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Posted Aug. 5, 2022, 10:19 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) (Mika Jackson)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in A Much Anticipated Meeting [Tag CMO]

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) in A Much Anticipated Meeting [Tag CMO]

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in A Much Anticipated Meeting [Tag CMO]
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“Oh, Counselor, I understand,” Vesta said. “As Counselor, it must be hard to balance the needs of the crew and wanting to serve them with the mortal need to be appreciated on one’s own terms. As I’ve gotten older, I have grown more selfish with my appreciation,” she chuckled.

She smiled at the woman pushing the thought of Baptiste out of her head for the time being. “So you couldn’t resist the call of duty from the Challenger, huh?”

Dr. Rahm coughed. “In a way.” She thought about her words carefully.

She continued, “It seemed like you all could use a CMO with some broader experience in field medicine and strange phenomena. Especially after hearing about the accident with Ensign Morton. I thought, perhapsthis would be the next place for me to land for a little while.”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“Yeah what happened with Morton, I’d never experienced anything like it. To be honest, I was just focused on preparing for the worst. You know notifying his family, helping him get his affairs in order. Your Cadets, now Ensigns, worked hard to ensure he made it through his ordeal. Especially, Ensign Dawes. It was her idea that saved him. Baptiste was prepared to provide the medical help he needed after he brought back from the brink of....who knows what and worked around the clock to ensure his swift recovery. You are coming in and taking command of a great team.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“In what little I’ve interacted with them, they seem a competent pair. Both on to other ships, soon, I hear. And then they’ll be go, and it’ll be just us. To tell you the truth, I have questions about such an incident happening on a Cadet cruise,” Dr. Rahm said, “But that’s another subject.”

She took a gulp of moscato. “So, Counselor Halcyone, tell me a little about yourself!” she laughed, banging the base of her glass a little on the table. “I’d like to get to know who I’m going to be serving with. Together, we really will be able to provide full medical care for the crew, and I include mental health in that!” she said.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“I am so glad you said that. Most still don’t associate mental health as health care. Its one of the most overlooked as it relates to one’s well-being.”

Vesta nodded. “It’s true. Full body care, including mental health, is one subject I can go on and on about–especially in my earlier life, on Bajor.” Her voice cracked a little. “But excuse me, Counselor. I was asking about you!” she said.

“How about I tell you something about me and you tell me something about you? I want to know all about your time on Bajor and I even heard there was a story about smuggling something in your wooden leg.” She laughed as she said the last few words.


She took a small sip of her Moscato and thought about the parts of her background she wanted to share with the woman. “Well this is my first station as a counselor so I guess I am still learning the ropes. I do love the job, mostly because I like learning about people.” She shrugged then said, “Married, mom of three. My husband says I have a restless mind. He can give you a very detailed synopsis of my personality. The man knows everything about me, things I am sure I don’t really know about myself. If that makes sense.” She laughed a little then said. “However he is okay with it all and I think that is why I love him so much.”

Halcyone, Counselor

Vesta smiled. “It is nice to have deep connections, especially when you spend all this time among the stars, as we do!” She gestured her arms widely, like the whole universe was between them–then took a gulp of wine. “And your children! What are their names? Are they on board?”

-CMO Rahm

Her face lit up. She loved talking about her children. “Perseus is my oldest. People often wonder about her name. Her godmother was fascinated with Greek culture and decided to give her a Greek name.” She chuckled at how Savid protested the unVulcan name. “Perseus in Greek Mythology was a demigod, a hero before Hercules and he is known for beheading Medusa. Spencer is my boy. My husband allowed me to name him under the condition the named began with an S. He is his father’s shadow. Always fascinated by anything that Savid says or does. His word is law to him so I think he will be just like him.” She took a small sip of her wine and with a thoughtful expression said, “My youngest, T’shyri, is only 18 months. Savid named her and I am not sure about her personality yet. Honestly she seems to absorb different pieces of all of us. I considered having stationed with me however I think my son would rather be stationed with his father instead.” After the fond refectiin about her kids she said, “So what about you? Any family? What did you do before Starfleet?”

Halcyone, Counselor

“They sound lovely,” Dr. Rahm said meaning it. “Older kids are fun–getting to know their uniqueness, and at eighteen months, I understand how you’d want to have your youngest close. A joy and a burden. Little poems.”

Pilar nodded in agreement.

Without asking, she stood and replicated two new glasses of the moscato.

“Now, you asked about my smuggling story so you probably already know about some of my time on Bajor, but that’s probably its own holonovel. I’ll give you the abbreviated version.”

Pilar laughed and said, “One I would definitely read.”

The doctor plopped back down in the chair and rubbed her hands together, a determined look on her like she was getting ready to climb a hill.

“It was during the Occupation. My family was rather lucky–we owned a small theater in a neighborhood outside of the Bajoran capital–and our job was to host entertainments,” she said, seething that last word through her clenched teeth. “Mainly dancing girls. But there was the occasional play or concert. You know what I mean. Bread and circuses for the Cardassian elite and their collaborators.”

“It must have been hard for your family to make nice with the Cardassians. The Occupation was always a sore spot for my Bajorian friend Brey.”

She took a gulp of wine. “Well, as a family, we collaborated too. With the Cardies, the Maquis, Resistance, whoever–anything to stay alive.”

“A little after I lost my leg, a prima ballerina from Jalanda City recieved a gift of favor from a Cardassian officer right before he returned to Cardassia–a gaudy gold necklace, crusted in rubies–and she was to sell it to a Ferengi gentleman named Norb, to earn enough money to get her family on a Maquis ship out of Cardassian space.”

Pilar shuddered at the mention of Ferengi, the one species that made her nervous. She was lucky she’d encountered very few of them while in Starfleet and those she did encounter were always at a distance.

She smirked. “And so that’s how I took the necklace through three checkpoints–hidden in my leg, stuffed in tight with the pink tulle from her skirt.”

“Interesting. Well I know who I can call on if I need something smuggled between galaxies and universes.” She joked as she took a sip of her wine.

She waved her hand in the air, like clearing up smoke. “Now, your turn for a tale,” she laughed.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

Pilar sighed then said, “Well, I had this dear friend, who just disappeared from a Starfleet mission, the one I mentioned earlier. We were at the Academy together and she was one of the first friends I made there and she is the reason I know how to speak Bajoran.” she leaned forward, and whispered, “A funny thing happened after she went missing, I received a package containing her d’ja pagh. You are a wise woman and I would love to hear what you think of that.”

Halcyone, Counselor

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