Side-Sim - Holodeck One (ping O'Hara)

Posted Sept. 30, 2022, 1:04 p.m. by Lieutenant Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) (Gavin Burkhardt)

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Posted by Lieutenant Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) in Side-Sim - Holodeck One (ping O’Hara)

Posted by Cadet James O’Hara (Security Officer) in Side-Sim - Holodeck One (ping O’Hara)
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One thing Henry had always found a good teaching tool was running through a Holodeck sim with his cadets. They also happened to be quite fun, especially since he wasn’t the one programming them. He just hoped the engineering Ensign he’d met with was enjoying his time in the XO’s hot tub.

Tapping his commbadge, Henry said, =^= Rodier to O’Hara, report to Holodeck One. =^= He walked toward the wall of the hallway and leaned against it, arms folded, as he waited for the Cadet to turn the corner.

OOC: Just realized you’ve never done commbadge stuff! Whenever I or someone else borders a message with this =^= or something similar, that message is a comm message or it’s the ship’s computer voice.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

O’Hara was putting the finishing touches on his new quarters when he heard the announcement come over the Commbadge channels. Putting down his favourite picture of the west coast, O’Hara checked himself in his new mirror and made sure he looked presentable. The Irishman then strode out of his room and proceeded to head for the holodeck.

“Lieutenant Rodier, Sir!” O’Hara saluted just as he rounded the corner, hoping he hadn’t left his boss waiting. He was excited for the another chance to prove himself.

OOC; Awesome stuff! I’ll never say no to some holodeck shenanigans!

~Cadet O’Hara, Security Officer

Henry waved him down with a smile, stepping away from the wall as he did so. “Cadet O’Hara. Please, no need to salute.”

He gestured to the Holodeck doors. “I assume you’ve been in one of these before.”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Ah, I’ll get to used to it eventually, Sir!” O’Hara chuckled as he let his arm come down from its astute position. “I had plenty of experience in the Academy with the Holodecks, we knocked great entertainment and education out of them. What’s on the agenda for today?”

~Cadet O’Hara, Security Officer

Rodier nodded approvingly. “A custom program, haven’t gotten a chance to test it yet so I hope you don’t mind being the test pilot.” He chuckled to himself at how literal that statement really was. “Well, shall we get started?” He half-turned, gesturing to the holodeck door.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Ah, I’ve been a lot worse; I don’t mind being a guinea pig.” O’Hara chuckled, as he scratched his temple with a nervous twitch. “Let’s get this thing started!”

O’Hara proceeded towards the holodeck, uncertain of what was going to greet him.

~ Cadet O’Hara - Security Officer

As the door slid open, Henry proceeded in alongside O’Hara, looking around before speaking. “Computer, begin Program Bravo-Seven, authored by Rodier, Henry.” =^= Beginning Program Bravo-Seven =^= the computer chirped in reply, and the room began to shimmer around them.

In what had before been an empty room materialized what appeared to be the bridge of a ship similar to the Challenger, complete with center chair and all the normal consoles, though notably devoid of people. Pointing to the Tactical station, Henry grinned and said, “that one’s yours.”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

O’Hara tried not to gasp like a surprised school bot, but he couldn’t contain his child-like excitement at seeing things simply appear in front of his eyes. He’d been through hundreds of these in the Academy, but it still didn’t feel any less magical. Finding himself in the middle of a bridge, his Cadet-brain kicked into gear. He approached his station and mounted the seat, before scanning his eyes across the console. He could feel his hands twitching with excitement as he examined his station.

“In position and ready, Sir.” He spoke loud and clear in his ‘radio voice’. “I’m at your command”

-Cadet O’Hara, Security Officer

Henry took the center seat, himself feeling quite the boyish excitement - the last time he’d been in this position on a bridge had been quite the ride.

“Well, don’t expect all that many orders.” Another ship warped into view, its design unfamiliar, and a weapons-lock alert flashed on the tactical station. Henry smiled, remembering this part of the sim. “Well, I can do this at least.” He tapped the side of the console and the bridge flashed with red alert warning lights.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

OOC; Very sorry for replying late, one hell of a week.

IC: Watching his boss take the center seat, O’Hara felt a surge of adrenaline as he observed the unknown craft burst into view. Every security protocol and rule of engagement rushed through his head as he quickly fell into the role of a weapons officer, as red lights and warnings flashed around him. He watched blue lights illuminate and bar charts fill like buckets in the rain as he enhanced the forward shields. His thin fingers danced around the console as he hovered his finger over the phaser controls, waiting for the sensor arrays to give him a shooting solution.

“Sir. Rules of engagement?” O’Hara asked, treble checking his protocols. “I will not fire until fired upon.”

OOC: No worries - as you can see I’ve been quite busy myself.

“Rules of engagement are standard Fleet rules. Assume nothing is known until you see it for yourself. And simply say what you need as far as ship movement, the program will handle the rest.” As Henry finished, the bridge shook with an impact alert - the unknown ship had fired, bringing shields down minimally, and immediately retreated to just the edge of the Starfleet vessel’s phaser range.

A firing solution for the unknown ship was confirmed a moment after it fired. Scans revealed it to be of Klingon origin.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Ay, Sir!” Roared O’Hara, fire pumping through his veins. “Move to intercept the enemy warbird; head on to minimise our profile! Get it into range of all phasers.”

O’Hara watched as his console made calculation after calculation, adjusting for the changing environment. The warbird weaved back and forth, in a vain attempt to out maneuver the Star Fleet vessel and stay out of range of its weapons. But it continued forward, like a dagger cutting through the velvet starscape. O’Hara watched his phasers come into range and assured confirmation of the shooting solutions.

“Shoot and scoot; after the first volley change the attack vector and come in from behind.” O’Hara ordered to the near empty deck.

Without the satisfaction of a physical trigger, the Cadet pressed the big, red button and watched as all of the phaser banks burst into life set several projectiles towards the enemy warship. O’Hara could feel the ship pull up and right as it changed vector, but the Cadet had his eyes locked on the enemy vessel. He waited for confirmation of a hit.

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“Direct hit,” Henry called out. The volley fully impacted the Klingon vessel, mostly being absorbed by its shields. The last few pulses, however, made it through the now-low-energy shield, impacting the ship’s hull and one phaser bank. It pulled around to the right, arcing with the Starfleet ship’s new vector so as to make the ships broadside to broadside. No additional shots were fired.

Henry watched O’Hara with slight amusement. The Cadet was clearly in his element, as Rodier had predicted. He only hoped the man would stay that way for what was to come.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

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