Eengineering- Cadet Brecker reporting for duty

Posted Sept. 25, 2022, 12:06 a.m. by Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer) (D Inman)

Posted by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) in Eengineering- Cadet Brecker reporting for duty

Posted by Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer) in Eengineering- Cadet Brecker reporting for duty

Posted by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) in Eengineering- Cadet Brecker reporting for duty
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Cadet Kylie Brecker fidgeted nervously for a little bit as she rode the turbolift to deck five. She stepped out of the lift and gently bit the thumbnail on her left hand. She hadn’t felt this nervous in a long while. She took in a deep breath to settle her nerves and calm down. She stands at the door to the engineering bay, standing a few feet off so that people could come and go as necessity dictated. She stood there for a few moments as she deepend her breathing to push down her nerves and let her excitememnt grow. After about a solid five minutes her being rooted to the spot she was at she took a final deep breath and straightened her posture. She raised her head and put on a smile before she strode forward giving what she hoped was an air of confidence. After entering the door, and getting a few feet away from the entry way she looked around the room slowly, her presumed air of confidence vanishing and her eyes going wide. She continued to slowly take everything in and gawk a bit.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Alex pretended not to notice the cadets presence, giving her a moment to take in he surroundings. Finally deciding that they needed to get to it he approached Kylie, “amazing, isn’t it?” Putting his hand out he introduced himself “Alex Sheridan, chief engineer, it’s nice to finally meet you.”
Gesturing for her to follow he said “Lets head to my office and go over everything.”
Alex’s office was a circular room formed by transparent aluminum panels just off main engineering, inside was a desk, replicator and computer terminal. numerous PADDs and components were scattered across the desktop.
Gesturing for her to sit Sheridan sat across from the new cadet, picked up a component off the desk, and handed it to her, “that is an old EPS manifold I pulled from the bridge during the refit. can you tell me what’s wrong with it?” Alex found that giving cadets a problem to solve when they reported for duty was a great way to judge their problem solving capabilities and thats really all an engineer is: a professional problem solver. “I pulled that, because it was extremely hot and obstructing the flow to several consoles on the bridge.” handing the cadet a standard issue engineering toolkit, Alex said, “feel free to take it apart”
Alex knew that the part was safe even though it was hot, but unless the cadet had overhauled an EPS grid before, she wouldn’t know that.

  • Lt. Sheridan, Chief Engineer

Breker jumped just a little as suddenly she was adressed. She let out a little squeek then quickly composed herself. She nodded and then took the offered hand. “Yes, the academy doesnt compare nor does the things I worked on before the academy.” She had paused a minte then gulped a little. “Not giving the best first impression. Good to meet you sir. Cadet Kylie Brecker.” Her tone changed from awe of her firsts words to a serious tone as she introduced herself. She took a few tenative steps towards the direction he had gestured. Once he took the lead she fell into step rather quickly on his flank, as she followed his lead. She followed him inside and looked around the room. She chuckled softly before taking the offered seat. She looked at the part and looked thoughtful. From a pocket of the uniform she pulls out a pair of what appear to be latex gloves, she pulled them over her hands and unclasps and opens up the toolkit. “I know its not connected to the grid, but never can be more safe than sorry.” She said as she looks through the kit. She grabs a scanner from the kit. She takes the scanner and begins to scan the component and looks over the readings. Quietly she sets out a few more tools as she quietly looked over the scan data.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineering)

OOC: just a few notes and friendly reminders: remember when writing for Kylie to use 3rd person voice, it just makes everything easier. Also in a situation like this where you are given a problem to solve, feel free to come up with some reason why, in this case, said component is not working, you can up with some reason that sounds like something they might say on the show. Remember, your’e the engineer, but your’e not god, so you still have to… how shall I put it, be resonable.

IC: As Kylie solved the problem he had given her, Alex finished writing his report on the recent progress on the refit. “Let me know when you’ve finished and we’ll take a look at it.” he said leaning back in his chair, beginning typing on his PADD.

  • Lt. Alex Sheridan

Brecker nodded to herself and dismanteled the component. She carefuly inspected each peice of the it and pulled out circut probe, she quietly checked several circuts and then frowned. After several minutes she held up one of the circut boards and pointed to one of the relays. One of the components in the relay is blackened. “This relay here, it is damaged. Or at least I’m pretty sure it is.”
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Pretty sure is not good enough, best you learn this now. Pretty sure and certain could be the difference between life and death for you and your shipmates during a crisis, so before I look at it I want you to be certain” Alex said in a kind but serious tone of voice, this was crucial and he needed to drive the point home.
“Now sometimes pretty sure is the best you’ll be able to do and thats okay, but not in this case.” He didn’t want to intimidate the young cadet, but Kylie needed to understand how important it was to be absolutely certain about things whenever possible.

OOC: this is a great opportunity to expand on what Kylie thinks is wrong feel free to expand here. maybe the plasma manifold in the second sub processor failed causing the isolinear chip to short, for example. (just dont copy my example unless you really cant come up with anything else)

  • Lt Alex Sheridan

Brecker nodded then looked thoughtful. “Well… this peice has gone under some extensive damage. There must have been a electro-plasma surge that overloaded the capacitor. In turn it seems the transistor here.... and.... here are also fried, which would cause a flux in regulation of power.” As she had said this she gestures and points to a few of the chips along the circut board she held up with a circut probe. “Neartly the whole distribution matrix in the manifold just quit due to the stress of opperating with bad parts.” She gently placed the board back on the desk and idly fiddled with the circut probe with her fingers.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

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