Main Sim - Bridge - Arrival at Jupiter Station

Posted Aug. 10, 2022, 11:22 a.m. by Captain Aaron Foley (Commanding Officer) (Steve Johnson)

Aaron sat a little rigidly in the center seat as the Challenger came out of warp and headed towards Jupiter Station. It was far from his first time sitting in the center seat, but it still felt different as the Captain vs being the XO. He would have to try and force himself to relax, before the crew started picking up on his added tension, and thinking that they were at fault.

Giving up he decided to stand up as Jupiter Station appeared on the screen. Hopefully they could get in and get whatever repairs and updates they needed, and get out with minimal difficulties. Give the crew a chance to relax a bit between their adventures.

Reaching back Aaron used the controls on his chair to open a channel to Jupiter Station Ops.

=^=Jupiter Station, this is the USS Challenger. Requesting clearance to dock for scheduled repairs and resupply.=^=

Capt Foley - CO

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