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Posted by Cadet P’Mala Dawes (Doctor) in Sick Bay - Main Sim on USS Challenger


NC Nurse Liu rolled the bed with Ensign Morton on it into the Sickbay, slightly frantically. “Dr. Baptiste! Dr. Baptiste! Patient incoming! And he looks all together!”

Her job done, she grinned her biggest grin. “It looks like you have a team assembled, but let me know how I can be useful!”

-NE Nurse Liu

“Okay folks let’s move him on to the biobed. NE Tech Ronald what is the K-3 indicator showing? NE Nurse Lucinda I need you to get a good scan with the tissue scanner and let me know what the tissue cellular decay is like and let me know if you pick up any tetryon particles. NE Nurse Liu please draw me up a Hyronalin and Lectrazine hypo.” Aid Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, falling into full emergency doctor mode as he assessed his patient and decided what he needed to do next.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

“Yes, doctor,” Nurse Liu affirmed.

NE Liu prepared the Hyronalin and Lectrazine hypo and set it aside on a sanitized tray for Dr. Baptiste and stepped aside to begin making a log of what was transpiring for the CMO and ship’s records.

Then Cadet P’mala Dawes entered the room in a bit of a fluster.

“Johnathan, everyone, let me know if I can help,” she said. She took a medical tricorder and began scanning Morton for any anomaly.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

They effect of having half his body reunited seemed to cause an overload of Morton’s nervous system and he had yet to compensate. Specifically, his legs and one hand showed tetryon radiation from being, well, wherever they had and there were signs of cellular degradation. It would be reversed, of course, through a tissue regeneration series though it would take a bit of time. But more concerning was the stress on his heart which hadn’t needed to pump for an entire body for awhile and suddenly had had a larger circulatory system to account for. His heart rate was high at 145 and his blood pressure was low due to inefficient pumping of the mitral valve caused by an arrhythmia.

~Mischief Maker

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