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Posted by Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer) in CNS Office- Cadet Breker check in Psychological

Posted by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) in CNS Office- Cadet Breker check in Psychological
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Cadet Brecker looked up as she heard the chirp of the turboift ad it landed at her current floor. She nodded as the door opened. She quietly stepped out and quickly her eyes scanned the hall. She placed a hand to her lips and gentley bit down on her finger. Her face contorted a little as she was trying to recall information on the instructions she had been given. She turned on her heel down one of the corridors and proceeded to continue forward. Her eyes continued their motion as she continues forward, as they swept from side to side. When she came to a door she studdies the door for a second or two before she moved on. After a while she stoped at a door. She reached up and gently pressed on one of the buttons to announce her presence. Once she heard that she had permission to enter the cadet pushed another button to open the door and stepped inside of the room. Her eyes quickly scanned the room before they settled on the person in the room. “Cadet Brecker reporting for manditory psycological evaluation.” She said in a turse monotonous kind of way.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Pilar gave the cadet permission to enter. She couldn’t help but notice the terse and monotone voice in which the cadet announced her arrival. She studied the cadet for a moment to get a sense of body language which would effective help her steer the direction of the session. There wasn’t much personal info in the cadet’s profile and only minimal family information. Pilar gave her a warm smile as she stood from her desk and walked over to a small table accompanied by two chairs. “You must be Cadet Brecker and from the sound of your voice I take it you are not too fond of psychological evaluation or counselors or both?” She motioned with her hand for the cadet to have a seat in one of the chairs.

Halcyone, Counselor

Brecker chuckled softly her stiff posture loosened a bit. She seemed tense first, but is slowly eased up just a little bit. She quietly followed over to the table and took a seat before she spoke her face showing that she gave careful consideration to her answer. “To be honest ma’am I understand the necessity, but at the same time I dont see much of a point, even if it is a mere formality. If there was something wrong, then I wouldnt have made it to this point.” She adjusted herself in the seat. And gave a small smile. “I understand machines, people not so much. It’s nothing personal.” She placed a hand on her knee and looked the counselor in the eye.
-Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Ah…I see.” Said Pilar with slight smile. “First I will never take anything you say to me personally, but I will use it to determine a baseline of your personality and you overall emotional state.” Pilar joined the cadet at the table then said, “You said something interesting. If there was something wrong, then I wouldnt have made it to this point. Why do you that?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Brecker chuckled softly. “Every cadet is tested rigorously, given stressful situations and tasks that we may have to one day do. I’ve seen a few others crack under the pressure.” She said calmly her voice gave off a small warmth. “That’s all councilor.”
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Wouldn’t agree that getting that experience in the Academy is different than being on an Academy ship? Here, on this ship, you are going to encounter all those real-life situations they told you about in the Academy and you are going to have to apply the training you learned to get through some difficult situations.” One notable thing Pilar noticed about the cadet is that she seemed to be calmer than most of the other cadets who first entered her office and it was their first time on an academy ship. “You seem quite prepared, Cadet Brecker. Kind of like there is nothing that can surprise you. Do you mind sharing a little about yourself and your family?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Brecker gave a nod and then chuckled softly. “Of course, councilor. I grew up on an Antares class freighter privately owned mind you. The Dioportha. My father served as their chief engineer. I guess it’s just that I’m kind of use to the hustle and bustle of a ship, even if it wasn’t as busy, or as many people as the Challenger.” She paused a moment then gave a fond smile of remembrance. “He is good at his job and I learned quite a bit there. Though things are different… and much larger here. It will take some adjustment on my part before I am truly comfortable.” She pulled her right hand up and gently rubbed her index and middle fingers against the left cuff and her left wrist.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Pilar nodded and noted the fond smile when Kylie talked about her father. “You seem to be fond of your father and have decided to follow in his footsteps. I would like to hear more about him. What about your mother? What was your relationship like with her?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Brecker’s face turned a bit soured. “To be honest ma’am, respectfully I don’t know. My father never talked about her and I never heard anything from the other crewmates. It was like it was some dark secret or something.” She gave a small semi dark chuckle. “I could be some secret genetic experiment for all I know.” She then shook her head and made an attempt to lock eyes with the councilor. “Though I doubt that. I mean The Dioportha was… is.... a cargo freighter. That and If I’m not mistaken genetic experiments have been illegal for hundred of years.” She said rather seriously. It doesn’t seem that she takes infringement of laws, rules, or accords rather lightly. “I’m sorry councler, I have a habit of making a joke, but taking it all to seriously. Never know who may take what to be fact when it is something that would be obviously fictitious.”
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“No need to apologize about anything when you are in this space. I expect you to be yourself one hundred percent of the time.” Pilar tapped her PaDD to make some quick notes. There seem to be something unpleasant or bitter when she mentioned Kylie’s mother.
“So you don’t know your mother’s origins. Have you never had the curiosity to ask your father about her? Or is it that he has decided it is a topic not to be discussed? Also on that same note what makes you think there is a dark secret surrounding your mother? Was this reflected in the way your father or the crew on the Dioportha treated you?”

