Side Simm-Arrival of new antimatter pods (tag cadet Brecker)

Posted Dec. 5, 2022, 6:18 p.m. by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) (Mason Marcy)

Posted by Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer) in Side Simm-Arrival of new antimatter pods (tag cadet Brecker)

Posted by Lieutenant Alex Sheridan (Chief Engineer) in Side Simm-Arrival of new antimatter pods (tag cadet Brecker)

Posted by Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer) in Side Simm-Arrival of new antimatter pods (tag cadet Brecker)
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=/\=Sheridan to Brecker, the new antimatter pods and their associated systems have arrived and are ready to be installed, grab a kit and meet me on deck 12, cargo bay three=/\=
Alex walked trough the large double doors, two engineers from the station were chatting each other and stopped when they saw Sheridan.
“Sir” they both said simultaneously, snapping to attention
“at ease” Sheridan responded disposing with the completely unnecessary formality.
“the new antimatter storage pods are outside and waiting to be installed” one of the ensigns said gesturing over his shoulder toward the large hangar door outside the cargo bay
“Thanks. you can go, I’ll take it from here.”

OOC: There are some important things here. I don’t know how much of the players handbook or engineering course you have read trough, so I will briefly summarize. First when using your commbadge use the symbol =/\= or =^= instead of quotes, and then depending on the context you should post what’s called a crosspost in the location you are talking to. second, I like to differentiate, especially the speech, between main players and NE’s (nameless ensigns), I do this by italicizing the speech of the NE’s. so learn how to style your post there is a link in the write post page that you should definetly look at about styling your post, its not hard at all and the payoff, I think, is well worth it.

  • Lt. Alex Sheridan

Brecker quietly tapped on the PADD she was worked with checking some data on the plasma injectors as she kept an eye on their output to make sure that their levels remained nominal. She listened to the comm from the Lt. and a smile broke out on her face. She headed over to the equipment storage area of Main Engineering and quietly put the PADD away.
=^=Acknowledged Sir. I will be there momentarily.=^=
She grabbed one of the square toolkits and tucked it under her arm before she resealed the equipment storage. Turning on her heel she did an about face and with quiet speedy purpose exited out of the compartment. She nodded as she quickly passed by a few crewmates in the halls on her way to the turbo lift. Quietly she entered the turbolift. “Deck 12” She said as soon as the door had closed and then swayed a little bit as the lift activated and was taking her down to her announced deck. Once she arrived she quietly exits out of the turbolift and looks around. She pulled out another PADD and looked at it with a thoughtful look. She gives a small nod and turned before headding off. After she wandered a bit she eventually found her way into Cargo Hold 3. Quietly she nodded to Lt. Sheridan as she walked over to where he is. “Always nice to have a restock on materials.” She said in a slight jovial tone.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Definetly.” Alex responded. “now since you are new I want to see what you know about ship systems starting with the warp propulsion systems, we’ve got 4 new antimatter tanks over there waiting for installation”, he continued, gesturing toward the pallets with the storage pods, “so, cadet, what’s the proper installation procedure?”

OOC: again, feel free to come up with some technobabble describing the process and if there is a problem, Ill let you know

  • Lt. Sheridan

OOC: I hate to do this… but I need to take some time from everything. I have had a very emotional day that may lasting impacts for a month or two.. it is at a time like this I wish I had the Vulcan ability to control emotion. I will post up LoA status.
-D. Inman

OOC: No worries at all, we’ve all been in a position where IRL stuff gets in the way, take the time you need and just let us know when you are ready to come back.

