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“I’m sure she’ll talk about smuggling the jewelry in her wooden leg,” P’Mala said. “She told us that one both times she lectured, but she tells it well. Changing the subject a little, how are you feeling about all the changes on ship, Counselor? It must be a little disarming for you, too. I still feel like don’t know what’s happening to me.”

Pilar snickered and said, “I must hear the jewelry smuggling story! And she has a wooden leg? Did she tell you how that happened? I bet she was a resistance fighter.” She said with a thoughtful expression.

P’Mala made a grave expression. “She didn’t tell us how she lost her leg, but I’m sure it had something to do with the resistance. I’m hoping to have lunch with her before I leave the ship. I’m feeling uneasy about leaving, to be honest.”

To address the question about changes, Pilar smiled and said, “That’s normal. To feel like you do. Me, however, I have seen many changes and Academy ships are prone to more changes than other ships in the Fleet. We only get to have the cadets for a few months. It’s hard not to get attached, but you do and it’s hard to see them go in the end. But then we began the cycle all over again.” She shrugged as she took a bite. ” I like change and was quite prepared for it when I was stationed here.”

P’Mala took a bite of soup. “It’s almost like home. There are so many variations on a plomeek soup–I always like to try new things, and why not rice noodles? What do you like with your plomeek?”

-Ensign Dawes, Medical

P’Mala smiled. “I shall have to adapt and take on your attitude. To be honest, I’m a creature of habit like a lot of Vulcans are. It’s funny. People think I’m different than my Vulcan relatives, but I see all the similarities. But you understand Vulcan nature better than most, Counselor.”

“Savid is very....” she paused then said, “Vulcan. He does not like variations of anything. Neither does his family. I conform to their ways when I am with them. Long story. I will have to share it some other time. So unfortunately I do not get to enjoy plomeek like this back at home.”

“Thank you for your compliments!” P’Mala said, tasting another spoonful of soup and noodles. “I love to cook, and replicated food is… not my favorite.”

“I will have to learn these plomeek variations from you so I can shock my husband and my inlaws.” she laughed.

She waved her hand over the table of food. “It’s delicious. I hope Spenser, Perseus, and T’shyri don’t turn out too Vulcan, are opened minded and want to explore customs and practices beyond the culture.”

Halcyone, Counselor

P’Mala looked at Pilar earnestly. “You know, my father is also quite non-traditional in his way, and my mother viewed exploration as an essential part of humanity. I turned how how I did because I was convinced by both of their logic–that being open to different only made me stronger. You have to tell me more about your kids. And about conforming. I try to conform…” she paused. “A lot.”

-Ensign Dawes, medical

Pilar nodded, “It is a female inclination, unfortunately, no matter the species.” she took a bite of her noodles and said, as she slurped a noodle in her mouth, “You know I heard there was a starship that was run by an all-female crew, different species. Isn’t that cool? I would love to be aboard it but I heard it hard to get in because no one ever leaves and there is a waiting list for assignment requests.”

“I can understand why,” P’Mala said. “I wonder if they function better than more traditional ships.”

“I am sure they do.” She said without hesitation.

She continued eating her soup, lost in a thought.

At the part about her kids she said, “Well if you are on Vulcan, in Shikahr, you will have to stop by, visit and see them.” She smiled at her and said, “I never asked you, who is the Vulcan? Your mother or your father? I am also curious if know how they met.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“I would have to say hello, the next time we’re both on Vulcan! As for my parents, they live on the other side of the desert from Shikahr, in the L-langon Mountains,” P’Mala said hurriedly, her voice getting more animated.

“Ah yes, I love the L-langon Mountains. Savid and I spent time there after our marriage ceremony. We stayed at the Harman Garden Cottages and my favorite dining spot there is the L’Jusa Tea House. I am sure you know them.”

“I sure do,” P’Mala said, brightening up. “I used to take Jane Austen novels there and reading in the sun with a cup of tea when I was sixteen. It’s a lovely place, severe in its Vulcan way, but so stunning.”

“My father, Latok, is the Vulcan and my mother, Samantha, she was one of his former students. They met while he was a teaching assistant at the Shirkar Academy and got together years later. That story.”

“Oh, I love those stories.” Pilar said smiling.

P’Mala smirked. It probably wasn’t the most ethical of ways to meet a spouse, but they were very much in love.

“How so?” She asked, “Unless they didn’t meet years later. Regardless, love rules and conquers all, and because of that they have you.” She presented her arms out in P’Mala’s direction.

“Let’s just say, they were in an ethically gray area. I probably wouldn’t have made those choices,” her mouth twitched. “But they have been very much in simpatico all my life.”

“They work together–sociologists,” she continued. “They write books, primarily about esoteric religious practices, as Latok & Dawes. They’re most known for their work on the monestaries of Vulcan. Maybe you’ve heard of them?”

Pilar nodded, “I think I heard Savid going on about your parents! Oh my goodness! I didn’t put it together. Latok and Dawes are your parents!” Pilar laughed excitedly and said “Oh wait till I tell Savid. He isn’t going to believe me. That I am on the same ship as Latok and Dawes daughter.”

“Listen, if he’d like a signed book or anything, I will fetch it for you–honestly they’d be happy to know they made an impact.” P’Mala said. “They still feel very much like outsiders–that’s always been their vibe–like a rebel academic is actually a thing.”

“You know I have to send him a signed book, so yes please!”

P’mala laughed, thinking fondly of her parents in their patched cardigans, listening to The Sex Pistols.

She added more noodles to her broth and watched them twist. “For years, they’ve been working on a book about the community around the Shrine of T’Vet. Changing the subject a little, have I asked you about your husband? What does he do? It must be difficult to communicate long-distance with a family.”