Halcyone, Counselor


Brecker shook her head. “No ma’am. I did at one time. But on ships like that while I may have had parents, generational ships like that, everyone feels like family blood or not. So I just didn’t ask. I figured they had a reason not to tell me.” She gave a small chuckle. “No, I was not mistreated or given some reason to think so. It was mostly just a joke.” She said defensively. Her body language tightens a bit subconsciously, showing a small tension.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineering)

Pilar noticed the tension in Kylie as she was trained to do. She personally did not think that the subject of her mother should be considered a joke. “Okay then, but before we move on I would urge you, when you are ready, of course, to consider getting your DNA analyzed. You may not care about your other biological half at this moment in your life, but later on I am sure this subject will resurface and where you once considered it a non issue will become a very real issue especially when you are older. It always does.”
Pilar herself was dealing with a similar struggle. To this day she sat here on the Challenger essentially an orphan, no idea who either one of her parents are…or were and no memory of them which bothered her the most. She only knew that one was Risian and the other was Argelian, through DNA analysis. She also guessed that they must have loved and cared for her up till the point she got separated from them on Agelius II because her Ferengi captor recorded in his ship manifesto that she was in good health and well taken care of, and wore high quality garments then estimated that she would pull in a great profit based on those. However if it was true they had cared for her, then why had they not answered the universal missing child alert for her?
“How are you getting along with with the other cadets? Have you made any friends?”

Halcyone, Counselor

OOC: I hate to do this… but I need to take some time from everything. I have had a very emotional day that may lasting impacts for a month or two.. it is at a time like this I wish I had the Vulcan ability to control emotion.
-D. Inman

OOC: Oh, I am sorry! Thank you so much for reaching out and letting me know. I hear you on the Vulcan emotions, sometimes I wish I had them too. Hopefully you are okay. We will miss you! Are you on Discord? If so just message us when you are ready to comeback.

The cadet gave a small nod in response. Her face easily showed her discomfort. She sat there for a moment seemingly to recollect herself. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, somewhat audibly. It seemed like a trained response, one designed to settle and calm the mind. “The other cadets are nice. I haven’t really interacted much with any of them outside of simulators… The Kobayashi Maru is particularly brutal.” She chuckled softly forcibly easing some of her own tension. “I’m curious though Dr. If I may, what do you think of the test?”

OOC: Welcome back! I have unbidden you from the roster.

IC: “I would encourage you to make at least one meaningful connection, while you are on this ship and before graduation.” She said while she punched notes into her PaDD.
Pilar laughed at the Kobayashi Maru question, because although she never attempted it personally, she had been asked to join the team of her colleague, Theodore Clark, now Captain T. Clark, who was confident he could pass it. Her job was to be the chief operations officer in the simulation, and needless to say they all failed miserably.
“I personally do not see the point of the test. I mean I know it’s purpose is to simulate real life fear responses to hypothetical situations one may face in real life while serving on a starship, however if you cannot beat the simulation then what’s the point, and also we should not train our officers to become numb to certain situations. It takes the humility out of the job.”

