Side Sim: Holodeck 1-Upstairs/Downstairs “A hunting we will go”

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Johnathan eventually found the kennels and a young man tending to the dogs. “Pardon me chap, but my memory tends to wander when it comes to names, could you please remind me of yours?” Johnathan inquired of the young man. “Been in the cups again have you?” the young man said in a teasing manner, “I know your new sir, and was just teasing about the drinking. Me names Wilfrid sir. How may I help you?” he queried. “Well Wilfred, it would seem his lordship wants to take his guest out for a little hunting and shooting. If you could be so kind as to gather my shotgun and the game bags and bring the dogs around I will return to his lordship and inquire if he and his guest are ready. Oh, and Wilfred bring along your shotgun and be prepared to stand back a few feet, don’t quite trust his lordship’s city guest to be safe with a firearm. Also Miss Hanna gave me some sausages to give to the dogs if they become bothersome” he handed the bundle over to him, and winking said “I will not tell her if you decide to eat one or two.” Jonathan said with a smile.

-Cadet Jonathan Baptist, medical

OCC: Feel free to join the sim. This is part of the Upstairs/Downstairs Side Sim (may wish to read that stream to get a feel. In this part of the Sim Cadet Johnathan is leading a hunt for the Lord of the manor.
-Chris Huskins

I.C.- Jonathan made his way to the front of the estate and walked up the steps. He was enjoying the exercise and wondered how the program would handle the hunt. He knocked on the door and a man dressed as a Butler opened it. With a look of disdain at Jonathan and his boots he said “Yes, how may I help you?” Jonathan smiled and replied “Certainly my good chap, please inform his Lordship I and Wilfred are ready for his hunt. Wilfred is bringing the hounds around as we speak.” As he said that one could hear the baying of the hounds as Wilfred was bringing them around.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

With the closing of the door, Johnathan saw Wilfred and two young boys come around leading a set of hounds. Wilfred handed the leads of the hounds he was controlling over to the taller of the two boys and walked over to Johnathan “Here be your shotgun sir.” Wilfred said as he handed Johnathan the weapon. Johnathan took the shotgun and inspected it. It was a fine weapon and Johnathan opened the breech. Wilfred handed over the ammo and Johnathan loaded the shotgun. Turning, and insuring the shotgun was pointed up and away he asked “So Wilfred who are the two young lads with you? “ Wilfred looked long and hard at Johnathan than said “You sure you were not in the cups last night sir. They be me boys Baxter and Albert.” Johnathan looked at Wilfred for a second then smirked and laughed “Wilfred, my good man I was merely joking with you. Of course I recognize your boys. Good thing you brought them to, as the hounds look eager.” About that time the doors to the manor house opened up and a group of well dressed men stepped out. One in particular looked at Johnathan “Well there he is my game warden with my kennel master. You men ready to lead my friends and myself on a fine ‘Glorious Twelfth’?” Johnathan bowed slightly and replied “We are your lordship, a good driven grouse shooting should hopefully bring your spirits up some.” With that Johnathan turned to Wilfred “Well you heard his Lordship, lead on with the dogs and we will find a fine spot for his Lordship and friends to a fine spot for their shoot.” And off they went.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

After walking towards one of the wide open fields they stopped and his Lordship announced this was the spot for his hunt. With that Johnathan and the hound master began beating the grounds for grouse. The morning progressed well with several grouse being taken when the dogs scared up something that came a barreling out of the high grasses; it was a huge boar and it was making a bee line for one of the guest. Before anyone could react the boar gored the man and through him up and over before heading of into a hedgerow. Johnathan immediately sprang into action and ran to the man. At the same time he shouted for Wilfred and his oldest son Baxter to hurry after the hounds and reign them in. Reaching the downed man Johnathan could see that his right leg had sustained a puncture wound that ripped into his calf and thigh. His Lordship came up as well as the rest of his guest. Turning Johnathan seen Albert and told him “Run as fast as you can to the manor and have them hitch a cart and bring it out here. Then have someone go fetch the doctor.” The boy turned and fled with out a word, pale as a ghost. Johnathan then turned back to the man and began assessing his wounds.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, Medical

