Ruminations - Halcyone pays Counselor Dar a visit

Posted Nov. 30, 2022, 12:17 p.m. by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) (Mika Jackson)

Pilar had not had the opportunity to visit with the new counselor since he had arrived on the Challenger. As she approached his office she suddenly had a longing for her old position and wondered if she’d made the right choice by giving it up. What she missed more than anything was the social aspect of the job and categorizing the personalities of everyone on the ship. It wasn’t like she could not do that now, but however she wouldn’t be able to do it to the capacity she had done before. When she finally reached Lieutenant Commander Dar’s office she rang the chime and waited for him to invite her in as it was no longer her space or place to enter at will.

Halcyone, Counselor

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