-Ensign Dawes, medical

Still coming down from her excitement she said, “Savid is an executive officer on the USS Entente a dreadnought class starship. As you know those types are heavily armored. He was trained as a tactical strategist and weapons expert at the Academy. We also met at the Academy,
I was a first year student and he was in his last year. He didn’t like me at first…a story for another time.”

“I better get to hear it some day,” P’Mala interrupted. “Go on!”

She nodded, “It is difficult at times. We do have a set time when we have our subspace transmission calls, sometimes with the children, to stay in touch. We always plan our shore leave together so we can spend time with our kiddos.”

“That must be difficult, but I’m sure it also makes your time together even more special. ” P’Mala said to Pilar.

She shrugged and said, “I had the option of not enlisting in Starfleet and being a full time mother. You probably don’t know, but I had my oldest daughter while I was in my second year at the Academy.”

“Wow!” P’Mala said. “I couldn’t have done it. I would have went into private practice and stayed on Earth, maybe moved back to Vulcan to my folks. You’re strong.”

She was growing to just understand the force behind her Counselor friend.

She grinned and looked at P’Mala, “But there was no way that was going to happen. Me, being a full time stay at home mom? I didn’t go through Academy training for nothing and besides why should he have all the fun? The children are well cared for by his family. Although I have considered having them stationed here with me, but we will see.”

“They’d probably be more mature than some of the cadets,” P’Mala laughed. “Vulcan-raised children can be quite prociciously competent. What are their little personalities like?”

Pilar nodded in agreement then thought for a moment then said, “Well let’s see, Spencer is a mini clone of his father. He is certainly the more serious out of all three and even frowns sometimes at my playfulness. You would think that I annoy him.” She smiled at the thought of her annoying her son, “I think my oldest daughter, Perseus, who was named by my friend Brey, by the way, has some aspects of a carefree personality but when it comes to academics she is quite serious and even competitive. She shows interest in other cultures, especially the fashions and trends that are happening within each. My youngest, T’shyri, its hard to tell at the moment, but I expect she will take after her sister since that seems to be her favorite being right now.”

She moved more noodles into her bowl as she asked, “How about you? Anyone special? You plan on having kids anytime in the future?”

Halcyone, Counselor

“Oh no,” P’Mala said. “I’m lucky that my folks were liberal enough to avoid the arranged marriage path, unlike so many Vulcans, but I haven’t met that specific person yet,” she admitted. “Maybe I’m just demiromantic or asexual, or maybe I just haven’t found someone I’m crazy about in a while.”

-Cadet P’Mala Dawes

“I am so glad your parents did not push you into an arranged marriage. You know people shouldn’t be forced into relationships.” She laid her utensils down and said, “Asexuality can be a gift as it allows one time to focus on themselves and I think if the right person comes along you will know it, but if not, then you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on companionship.”

“There’s still time!” P’Mala laughed. “And space is big enough for there to be something out there.”

She smiled at her then said, “I do hope that you find a companion someday. I think you will find it to be quite rewarding if you ever do.”
She put her hand on her forehead and said, “I will tell you something I never told anyone else. If Savid and I had never gotten to the point where we are now, I would have probably ended up with Brey. We were never romantically involved but she did express her feelings for me after the birth of Perseus. Although I didn’t feel the same way at first, when I was on the verge of calling it quits with Savid, I considered how my life would be with her. I almost took my daughter and .... well let’s just say there would have been no Spencer or T’shyri. It’s probably better it never happened, with everything that happened with her.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“Hmm,” P’Mala said, lost in thought. “There are so many possibilities in every action we do or don’t take. I always imagine a universe where “x” happened or “y” happened, you know? Like, one shift could mean a world of different. Like that old Earth movie Everything Everywhere All At Once.”

She’d finished her soup, so she pushed her bowl to the side. “I imagine a reality, sometimes, where I stayed on Earth and lived in the mountains, or I stayed on Vulcan and married some Vulcan man, but it’s never a true longing. I still don’t know what I want, and I feel like I should. Did I tell you I have an offer to join the Europa? Imagine being positioned that far out.”

-P’mala Dawes, Medical

(OoC: We should probably either 1. wrap this conversation up soon–my new Captain wants to get me on the roster over on the Europa pretty soon– or 2. I can always continue RPing Dawes for a while under the Rahm account here)

OOC: I agree, we can wrap this up :)

“New adventures!” said Pilar smiling. “We will definitely connect when we are both on Vulcan again. Oh, do not leave without getting me that signed book, Savid would not ever forgive me if he knew I had an opportunity to obtain it and didn’t.” She tapped a PaDD on her desk and said, “Speaking of the man, it’s time for my subspace transmission with him. Thank you for stopping by and the great conversation. It is bittersweet you leaving. I have gained a new friend who I must say goodbye to. We must keep in touch by subspace transmission.

Halcyone, Counselor

“It’s been my pleasure getting to know you,” P’mala said, gathering the bowls and thermos and spoons back into her bag. “Maybe we can even have another soup chat before too long–and I’ll be sure to get that book signed to Savid. Feel free to send me a message any time! I’m going to try my best out there.”

She walked to the office door, struck with a mix of emotions. Happiness at her friendship with the counselor, sadness to leave, anxiety about a new ship–but she swallowed them all down like a good Vulcan and resolved to meditate on them, to store her emotions in the museum of her mind.

She extended her hand in a Vulcan salute. “My wish is for you and your family to live long, and prosper, Pilar. I hope to keep in touch soon.”

  • P’Mala Dawes, Medical

Pilar smiled as the woman did the Vulcan salute, she returned the salute and said, “You live long as prosper as well and godspeed on your trip to the Europa. This is not goodbye, we will keep in touch.”

Halcyone, Counselor

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