor on this ship, I have had the opportunity to observe the two main types of coping methods used by most beings in the universe, problem and emotion-based.
Emotion-based coping is the most common, especially when it comes to human coping. Humans seek first to take care of their own feelings especially when they either don’t want to change their situation or when circumstances are out of their control. This is common when they are in love and know the person does not feel the same way. This type of coping is also common when they are grieving the loss of a loved one. They often tend to ignore or suppress the logical solutions, or they persevere through the circumstance to deal with it emotionally. They are a species who are not well versed in the control of their emotions and few of them lack the ability to cope using rational problem-solving. Therefore, they are often reactive instead of productive especially when they realize they have very little power to change their present circumstance.
Problem-based coping is the most effective when a situation needs to be changed. This type of coping has been mastered among beings with telepathic abilities. An advantage that most humans do not have, nor me being one-half of two species who only cope using their emotions. However, I have undergone the mind-meld with my Vulcan husband and have gained as well as possess his and his species’ superior sense of cogent knowledge and skill in problem-based coping. This has not changed me, I am still who I am and was, but it has enhanced my ability effectively to counsel the crew of this ship. I have learned that problem-based coping targets the cause of stress in a practical way and is the most effective strategy to reduce it.
Even so, after studying the coping methods of multiple beings I can conclude that there isn’t always one best way to proceed. Sometimes problem-based coping is not sensible, and the only sufficient coping can be achieved through emotional coping.

My job is to help my patients decide which type of coping skill is likely to work best for them in their particular circumstances. Consequently, in conclusion, I will infer that it would be important to use both coping skills to help relieve any distress that comes with being an officer in Starfleet, but the method by which one does cope shouldn’t be about constantly distracting from reality.

Halcyone, Counselor

|Counselors Log - Stardate XXXXX.14|

Morale is high on the ship since Ensign Morton has been brought back in one piece from the brink of death thanks to Dr. Dawes’ plan, Lt. Williams’ leadership, and quick thinking. I had a chance to visit Morton in sickbay afterward and he is grateful to be alive and of course, is ready to get back to work. The medical staff is taking very good care of him, and they assured us that he will make a full recovery. However, I have advised Ensign Morton that he needs to take a few days off work before I was willing to clear him for duty and he reluctantly agreed.

It was rewarding to see all the departments pull together to save one crew member. The science team worked around the clock to come up with a solution, engineering ensured that we had adequate power to ensure the transporters were operational, the medical staff were on standby and ready for whatever was to happen, security ensured the safety of everyone aboard, and our Commander held on to hope and insisted that no one was going to perish on his watch. My initial thought was that we couldn’t save this Ensign. I was assessing all the facts that were in front of me, relying on logic and it all indicated that Ensign Morton wouldn’t make it. I am glad that sometimes facts can be wrong, that human conviction matters and sometimes prevails over them.

Now that we have conquered the impossible, celebrations are in order. Commander Foley has now been promoted to Captain and we have a new Commander, Asaling Rockefeller. As an homage to the many talents, I witnessed at the recent talent show and to acknowledge the individuals who are attached to those talents as well as their commitment to keeping this ship functional I will end with this quote from H.E. Luccock, No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

The Challenger has a great crew that operates very much like an orchestra, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Halcyone, Counselor

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