Johnathan looked at the man, “Sorry sir but I am going to have to cut your trousers.” With that he whipped out the blade he carried as part of his ‘Gamekeeper costume’ and sliced the trouser legs up to the mans pelvic region. He then deftly began to asses the wounds. There was a puncture wound on the inside left thigh and a nasty looking avulsion wound on his inner left calf. Turning to one of the men he asked, “Any of you have a water flask or alcohol?” Two men stepped forward his Lordship, handing over a flask of some type of alcohol and another gentleman handed over a water flask. Johnathan quickly washed the grim off his hands, looking at the man he said “Sir, I am not going to lie to you this will hurt to no end and with that Johnathan began exploring the wounds. Thank God he thought as he explored the thigh, ignoring the loud scream his patient emitted, the puncture it had missed any major arteries or veins. Next he moved down to the calf avulsion, again the man screamed and whimpered as Johnathan examined the wound. Distantly in his mind he heard the Lord of the manner say “Here now, what do you think your doing? The man is in agony.” But Johnathan ignored it lost as he was in his assessment. This wound also was good in the fact nothing major was hit. Looking up he said “I need one of you gentlemen to cut up a jacket into strips and another to cut a jacket into four inch squares.” With that he began to alternate between pouring water and alcohol over both wounds, flushing them as best he could, his patient was now reduced to whimpering gasps, having past the point of being able to scream. Looking at the Lord he replied “Sir, if you could please put your coat under the man’s head then find me a reasonable sized rock or log so we can elevate his legs. The wounds are not fatal but need tending.”

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

Lord Arthur Graham removed his new hunting coat, folded it into a plush square, and tenderly placed his coat under the man’s head. One of the other men took a saddle from a horse and together, the men used it to elevate the patient’s legs.

“The lot of you take the dogs back to the manor and fetch the doctor, but leave my horse,” Lord Graham said. “We can try for grouse on the morning, God willing.”

As they approached the open field where the hunt had been conducted both Albert and P’Mala heard a loud scream and could make out several men looking around and tearing apart their coats. There was another load scream and to P’Mala sensitive ears muffled whimpering. Albert turned white and asked “Is one of his Lordship’s friends dying? Could the boar have done that much damage to him?” tears slowly coming out of the young lads eyes.

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical (with permission to RP Cadet P’Mala)

P’Mala knew an adult boar could have tusks up to 7 inches long.

“I’m sure he’ll make it,” P’Mala said, her Vulcan cool hopefully giving an assurance of some sort to the boy. A group of men on foot with hounds and a couple on horses passed by the two on the old wagon with Daisy at a rapid pace. “I’m sure they’re heading to fetch the doctor now.”

It wasn’t long before they reached the area where the man, Lord Graham, a footman, and Johnathan were, the patient propped up like he was in the middle of Sickbay.

“Jonathan!” P’Mala called. “I’ve brought our first aid and the village doctor has been fetched! What can I do to help? I have some… experience with midwifery,” she explained.

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Cadet Baptiste looked at the men gathered around the injured man, “We need to lift him into the cart, keep his legs elevated and him calm. Miss Hanna if you will assist me and we can change out the crude bandages for clean ones. Once we get to the Manor I am sure the doctor can clean the wound out and suture the wounds.”

-Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

P’Mala watched as the men lifted the injured man into the cart.

“We can set him up in the back hall nearby the kit hen so that we have access to boiled water, then move him to a room once the doctor gets a look at him,” she said.

“Jonathan, you should take the cart back with him and Lord Graham. The boy and I can follow on foot.”

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

Johnathan climbed up into the cart next to the injured man. Talk about primitive medicine he thought. Once Lord Graham climbed up on the cart Johnathan said “Okay your lordship we are ready.” Looking at Cadet Dawes he said “Meet you two at the manor.” With that the cart took off towards the manor.

=Cadet Johnathan Baptiste, medical

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