Alt timeline Captain quarters

Posted Dec. 2, 2022, 8:23 p.m. by Cadet James black (Engineer) (Jeremy Snyder)

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Posted by Cadet James black (Engineer) in Alt timeline Captain quarters

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Cadet black was ever so quite, he left a canvas next to the door.
But spike climbed out of his pocket, and was on floor. James spoke out loud “ hewu” (damn)

Cadet James black engineering

“Hey kid,” a crewman said as he walked up the hall towards where James was standing. He had a bottle of some sort of cleaner in one hand, and a rag in the other. “I wouldn’t just leave that there if I was you.”

NE Cleanup
“Okay thanks a lot “James picked up the painting rang the chime,and stood attention.

Cadet James black engineering

NE Cleanup just chuckled as he shook his head, and continued down the hallway. He could always tell the fresh ones.


Aaron looked up from his desk where he was working on the never ending paperwork. This time it was signing off on the latest requisition requests.

“Come in!” he called from his desk before signing off on the latest request and moving the PaDD to the side.

Capt Foley - CO

James did a quick tug on his uniform before walking in ,then entered the room snapped to attention “ sorry to disturb you sir. ,I have a gift for the challenger”. held up the painting and then gave it to the captain.” I didn’t want anything to happen to it. Looking around the room, he tried to take it all in.

Cadet James black engineering

James wouldn’t see many decorations around the room. Having been on enough deep space assignments, and maybe a little bit of hope that he would one day be able to return to a posting at Earth, Aaron traveled light. There were a few knick knacks on the sill of the viewport behind his desk. The biggest thing to stand out was the display on the wall was taken up by an image of some sort of nebula, and there were a number of PADDs strewn about in front of the display.

“Relax Cadet,” Aaron said as he looked up and took the offered painting. “Did you pain this yourself?”

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Capt Foley - CO

“ Aye Captain, painting is a hobby of mine. I made this as a gift to the ship. Apologies for disturbing you sir, I just finished it.

Cadet James black engineer

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