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Posted by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) in Alt timeline 9 forward

Posted by Cadet James black (Engineer) in Alt timeline 9 forward

Posted by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) in Alt timeline 9 forward
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“An Earth Creation Mythology?” Pilar asked as took another sip of her drink. “It amazes me the emphasis that Earthlings, I hope that term is okay to use, based on their Mythology, place on the significance of males. Women are always the cause that lead to destruction. I think that is why I liked the idea of my daughter having a male hero name. I wanted to envision the story of Perseus from a different perspective, the one in which the woman is the hero.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“ In a manner of sense, I take no offense counselor. I like the idea of A female hero, I have another story for you. There was once a Zulu girl whose mother had died, and whose stepmother was very cruel to her.

One day, when she was crying at her mother’s grave, she saw that the earth of the grave have parted and a stalk start to grow out, which grew into a sapling and soon into a tree.

The wind rustled its leaves and the tree whispered to the girl, telling her that her mother was near and that she should eat the fruits of the tree. The girl did and the fruits were very tasty and made her feel much better.

This happened every day from then on, but as soon as the cruel step-mother discovered what was happening, she went to her husband, the girl’s father, and insisted that he had the tree cut down.

The tree lay withering and the girl wept on its maimed trunk for a long time, until she heard a whisper and saw a lump growing up from the trunk. It grew and grew until it was a pumpkin.

There was a hole in it, from which leaked a trickle of juice. The girl licked up a few drops and found them very nourishing, but again her stepmother soon found out and, one dark night, cut the pumpkin off and threw it on the dung heap.

The next day, the girl wept and wept until she heard a trickling sound and saw a little stream, which whispered, ‘Drink me, drink me!’ She did, and felt much refreshed, but now the step-mother made the girl’s father throw sand in the stream and bury it.

The girl went back to the grave where she cried and cried.

She had been sitting there a long time when a man appeared from the bush.

He saw the dead tree and decided it was just what he needed to make a bow and arrows, for he was a hunter.

He talked to the girl, who told him that the tree had once grown on her mother’s grave.

He liked her and decided to go to her father and ask for her hand in marriage.

The father consented on condition that the hunter killed a dozen buffalo for the wedding feast.

The hunter had never killed more than one buffalo at a time - that was difficult enough.

But this time, taking his new bow and arrows, he had not been in the bush long when he saw a herd of a dozen buffalo resting in the shade.

Setting one of his new arrows to his bow, he let fly. The first buffalo sank down dead. And the second, and the third. An hour later the hunter came back to tell the father to send men to bring the meat to the village.

There was a big feast, when the hunter married the poor girl who had lost her mother.

For it is said: It does not matter how hard the day, or dark the time. It all will pass, if you belief in the spirit in the tree.

Pilar smiled and said, “I really liked that story…even though again it’s a girl that needed saving, but that story reminds me of my story. And the lesson…it resonates.”

How long have you been in Starfleet ma’am, may I get you a tea ? “he smiled as took out his tricorder, placed it on the bar. snapped his finger and smiled at her,as spike slowly pushed it closer to cadet smith.
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Cadet James black engineering

She shook her no at the offer of tea, “Oh gosh,” said Pilar, now she had to try to calculate her age in Earth years, “I am about…33 years old. I joined the Academy at 17, but didn’t graduate till I was 22.” She paused then said, “Had a kid in my second year. Took a year break, went back to finish, and had another one just before I graduated. So if you count my Academy time, I have been in Starfleet for about 16 years.” She shrugged “I started out as yeoman, it was easy and not too demanding but boring. I took a three year leave when I had my last child and during time I went back to the Academy, studied counseling and coping techniques then decided I should become a certified Starfleet Counselor…and here I am, on the Challenger. What about you Mr. Black are you married, do you have children?”

Halcyone, Counselor

Impressive indeed ma’am , I was married but she was killed by a mugger holding a reman dagger. Undoubtedly a smuggled weapon ,unfortunately have no kids. I have one for you to see it’s my newest work I hope you like it?

Cadet James black engineering

Pilar just looked at James. There were no words she could form quick enough to acknowledge his loss. She did briefly look at the artwork then she said to him. “That’s terrible. A mugger? On your planet? I thought crimes such as those were rare.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“Unfortunately ma’am she was a victim,” James looked uneasy . It was clear that he lost his world her! “ It’s one reason that I paint Pilar, because I miss her so much. She use to sing so beautifully, but I cannot bring her back. I’ve excepted that counselor, when I am on duty can I leave spike in the Arboretum?”

“I am sorry. Didn’t mean to pry. It’s just that when I hear of terrible things like that happening, it shocks me. I hope they were able to catch the perpetrator and hold him accountable.” She paused, “I am sure Spike will be fine in the Arboretum. He shouldn’t try to eat any of the plants though, I am not sure if any are poisonous to his species.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“I don’t mind you asking Pilar, he got caught it took two years finally. I will feed him first as long as doesn’t find a small frog.” James laughed.
I think he’d run away for a sack of them. So did you known spike loves cooked chicken, scrambled eggs, melons, strawberries, peaches, other soft fruits, peas, cooked carrots, green beans, cooked sweet potato, tomatoes.?”

Cadet James black engineering

“I am glad he was caught. Spike has quite the appetite. How does he do with replicated food?.Aren’t you afraid he will get lost in there? Do you have a gesture or a special word as an indicator for him to return to you?”

Halcyone, Counselor

“So far he does okay with it I have a stash of can cat ,and Dog food i brought him he doesn’t eat,replicators insects I can’t blame him” james laughed,” yes he knows the sound of my snap Pilar, he learns fast why don’t you try?”

Cadet James black engineering

“No that’s okay, else I might be tempted to keep him because he is super adorable.” She petted spike one last time before she stood. “I guess I will be seeing in my office soon? Fell free to bring Spike too.”

Halcyone, Counselor

“Okay yes we will be there soon Pilar , I am going to go to paint Take care.”

Cadet James black engineering

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