Sickbay - CO Checking In

Posted Aug. 16, 2022, 2:12 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) (Shaun Tee)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - CO Checking In

Posted by Captain Aaron Foley (Commanding Officer) in Sickbay - CO Checking In
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Aaron was making his rounds, checking in with various different departments as they were in between missions. It’s something he used to do all of the time, but now that he was CO, it felt more important to him that he made the chance to stop by. There was always more paperwork, even more so on an Academy ship, it would be so easy for him to get lost in his office. But to him, there was something important about making sure people saw him walking through the ship.

First stop for the day though, Sickbay. Turning the corner Aaron walked through the doors into Sickbay, ready to see who would be in at this time of the morning.

Capt Foley - CO

That particular morning, Sickbay thrummed with activity. A hapless NE Nurse Liu stood behind the reception desk, directing a short line of cadets who were finishing up their entry check-ins to different evaluation areas.

The CMO’s office door sat wide open, and Dr. Rahm Vesta sat at her desk with a jeweler’s loupe and a very fine screwdriver, carefully adjusting a small pile of maladjusted tricorders that needed serviced. Out of the corner of her squinted free eye, she noticed the figure of the Captain in the main lobby.

“Yoo-hoo! Captain Foley!” she called, making one final adjustment then securing the tricorder access panel closed and moving the device to the line of fixed tricorders to her right. “Come in, come in! Just doing some light housekeeping at the moment but I always have time for you!”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“I appreciate it,” Aaron said as he stepped into her office. He surveyed her desk, and the line of tricorders sitting there. “We really haven’t had a chance to talk since you came on board, between getting our latest assignment wrapped up, and the grand shuffle that was command of this ship. So I wanted to take the opportunity to stop by and see how everything was going.

“That and the minor detail of Command wanting me to get updated physical in the records. I think they are a little paranoid that they will have to replace another CO on the Challenger in the near future,” he said with a chuckle.

Capt Foley - CO

Dr. Rahm sat down the loupe and turned off her task lighting.

“You don’t have to explain a thing–though I appreciate it,” she said. “There certainly was a lot of movement at once, and I’m still working on getting Medical just the way I like it, but we’re getting there.”

Vesta stood and pointed the Captain toward her private exam room behind a decorative screen. “If you’d like to hop on the biobed, we can kill two birds with one stone, if you’d like.”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“Sounds great to me,” Aaron said as he walked around the screen and hopped onto the biobed.

The biobed chirped, a sign that it had read Capt Foley’s vitals and checked his weight.

“Would you mind reading your stats off to me while I enter them into my PADD?” Dr. Rahm asked, patting her doctor’s coat pockets. “I’m a little nearsighted and seem to have misplaced my glasses. “

“How have you found the Challenger so far? Have you been enjoying your time here.”

Capt Foley - CO

“Oh, it’s a beautiful ship. I do enjoy traveling on a Discovery-class vessel,” she said. She felt the top of her head, where her glasses perched in her frizzy hair.

“Found them!” she crowed, jamming them on. “Now, how about you? I was reading over your file and it’s a little sparse, but how does the Captain’s chair feel?”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

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