Halcyone, Counselor

Cadet Brecker brought a hand to her face, her fingers wrapped around her chin. Her face looked thoughtful. “I suppose, you are correct… however, I think it is also a boon to test the moral character of a potential captain… there are many decision of life and death that they must make. As I would assume you would know Dr., I see it as an excellent test to draw out who… or what… someone truly is. In one event any cadet who enters in knows that it is just a test sim. Every cadet also would know of the infamy of the test. I would wager that if anyone is taking it seriously once the main of the drama began… adrenaline would make it exceedingly difficult to remember that is just a test. But one can not safely replicate the scenario and it not be known that it is a test… it loses some of the impact I’m sure… however I still believe what I said a moment ago.” She paused for a moment still looking thoughtful. “Experience teaches us all lessons that can’t be replicated unfortunately. While situations may seem similar no two situations are exactly the same and thus each solution must be different.” She chuckled softly. “I will try to make a friend Dr. even if people confuse me at times.” She gave her a small smile almost as if it were trying to be a reassurance.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“I absolutely respect your opinion.” She said smiling. “Now, do you care to share how you did on the simulation? What did you personally think of the Kobayashi Maru after experiencing it?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Cadet Brecker’s face turned slightly darker, her smile slipped from her face at the question. “That’s… difficult to say. It does feel real. I was at the helm at the time. The acting captain was an Andorian cadet by the name of Shikhal. He did as well as one could.. it is difficult. Once I heard the automated distress call from the Kobayashi Maru… my heart quickened a bit… I guess I knew what was coming… and well never being face to face with a Klingon before… everyone hears the horror storries, of the Klingon… the boogymen… I knew it was a simulation, but fear is a natural instinct everyone experiences it. Some control it better than others. Shikhal had ordered us to try and run when the first bird of prey entered into the viewer. But… as soon as one arrives… their all there and you’re surrounded. Delta five… into Omega three… eventually we went into Delta sequence… no matter what… they targeted the starbord nacels. And within a few moments… well dead in space..” She sighed softly. “But that is what happens to everyone. It is frustrating.” She chuckled a little bit bitterly.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Did you go in with the expectation that no matter what you weren’t going to master the simulation…or did you have some hope that you would be only the second person to defeat the Klingons in the simulation?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Cadet Brecker blinked a moment then gave a small chuckle. “Not quite. I had forgotten that Admiral Kirk had been the only one to surpass the test… I wonder how… I would have liked to break through and win. But I unfortunately am a realist.. not an optimist or idealist. Just because a situation isn’t ideal… or hopeless… I won’t surrender my hope, even if I do see the situation realistically. However, my mind can see the options and points of both and my capacity for hope can lead me to strive for either, even if I do not believe in them… usually.” She explained softly.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Pilar laughed, tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. “Admiral Kirk passed it because technically he cheated, so the fact that he surpassed it is subjective.”
She placed her PaDD on her desk, then she placed her fingers on her chin. “Yes, I do think you are a realist. You seem to handle situations as they present themselves which I think will serve you well during you career in Starfleet. It is a quality that most officers who become Captains and Admirals have. You seem to handle pressure as well, a quality you learned from being raised on a frieghter I am guessing.”
She picked the PaDD back up then said, “Overall I think you will do well in Starfleet and I am ready to clear you for duty Cadet Breker.”

Halcyone, Counselor

Cadet Brecker nodded. She gave a smile. “Ah, that makes sense I suppose. But I suppose impossible situations demand ingenious solutions. I think that any answer that allows one to prevail… even if not one that would be looked upon highly, and saves lives would be one that would be preferable… the needs of the many and all.” A surprised look came over her face. “Me in command? That is the dream of many in the Academy. I suppose I would like that eventually. But I need to work my way up. And that will only take time.” She gave a chuckle then nodded. “Like many time when one is a few light cycles from a space port, out of components, and having to miracle something together… it was rough at times.” She then raises her hand offering it to the Counselor. “Thank you Dr. I look forward to my time on the Challenger.”
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

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