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Posted Sept. 27, 2022, 9:09 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) (Mika Jackson)

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Pilar Halcyone (Counselor) in CNS Office- Cadet Breker check in Psychological

Posted by Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer) in CNS Office- Cadet Breker check in Psychological
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Cadet Brecker looked up as she heard the chirp of the turboift ad it landed at her current floor. She nodded as the door opened. She quietly stepped out and quickly her eyes scanned the hall. She placed a hand to her lips and gentley bit down on her finger. Her face contorted a little as she was trying to recall information on the instructions she had been given. She turned on her heel down one of the corridors and proceeded to continue forward. Her eyes continued their motion as she continues forward, as they swept from side to side. When she came to a door she studdies the door for a second or two before she moved on. After a while she stoped at a door. She reached up and gently pressed on one of the buttons to announce her presence. Once she heard that she had permission to enter the cadet pushed another button to open the door and stepped inside of the room. Her eyes quickly scanned the room before they settled on the person in the room. “Cadet Brecker reporting for manditory psycological evaluation.” She said in a turse monotonous kind of way.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Pilar gave the cadet permission to enter. She couldn’t help but notice the terse and monotone voice in which the cadet announced her arrival. She studied the cadet for a moment to get a sense of body language which would effective help her steer the direction of the session. There wasn’t much personal info in the cadet’s profile and only minimal family information. Pilar gave her a warm smile as she stood from her desk and walked over to a small table accompanied by two chairs. “You must be Cadet Brecker and from the sound of your voice I take it you are not too fond of psychological evaluation or counselors or both?” She motioned with her hand for the cadet to have a seat in one of the chairs.

Halcyone, Counselor

Brecker chuckled softly her stiff posture loosened a bit. She seemed tense first, but is slowly eased up just a little bit. She quietly followed over to the table and took a seat before she spoke her face showing that she gave careful consideration to her answer. “To be honest ma’am I understand the necessity, but at the same time I dont see much of a point, even if it is a mere formality. If there was something wrong, then I wouldnt have made it to this point.” She adjusted herself in the seat. And gave a small smile. “I understand machines, people not so much. It’s nothing personal.” She placed a hand on her knee and looked the counselor in the eye.
-Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Ah…I see.” Said Pilar with slight smile. “First I will never take anything you say to me personally, but I will use it to determine a baseline of your personality and you overall emotional state.” Pilar joined the cadet at the table then said, “You said something interesting. If there was something wrong, then I wouldnt have made it to this point. Why do you that?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Brecker chuckled softly. “Every cadet is tested rigorously, given stressful situations and tasks that we may have to one day do. I’ve seen a few others crack under the pressure.” She said calmly her voice gave off a small warmth. “That’s all councilor.”
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Wouldn’t agree that getting that experience in the Academy is different than being on an Academy ship? Here, on this ship, you are going to encounter all those real-life situations they told you about in the Academy and you are going to have to apply the training you learned to get through some difficult situations.” One notable thing Pilar noticed about the cadet is that she seemed to be calmer than most of the other cadets who first entered her office and it was their first time on an academy ship. “You seem quite prepared, Cadet Brecker. Kind of like there is nothing that can surprise you. Do you mind sharing a little about yourself and your family?”

Halcyone, Counselor

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