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Posted June 30, 2022, 11:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Commander Aaron Foley (Acting Commanding Officer) in Graduation Thread - Nine Forward
OOC: As we are close to the end of the simm, I’m going to go ahead and start the graduation thread for our intrepid cadets!
Aaron looked over the crewmen that were helping to get Nine Forward decorated. He wasn’t quite sure why he was nervous for this particular set of graduating cadets, he had been through this a number of times during his career. But it would be his first time as the Captain of the ship.

“Put tables tables out for food on both walls,” he directed as several large tables were brought into the room. “Leave the area under the windows clear.”

He really didn’t need to be here. The crew had set this up a number of times before, and all he was probably doing was getting in there way. He needed to just let them do their job. But first, he reached up and tapped his commbadge.

=^=Attention all hands, this is the Captain.=^= That was still weird for him to say. =^=All crew are asked to join me in Nine Forward at 1900 hours tonight to celebrate the graduation of our current class of cadets. Casual dress. Department Heads please arrange schedules appropriately. That is all.=^=

Turning to take one last look around at Nine Forward, Aaron had to stop himself from making another minor adjustment. Instead he nodded towards the Ensign who was supposed to be in charge of getting everything set-up as he turned and left. There were still a few things left to get done before the event started.

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Captain Foley - CO

As she entered the lounge she looked around and gave an admiring nod to the decorations.
She approached Aaron, stood beside him, and said, “Everything is really coming together nicely, in here.” Then she looked at him and smiled, “There are many things to celebrate on the Challenger,Captain. I wanted to congratulate you on your promotion, sir. As well as your new executive officer, Commander Rockefeller.”

She clasped her hands behind her back and said, “So who will be giving the commencement speech? You or Commander Rockefeller?”

Halcyone, Counselor

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