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James walked into the holodeck =^= computer run program 219 b =^= the room transformation turned it into Cape Agulhas. This is the southernmost tip of Africa, said to be where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. In fact, it’s here, slightly offshore, that two coastal currents meet, currents that determine the different coastal climates , and a perfect place to fish.

Cadet James black engineering
Brecker stood beside James. She looked somewhat interested as he named the program. But she didn’t say anything until they both entered into the holodeck. Her face showed shock and awe as she saw the scene. There is a sparkle in her eyes as she looks around as she took in the scenery. “My my… this is quite gorgeous. I was dubious when you described it… then again really all I’ve known is bulkheads and corridors… and… spaceships…” She said slowing each word down realizing how sad it must have seemed how sheltered she must have looked. She rubbed the back of her head, she tousled her own hair in the process. “Anyway… so you had mentioned fishing with spears? I’ve never handled one… or been fishing… so… I’ll have to learn.” Her face turned red a little bit embarrassed that she had to admit that she had no experience with what she had been told that they were planning on doing.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“ it is breathtakingly majestic isn’t, now here is your spear first you must hit a coconut”. James placed one onto the rock,as replicated wind blew the waves crashing into the shoreline . “Now here hold it like this, keep the tip sideways, you want to hold it inline with your eye arm in a L throw it smooth try to keep.your arm straight movement it takes practice. Remember to throw it, when your arm is like 1 foot away forward motion “.

Cadet James black engineer

Brecker nodded as she watched him carefuly. She watches his grip, stance, and action. Her face twisted as she was lost deep in thought. She took the spear and her grip tightened, her bronze skin around the joints in her fingers, and her knuckles whitened, her grip very tight. If James were paying attention, when she went to throw the spear at the coconut, it was bound to do small abrasive damage to her hand due to the tightness of her grip. She rares her arm back preparing to throw the spear, taking aim at the coconut.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (engineer)

“ Stop Kylie! Try holding the spear like throwing a dart,look beyond the spear. Try that lightly grip the spear let your mind calm,feel the breeze compensate for your throw.”

Cadet James black engineer

She stopped blinking as his sudden yell had broken her out of the deep thoughts she was in. She blinked then looked sheepish as she adjusted her grip as instructed. She held it looser this time. As she slowly took aim and threw it at the coconut, her first throw had sent the spear into the rock right beside the coconut, though a scratch from the cutting edge of the spear could be seen in the shell of the coconut, as it had lightly grazed it’s side.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“ Your doing great”, he got behind her. “If I may “ he used his foot to adjust her feet, moved her hand to get a better aim. He then tried to get her into a better stance, “=^=computer run calm water delta 379 =^= now throw ahead of the fish Kylie. James believed in her.

Cadet James black engineer

Ooc remember unless you make the sim, you can say you’re doing something but can’t say what happens. Example you throw the spear at a fish I type what happens next. Just like a scan a repair a phaser in a sim you can’t type what happened unless you made it.

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