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Posted June 30, 2022, 4:15 p.m. by Cadet Johnathan Baptiste (Doctor) (Christopher Huskins)

Posted by Cadet P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Sick Bay - Main Sim on USS Challenger

Posted by Cadet Johnathan Baptiste (Doctor) in Sick Bay - Main Sim on USS Challenger

Posted by Cadet Johnathan Baptiste (Doctor) in Sick Bay - Main Sim on USS Challenger
Cadet Baptiste slap himself on the head, turning to NE Lucinda and NE Tech Ronald he said “You heard the man, we to get our hazmat suits on, this is not a drill.” I have already been exposed to enough that after we are done with Ensign Morton, I am going to need to be treated, he thought to himself. Once he verified that his small staff were in hazmat suits, and the appropriate equipment was in place to receive Ensign Morton he hit his combadge and in a muffled voice informed Lieutenant Williams of the sick bays status =^= Sick bay staff is in hazmat suits and appropriate equipment is on stand by and ready. =^=

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Cadet Baptiste combadge chirped =^= Williams to Baptiste, get ready to get the patient any moment from now =^= . Johnathan looked at his assembled team and said “You heard the man, let’s get ready folks. I have no idea what are patients condition will be like.” He privately thought *I sure hope he arrives in one piece and alive. * Baptiste hit his combadge =^Sick bay is ready to receive. =^=

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

NC Nurse Liu rolled the bed with Ensign Morton on it into the Sickbay, slightly frantically. “Dr. Baptiste! Dr. Baptiste! Patient incoming! And he looks all together!”

Her job done, she grinned her biggest grin. “It looks like you have a team assembled, but let me know how I can be useful!”

-NE Nurse Liu

“Okay folks let’s move him on to the biobed. NE Tech Ronald what is the K-3 indicator showing? NE Nurse Lucinda I need you to get a good scan with the tissue scanner and let me know what the tissue cellular decay is like and let me know if you pick up any tetryon particles. NE Nurse Liu please draw me up a Hyronalin and Lectrazine hypo.” Aid Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, falling into full emergency doctor mode as he assessed his patient and decided what he needed to do next.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

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