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Henry arrived at the Security Office and waited impatiently by the door for Halcyone to arrive. He was very much unsure of what to do and who to trust, but the Counselor… well, that was kind of her job, wasn’t it?

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

=^= Rodier to Halcyone, meet me at the Security Office with all haste. =^=

Pilar had been in her quarters, in the middle of packing a large tote with all the items she planned to take aboard the Jupiter Station when she got Henry’s… Lieutenant Rodier’s message.
With the slightest tap of her comm badge, she said, =^=Acknowledged, Lieutenant.=^=
She had sensed the urgency in his voice and did as he said, stopped what she was doing, and quickly headed to the security office.

After exiting the turbolift, she approached the security office and noticed Lieutenant Rodier standing outside as well as his impatient demeanor. There was a feeling of alarm welling up inside her. It was never a good sign to see a security officer in an anxious state.
She approached him and asked, “Is there something wrong, Lieutenant?” Instinctively, she quickly looked around nervously for imminent danger, “Oh, Henry, please do not tell me there is some type of security threat.” she placed her hand on her chest as she stared at him with distressed eyes.”

Halcyone, Counselor

Henry turned to Pilar and took a small step toward her. “I… no. No immediate threat. I just… I got a…” His eyes darted around the hall nervously. In theory, there was no reason not to trust other officers with this information, especially senior staff. But… at its most basic, what he had to say rested on the existence of some form of time travel. And it seemed like he had something to do with so much death. His eyes paused on the nearby door - that office, where he’d spend so very much time…

He grabbed Halcyone by the forearm and shuffled into the office. The Ensign on duty at the desk stared at him, and Henry said at a higher-than-normal volume, “You’re relieved. Please give us the room.” As the NE hurried out and the door closed, Henry released Pilar’s arm and launched into the sentence he’d been trying to formulate for the past three minutes. “I received a message from my future self telling me to avoid the Station and leave something alone or risk the entire Sol system.” He stopped and waited for a response, eyes boring into hers.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

Pilar put both hands up to calm him, “Henry, wait, slow down. I need to understand what you just said. “You got a warning, from the future....your future self, saying we should not go to the Jupiter Station?”

She was confused but she believed him. Messages from the future, although uncommon, were possible. Pilar put her hand on his shoulder as she pressed for more information “You said we should leave something alone. Do you know what it was....what shouldn’t we do?”

She rubbed her forehead, an action she often did when she was trying to think, “We have to tell the Captain. It seems the survival of an entire solar system depends on our actions.” After taking a calming breath, “No one should board the station until we figure this out.”

Halcyone, Counselor

Halcyone’s calming demeanor did work at first. “My future self. And… saying I shouldn’t go to Jupiter Station, I think. I think it - I think I said just to leave it alone, not to dig into the situation.” His distress heightened again. “Which is what I’m doing… I don’t…” He sat down heavily on the desk and stared at the wall, his weariness starting to catch up to him.

“I don’t know. But surely I can’t be responsible for…” he trailed off. All of Henry’s mind told him to lock down the ship, stay away from the station. But those words… You’ll regret it for the rest of your life. This whole thing, it felt personal. Like he was at fault.

A rash idea sprung up, starting to roll around in his head.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Okay, okay. Just stay calm. You wont be able to think through this clearly if you are anxious and can’t focus. Nothing has happened yet which means we still have time. You need to try to remember everything your future self said to you. We need to know what the triggering events are. From what you said they seem specific to you. So I need you to think. What were you going to do onboard the station?”

Halcyone, Counselor

He dug into his pocket and picked out a bent notepad with the following message hastily scrawled on it: “Henry, trust yourself. I’m who you think I am. I can’t do everything I want to but I can warn you. Don’t dig. For once don’t let your curiosity win. Leave well enough alone. Avoid Jupiter Station or so many people in the Sol System will die and you’ll regret it the rest of your life. You can change this. For me, for you, for a lot of people. You’ve been warned.” The message wasn’t a perfect transcription of the actual recording, but it was the best Rodier had been able to do from memory.

Henry managed to take a breath and try to think, but that rash idea was firmly lodged in the back of his mind. “I don’t know, I didn’t really have plans. I… I was maybe going to meet up with some of their command staff? See about how they run the station?”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

She squinted her eyes in a thoughtful gaze. “Well we should at least heed the warning, which means you can’t go on the station. We also need to let the Captain know and get his perspective. Are you okay with telling him about this? “

Halcyone, Counselor

He blinked. “Yes, yes, of course.” He hesitated, his hand pausing midway to his commbadge. The idea that had sprung into his head had finally taken hold. “But… why don’t you go ahead and do it? You’ll have to call him from the hall.” With an attempt at casualty, he ushered Halcyone toward the door.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

Pilar stepped.out in the hall and activated her com badge, =^= Halcyone to Captain Foley. Sir, I am here at the security office with Lieutenant Rodier. We have some information to share with you. Can you please meet us here ASAP? =^=

She purposely remained calm. Since there was limited information there was no immediate need to alarm the Captain. The plan was to provide him with the information Rodier had relayed to her and get his perspective. She hoped this would not become a bigger issue and most importantly hoped Rodier was wrong about his vision.

Halcyone, Counselor

As Halcyone spoke into her badge, Henry slowly retreated into the Security Office, stopping at the computer console on the desk. With yet another attempt at casualty, he tapped a few keys, inputting his credentials, before moving to the door.

The red button next to the door had been installed months before at Rodier’s request, with the idea being that an intruder could be readily locked out. It could, of course, be fairly easily overridden, but the manual mode he’d just activated would make that at least a little more difficult. His hand moved to the button…

The office door slid closed and a click was heard.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

=^=Acknowledge Commander. I’ll be there as soon as I can.=^=

Capt Foley - CO (crosspost)

Having made his excuses to Captain Alshoi, Aaron finally made his way back to the Challenger, and over to the security office. As he came up, he was surprised to find Pilar standing outside of the security office.

“What have you got Commander? Your message sounded like it was urgent.”

Capt Foley - CO

“Well…” she said averting her eyes for a moment. “We might have an issue. Lieutenant Rodier is anxious about going aboard the Station and for a good reason. I wanted to run this situation by you and get you to weigh in.” She took a calming breath as she thought about the best way to describe what was going on. “Lieutenant Rodier has a premonition…of sort. Essentially his future self has warned him to stay away from the Station or else he might place the Sol System in danger.... like exploding the whole system and killing every living being who lives there danger.” Pilar shrugged and shook her head at the same time. “I believe him. It’s happened before, messages from the future warning the present that there is impending danger. What do you think we should do?”


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