Deck 12, Cargo Bay 3- Main Sim

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in Deck 12, Cargo Bay 3- Main Sim

Posted by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) in Deck 12, Cargo Bay 3- Main Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in Deck 12, Cargo Bay 3- Main Sim
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Russo’s gaze snapped to Vesta. “Problem, Lieutenant?”

~Mischief Maker

Pilar squinted her eyes at Dr. Rahm and wondered if the Bajoran woman had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Dr. Rahm wanted to keep her immediate thoughts to herself for now.

“I can’t find my book,” Vesta groused, shoving the container back into its place. “A book about the Bajoran forced labor colony on Gallitep.”

She changed her tone, sweetened it up. “I doubt you’ve seen it. But I needed a copy for my studies.”

“Can’t say I have, but then again I wasn’t poking about your cargo,” the COO said.

She paused. “Can I help you with anything, Mr. Russo? I still have one more container to look over and I’ll be heading back to my office.”

She turned her back, eager to listen to what the pair had to say about this bomb or what kind of containment or trigger they were talking about. She opened another container with a thud.

-CMO Vesta Rahm

Pilar tapped Russo on the shoulder and said, “Why don’t we step outside a minute. I think sound has the potential to carry in the area.”

Halcyone, Counselor

Russo looked between the two women and stifled his amusement. “Sure,” he said, twirling his tricorder in his fingers and moving out into the corridor.

Vesta fumed as she dug through the container with the other half of her personal detritus–a ceramic vase she didn’t have room in her office for, a woven blanket made from peng wool from the Rota Province that was too itchy–but a present from her mother.

They’re avoiding me like I have the Bolian flu, she grumbled to herself. In a press board box full of other books, underneath a copy of an old Bajoran Journal of Psychology, she finally found it–the book she’d been looking for. Finally

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“What d’ya got to say that the good doc can’t hear?” Cameron said, his light brown eyes holding curiosity.

~Mischief Maker

Pilar sighed, “I hate to keep secrets. It is not my nature, however just until we know what we are dealing with it has to be so.” She took a deep breath and tried to remember where she’d left off, “We must figure out it there is a detonator onboard the station that can cause the destruction of a solar system. Do you have any suggestions on how we would locate a device like that?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Vesta closed her crates and walked toward the door. The pair–the counselor and Cameron–were talking in the corridor!

But she could barely hear them.

”-----g..d..doc can..t…hear-----,” a muffled man’s voice said.

Well,” Vesta thought. “I guess I’m not invited to their little… security party!” She stamped her feet in frustration.

”-----I hate-----,” a woman’s voice said. Then ““

Hate who? Me?” Vesta thought, incredulous. She shook her head.

Their voices were very faint now, but she thought she heard “destruction of a solar system!” She couldn’t take it anymore and burst through the door.

“I– I don’t care if you hate me, but if there’s something that could destroy a solar system around here, let me help! I was Bajoran Resistance, dammit!” she shouted–not in a mean way. Full of adrenaline, she slammed her book to the ground in a soft, not-at-all-aggressive -thwop-.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“Dr. Rahm!” Said Pilar in surprised but stern tone. She gave a frowned glanced at Russo and said, “Excuse us, Mr. Russo. I must interrupt our conversation to have a word with the Doctor.” She sharply step away from him and moved inside the Cargo Bay, motioning for Dr. Rahm to follow her by pointing to the entrance.

Vesta sheepishly picked up her copy of Terror in Gallitep and curtseyed at Russo, grimacing at Pilar’s back.

After they were inside and out of Russo’s site. Pilar’s green eyes were burning with aggravation. She said in a low tone but through clenched teeth. “What is going on with you? Were you listening to our conversation?”

Dr. Rahm opened her mouth.


Before the doctor answered, Pilar took a deep breath, this was not like her. She tried to think like a counselor and put herself in the doctor’s shoes. “First of all I don’t know what you heard.....” she sighed and said, “Do you really think I or Dr. Russo, who barely knows you, would say that we hate you?”

Vesta was just so overwhelmed with conflicting emotions–adrenaline and shame and mad curiosity and duty.

“I am on senior staff and why hasn’t anyone talked to me since we’ve landed here?” she hollered. “All this cloak and dagger. Can’t you just tell me what is going on?

She placed her index finger and her thumb in between her eyes as she continued to try to gather her composure. “There is something happening now. However I cannot share it with you…at the moment. I must try to do my diligence to investigate the situation before I am able to disclose it. Captain’s orders. It very well may not be anything significant. In any case, I dont think you can be much help right now. And if for a moment I thought you could, I would not hesitate to ask for your help.”

“Not much help! I was Resistance!” Vesta said. “Maybe I could stop myself from bursting in on every conversation I eavesdrop on–“

She paused as she stared at the woman for a moment, shook her head, looked at the ground, then she continued, “You are forcing me to do something I absolutely hate and that is to pull my rank and order you as your superior officer, not to interfere in the situation until it is brought to your attention. Do you understand?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Dr. Rahm’s face grew red. Her hip was just starting to hurt.

“I believe I understand,” she said sadly and turned toward the door with Russo on the other side. “Just send me back to Sickbay until I’m required.”

She walked with hunched shoulders wracked with theatrical sorrow–though she did feel hurt, she was also milking it a little.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

As Dr. Rahm walked away Pilar grimaced a little. The doctor did have a point. She was a very active member of the resistance and potentially possessed some valuable knowledge about explosives. “Dr. Rahm wait!” She quickly ran ahead of her and blocked her entrance from the Cargo Bay. “I want to recant what I said about you not being of any help right now. I do apologize. It seems I have forgotten about the time you served in the resistance. Therefore you would have useful knowledge about explosives, correct? Especially the kind that can decimate an entire solar system?”

Halcyone, Counselor

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