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James walk to the turbolift “ deck five “as he walk in he checked the controls. He wanted the ship, to be under his idea of tip top condition.
He got on deck five he seen security walk by, he saw the entrance to the Arboretum and walked inside. The smells of pollen, and freshly watered trees. He see’s many trees, leaves blanket the area. He took a look around, a was couple having a picnic. He awaited the good doctor , to see what fruits here are edible for spike.

Cadet James black engineering

Dr. Rahm Vesta sipped from a travel thermos of coffee and strolled down the corridor on Deck 5. All in all, today was a good day! She’d worked a full shift, worked on some correspondence regarding her book chapter, and even had time to get an Americano before her appointment with Cadet Black.

She entered the Arboretum and saw the cadet near the fruiting trees. She raised a hand in a wave. “Cadet Black! Over here!” she said. She felt in her pocket for a notebook page.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“ hi doctor ,” James seen her and walked up to her smiling. “ how are you today it is so peaceful here, I see you started early .” He pointed to the cup and laughed.

Cadet James black engineering

“I rely on coffee to keep me upright,” Vesta said, taking another gulp from the thermos. “We did not have as many medical cadets as usual this voyage, so we’re a little short-handed down in Sickbay. I’m pulling extra shifts when needed.”

She looked around the arboretum–it was one of her favorite parts of the ship. Different sections with different bioclimates grew a multitude of plants from many planets, and there were areas for experiments and an attached room for sprouting seedlings.

“Is this your first time here?”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“ yeah doctor I see why you like it here. I drink coffee and green tea, ever since was working on freighters coffee is magic isn’t it doc? “James smiled at the good doctor.

Cadet James black engineering

“Caffine sure keeps me moving when nothing else does,” Vesta said. “I’d never had it until I worked with a Maquis ship during the Resistance–a long time ago.”

She smoothed out the piece of paper with her notes on hedgehog food.

“Are you ready to get started?” she asked the cadet.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“ yes doctor all set he is sick of cat food “ James laugh’s .“ I would be to vesta he likes small frogs the best, But there not available here.
What do you recommend doctor?”
Cadet James black engineering

“You know, you can use the replicators to feed him some small cooked frogs or boiled eggs as a treat. It’s not the same as fresh, but they’ll do.” Dr Rahm said. “An adult hedgehog needs around 130 calories a day to survive, so replicate him some standard hedgehog chow too.”

She walked toward the center of the room toward an area with some raised beds. “Over here are where most of the American garden produce is grown.”

“Basically think about what he can’t eat. Avoid greens like lettuce and celery, which are low in nutritional value. Also avoid hard foods such as raw carrots or tubers, as they may get stuck in the roof of Spike’s mouth.”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“ I think I will do that ma’am, thanks for the advice, I don’t have much knowledge of American gardens . I am from South Africa, but I know he likes banana’s. Do you have them on the ship? I saved some raisins for him. Also do you know if watermelons are here, or do I need to replicate them?
I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to assist me doctor.

Cadet James black engineering

“Absolutely glad to help!” Dr. Rahm said. “You’re both still learning your way around. Bananas would be perfectly fine! They’re with the tropical fruiting arboreals… and melons only occasionally as they’re great for hydration but again, low in nutrition and we want to replace empty calories in Spike with protein when we can…” she explained as she led him to the melons.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

A few meters from them was Aaron, who was wandering around the place. He finds it liking in watching the trees and the extraterrestrial plant. It reminded him of the time he was a Cadet, he liked to spend some time with his friend back then. At some point, he heard the word “coffee” which immediately drew his attention, and saw Black and Vesta in a discussion about food and replicators, from what he could hear.

The lieutenant didn’t have a proper welcome to Vesta since her arrival, but he felt that he wasn’t the moment to do so. Right now, the two of them didn’t notice him, and it was for the best since he didn’t want to disturb them. Aaron kept looking at them for a minute before laying in the grass for a quick nap.

Lieutenant Aaron Williams - CSO

As the good doctor and James talked ,spike crawled onto the Lt.s leg and curled up on him.


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