  • Mason

Cadet Brecker pulled out her PADD and checked the data against which pods were ready to be replaced. She looked up from the PADD to the Lt. “Well first we would need to inspect the pods to make sure that they are in proper functioning order… especially the self containing magnetic field… are up to spec. Then we should check the maintence schedule to see which pods that are being needed to be replaced. Once we find that out then we need to decouple the pod from the manifold, then disengage the clamps that hold them into place, and remove them from the seating. The trick is getting the antimatter from one pod to the other if it would still have any fuel left in it… I suppose a Micro Resonator paired with a Magnetic Probe could be used to create an electromagnetic tube that one could safely transfer the antimatter from one pod to the other… Then place the new pod into the setting, clam it back into place… and then use a Optronic Coupler to recouple the pod to the manifold… Make sure that the pod is secure and the antimatter isn’t going anywhere… and I would believe that that would be the proper procedure.” She says thinking, all the while she continued to search the records and maintence logs for the pods to be replaced.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineering)

“You got it, now I want you to lead the procedure like you are the chief engineer. The only way you’ll get better is with experience.” Taking Brecker’s assignment PADD he swapped with her, handing her the master interface PADD. “where do we begin chief?”

  • Lt. Sheridan.

Cadet Brecker blinked once, then twice as she had not expected that. She slowly grasps the PADD as she absorbed the situation. “Yes… sir.” She said slowly. She sets down her kit onto a cargo crate nearby. “Well… we need to get them out of the containers and inspect them with a Magnetic Probe and a tricoder.” She said picking up speed and confidence in being suddenly given the lead. She then taps on the PADD and searches the records. “After that… it’s pod… one… four.... twelve.... and twenty three.” She opens up the kit and searches through the tools before pulling out the tricoder and magnetic probe. “I’ll check the internal magnetic containment field, while you scan them and make sure they are sufficiently built… and working.” She said with a bit unsure of herself as she offers the tricoder over to the Lt.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Eyeing the cadet suspiciously, Sheridan carefully took the tricorder from Kylie. “You make sure you get this right” he said bluntly, making a gesture indicating to her that he would be watching, before disappearing behind one of the 15-foot tall pods.
Beginning work Sheridan couldn’t help but wonder if he had made a mistake letting the girl lead the operation-she sounded unsure of herself and that could lead to second guessing and then mistakes.
Hoping she wouldn’t inadvertently blow something up Sheridan mumbled under his breath once she was out of earshot, “guess I’ll just have to check her work when we’re done.”

  • Lt. Sheridan, CE

Cadet Brecker nodded while Lt. Sheridan was in sight. “By the book.” She said loud for him to hear before he moved. Once he was out of sight she tightened the grip on the magnetic probe. She grumbled softly to herself once the Lt. had moved to the other side of the containment crate and out of range to hear her gripe at herself about how she showed uncertainty. She moved to the first crate herself. “I’m undoing the containment.” She called out and tapped a code into a keypad on the crate. She waited on the crate to open, the sides retracted and folded down into the base plate as the crate became a pallet. She looked at the new pod in awe. Swiftly she moved to an access port on the side of the containment and gently pried it open. She gently worked on a panel and powered the pod up. After she did so, slowly she then starts to check the internal electromagnetic field with the probe, circling around the pod looking at the readings with the PADD. Her face shows her concentration, and her determination. She could not and would not screw this up.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

His blunt attitude seemed to be having the desired effect, Kylie seemed more confident, it was evident by the way she went about her work that she wanted to do it right, just to prove him wrong. Still a little worried though, he kept a close eye on her as she finished. He hoped she would get it right but he kept the blunt attitude.

  • Lt. Sheridan

After a few more minutes she had finished the task of checking the connections and the internal magnetic field. She nodded and grinned as she called out to the Lt. “Seems this one is good at least as far as it’s electronics, and the magnetic containment goes.” Her voice carried a slight jovial tone to it, as if she were happy and relishing to do manual labor.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Finished Alex approached Kylie “Good, that means you can move on and I can check your work,” he said coldly, pointing at the next one. “I’ll deal with getting it installed now.”
Alex rollied his eyes as he turned to face the pod, this was going to be a long afternoon…

  • Lt. Sheridan

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