DHs office Cadet Mayweather reporting for duty

Posted Sept. 28, 2022, 12:21 p.m. by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) (Mason Marcy)

Posted by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) in DHs office Cadet Mayweather reporting for duty

Posted by Cadet Tobias Mayweather (Engineer) in DHs office Cadet Mayweather reporting for duty

Posted by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) in DHs office Cadet Mayweather reporting for duty
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This was it, all the years of training and tests had lead to this very moment. So why did he feel like like he had on his first day of school?
“Cmon T, calm down.” He shook his arms trying to get the nerves out, however it probably made him look like an idiot.
The doors to engineering slid open and the light from the warp core illuminated the workstations, the staff hurried about doing…whatever they where doing, Tobias suddenly had no idea what anyone was doing.
“This is not like the academy.” He muttered as he made his way to the DHs office, he tried to put on his most confident look as he stepped into the office.
“Cadet Tobias Mayweather reporting for duty sir.”

Cadet Tobias Mayweather: engineering

Without turning around Alex said “Maywether, that you? I’ve been expecting you, let’s take a walk.” Gesturing for him to follow, Alex left the circular office. “Just finished doing this with a young cadet Kylie Brecker. I suggest you get to know your fellow cadets, especially the one’s you’ll be working with here in engineering.” This was a little bit of a serious suggestion and a little bit a test of character. Alex would have to keep a close eye on the new cadets to make sure everyone was working well in the current environment. as much as he enjoyed being the chief engineer, he could do with less management of personnel. people weren’t really Alexs’ thing.
“Ive, been procrastinating, and I have put off purging the plasma from the warp manifold.” looking at the cadet he considered. “Today’s your lucky day, lets go right now and fix this before I completely forget. It’ll give us both something to do.” Opening a hatch at the rear of the engineering bay next to the large warp plasma conduit Lt. Sheridan waved the cadet in and said, “After you.”

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As he followed and listened carefully to the chief engineer, his thoughts drifted to wondering how he had advanced to where he was, was it hard work and sweat and tears, or had he pulled off some amazing feat of engineering that had saved his crew or something even more impressive.
His attention snapped back into focus as they stopped in front of the hatch. As it opened, Tobias began to roll up the sleeves on his uniform.
“Yes sir.” Tobias crawled inside the hatch, and took a deep breath, the smell of metal, plasma and smoke made him suddenly feel more comfortable.
“OK, purge the plasma from the warpcore. Easy.” Forgetting that the chief engineer was behind him, Tobias made his way to the plasma manifold conduit and began to initiate the purging sequence.
“So we activate the purge system, transfer the generated heat away from vital systems and manned areas…” Tobias stopped suddenly realising that he was kind of sing out loud what he doing.
“Sorry sir.” He quickly apologised slightly embarrassed.

Cadet Tobias Mayweather: engineering

“Not a problem at all, I do the same thing sometimes. but actually we are heading all the way out to the warp nacelle control room because we need to do more than just a basic purge, plus you dont get to take the easy way out, you need the experience.” Alex said gesturing for him to keep going. Following the cadet Alex felt the gravity start to slowly fade. These smaller ships, when they had control rooms in the nacelles, often didn’t have gravity plating. So it would be good to see how the new cadets would handle the zero-g.

OOC: I like your use of technobabble language, but slow down a little, if you solve the problems too fast you dont get to have any fun.

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