Alex returns

Posted July 2, 2022, 12:45 a.m. by Cadet Johnathan Baptiste (Doctor) (Christopher Huskins)

Posted by Shaun Tee in Alex returns

Posted by Mason Marcy in Alex returns
I have been on vacation for the last week, went out to rural Pennsylvania to see Fallingwater but there wasn’t even cell service where we were staying. hoping someone could fill me in on everything that has happened
glad to be back.


Hi, Mason! How did y’all enjoy Fallingwater? I didn’t make it there, but we did get to visit Kentuck Knob last time I was in that part of PA, which was a plus.

On the ship, we have successfully transported a whole Morton into the transporter room and he’s currently in Sickbay. There’s a talent show in Nine Forward, and graduation is looming! If I forgot anything, maybe someone else can fill in the gaps.

Welcome back!


Welcome back and hope your vacation was great. Shaun covered pretty much everything. The medical cadets are fighting to save Morton’s life in sickbay.


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