Sid Sim - Unpacking Boxes - Haroon's Quarters

Posted Dec. 1, 2022, 1:53 p.m. by Cadet George Haroon (Scientist) (Joshua M)

Posted by Cadet George Haroon (Scientist) in Sid Sim - Unpacking Boxes - Haroon’s Quarters
George Haroon walked into his quarters after a long day. He sighed as he replicated himself a cup of water. He still hadn’t unpacked anything in his quarters, but he was determined to start on it tonight. He took a sip, then set his cup down and grabbed a box. This was tedious work, but Haroon didn’t mind. He pulled out multiple different dishes he’d brought from home and put them in cupboards in his quarters.

Cadet George Haroon (Science)

The next box he grabbed was full of his spare uniforms. Great, he thought, because this uniform was the same one he’d worn every day when on duty since he got aboard. He started hanging them in his closet. He was hungry though. Maybe after unpacking this box he would go get something to eat.

Cadet George Haroon (Science)

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