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Aaron thought a moment before nodding. “Keep it discreet Commander. I don’t want us to get wrapped up in a temporal investigation.”

Grabbing a chair, he pulled it over so he could sit down at the desk opposite of Henry. Aaron didn’t really want to push him to far, as distraught as he was there was no telling what might happen if he pushed to hard. But there was also information that he needed to know if he was going to make sure that the Challenger got through this.

“I know this will be tough, but I need you to talk me through what exactly happened again. There might be a detail you didn’t think of before that might be the key to us getting through this in one piece.

“So when you are ready, I want you to take a couple of deep breaths. Breathe in for 10 seconds, hold it for 10 seconds, and then breathe out for 10 seconds. Close your eyes, and use the steady rhythm of your breathing help calm your mind.”

Aaron had seen more then enough panicked cadets during his time that he had picked up a few tricks when it came to helping to calm them.

Capt Foley - CO

In a response quite unknown to Henry and to any who knew him, he snapped, “I train breathing exercises into people, Foley. I know.” He had felt almost patronized, but quickly realized that was not the case. A hazy look crossed his face, his eyes briefly glazing over. “I… sorry, sir.” He began to breathe in and out, steadily, a bit raggedly, but it helped.

Aaron wasn’t going to hold the outburst against him, this time. He knew this wouldn’t be easy to the best of them.

Opening his eyes again, Rodier finally responded. “I’ve gone through everything I can think of - nothing. Truly, I can’t fathom any solution other than my avoiding the station entirely. But… I just wish there were some way to know why. And what’s to say I won’t do something else in the future? What’s so special about now, here?”

~ Henry Rodier - CoS

“That’s what we need to figure out. And it does complicate things that you were told that you shouldn’t dig into it either. And we aren’t exactly in a position to leave Jupiter Station any earlier. We still need the refit, and Command is going to want to know more then just that someone from the future said we had to leave.

“Did you have any specific plans while we were here at the Station? Or perhaps something in the very near future?”

Aaron was running out of ideas on what else they could even try. The last thing he wanted to do was to have Henry just cool his heels on the Challenger for however long they were at the station.

Capt Foley - CO

“I… I suppose so. I was planning on checking out the refit with the ship’s security chief, I heard there was a new phaser beam pulse combination that could have some tactical implications.” His eyes lit up. “Do… do you think that’s it? Only other things I had planned were maybe dropping by Earth to visit family.”

~ Henry Rodier - CoS

Aaron thought about it for a moment. “Not likely. Even if the tech was something so secret that we didn’t want people to know about it, we are pretty deep within Federation territory to worry about external threats here. And I don’t think your trip back to Earth would be the cause either. Or your future self would have warned you not to leave the ship.”

“How much do you think we can push the idea of not digging into the matter?”

Capt Foley - CO

“I’d prefer not to push it at all, sir. You and the ship can go about your business, though. I didn’t hear anything about that. I just don’t know what to do with myself until then.”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Well first thing I need you to do is to take a bit of time to get yourself back together. I know this has you spooked, and I’ll freely admit that I’d be spooked if I was in your shoes. But it will only make people ask more questions if they see you constantly looking over your shoulder as if something was going to jump out at you. Which may only push you more towards inadvertently digging into what is going on here. Does that make sense?

Henry listened intently, leaning forward toward Foley. “Yes. Yes, I’ll do my best. I’ll do my best.” He was clearly still caught up in personal thoughts, his eyes working side to side. “No digging. Makes sense.”

“After that, I want you to give the ship a top to bottom full security review. Make sure that there are no backdoors in our systems, there isn’t a loophole that someone is slipping through, that sort of full review. Even if we don’t know what might happen, the least we can do is make sure that the Challenger is in tip top shape to meet whatever it is.”

Capt Foley - CO

Rodier brought himself up, back straightening, eyes refocusing. “Aye. I’ll get on it. Anything else I can do for now, sir?” Work had always been the man’s solace, so to have an ordered task was surprisingly relieving for him.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Only if you think of anything else, or come up with anything in your review, let me know right away.

“Now Lieutenant,” Aaron said standing up. “Is there anything I can do for you at this moment?”

Capt Foley - CO

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