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IC: The grand ball room was little more than a mess hall for fifty or so people at any given time. Starfleet grey walls with large windows looking out into the vastness of space to give the room a larger feeling than it actually was. A replicator was installed into one wall, the other As the station slowly rotated, the view would change from the crumbling Romulan empire, the Azure nebula just inside the Klingon boarders, and the occasional patrol from the Pioneer fleet, or supply ship to the Infinite fleet.

At the front of the hall was that confounding box, locked up tight, and transported by the finest cadets in the fleet. Natasha milled about the “front” of the room near the box where a podium had been erected for the commander to address the crew of the Challenger. She had opted to wear the white coat and black slacks of her dress uniform, as ordered by Jackson, before the Challenger’s arrival and looking quite proud of herself for all the work she had put into this little get together: namely moving the chairs into rows for people to sit in.

GM Wombat

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Korczak had ensured that all was in order on board the ship before departing and making his way to the Mess Hall. He wanted to get there early in order to make sure that there was someone present to mediate, should the need arise. He knew that some of the Challenger crew might have some feelings of resentment for being ordered to transport a unknown object within the confines of the ship; an object that someone had gone to great lengths to keep secret. And if he was being honest with himself, he would share some of those feelings.

The Challenger was an Academy ship. It was staffed mostly by Cadets. If their first ‘mission’ outside of the Academy was to run some kind of ridiculous errand for the higher-ups, then Korczak knew more than a few would begin the process of becoming disillusioned with Starfleet. On the other side of things, if the object turned out to be some kind of classified equipment or a potential hazard to the crew, then the Captain should have been included on what it is… at least in Korczak’s opinion. An opinion he kept firmly to himself as he walked in and, spying the only other occupant of the room, smiled and said “Hello. Lieutenant Commander Korczak, USS Challenger. And you would be…?” he asked in a friendly and warm manner.

Korczak, CNS

“Lieutenant Natasha Ivanov,” the woman reported to Korczak with a warm and friendly grin. “I am so grateful you all were able to bring us… well you will see. But trust me when I say at least part of it was critical to our mission here. We would be quite crippled if you had gotten waylaid coming out here.”

Coming in slightly after the CNS was Felix, dressed in Starfleet Formal, however being new to the Challenger and as yet not setting foot on board, he moved a little to one side where he could lean casually on the wall, and divide his attention between the Challenger visible outside the mess hall window, and watching the crew as they entered.

Captain Rhodes, CO

Dressed formally, which was quite uncommon for the doctor who much preferred the mobility of their standard medical wear, Obiah arrived into the mess hall, studying the exits of the room, along with the people who had begun to congregate within the hall. Catching sight of the newly appointed Commanding Officer, Obiah inclined their head, a notion of respect and acknowledgment to his presence within the room. “Good day, Captain.” They greeted, pausing a moment in order to do so.

Lt. Torrirs

“Good day, Lieutenant Torrirs. It’s good to see the Challenger made it out here.” Felix answered with a nod and a grin in return at the Chief Medical Officer, although making no movement to refrain from leaning against the wall. That small action, the use of the Trill Officers name serving to show that he was a Captain who had done his homework on his crew.

Torrirs was impressed by his knowledge of their name. “You have done your research, Captain.” They teased, shaking their head in something almost comparable to amusement.

Lt. Gordon limped into the ball room dressed in his formal attire. He looked around the room and, saw a couple of the senior staff, walked/limped over to them. He took noticed of a Captain leaning against a wall, looking out at the challenger. He knew that a new captain was coming on board and put two and two together. He decided to approach the Captain.

“Greetings Captain.” Gordon stated as he approached. “Lt. John Gordon, Chief Engineer of the Challenger.”

Felix moved his attention from the CMO to the Chief Engineer, noting that even without the introduction the limp and scars on his face would have indicated that the man was, from his file, the ships Chief Engineer. “Lieutenant Gordon” he nodded in return, still with the same smile he had offered Torrirs, “welcome to the station. I trust that rather soon, you all shall have the answers to the question that seems to have been on every bodies mind on this trip.”

Cadet Starr arrived glancing around the room. This was the first time he had to pull out his formal cadet wear, and he was also checking exits. He was concerned about the device they had all gathered here to obviously talk about, and he looked around the room, nodding to people he recognised on the ship, and noticing a few people he didn’t recognise. He walked over to the replicator and picked up some cold water, then found a place to sit and kept an eye on that box that he hadn’t trusted from the moment he was told about it.

Cadet Simon Starr, Security

Korczak made his way to the Cadet and stood off to the side from where he was seated. “Hello, Cadet. I trust you find everything in order?” he asked in his oddly accented fashion. “Tell me… what do you think may be the object we are transporting? I know there was some… issue… with examining it on board.”

Korczak, CNS

“Hi sir, everything is fine so far, apart from that object” Starr began. “I don’t like it, I’m in security and it’s my job to know things, I mean, as it’s from Starfleet, I’m hoping it’s nothing dangerous. It goes against all the training I had at the academy though,” he reflected “I also am aware of the issues that science and engineering had with this thing.” he finished, glancing over at the mysterious object with a suspicious eye once more.

Cadet Simon Starr, Security

Korczak smiled and said “Glad to hear it, Cadet. You have done well with your time on the Challenger. I hope you continue to show such ability once you are in the Fleet proper. Excuse me, if you will.” Korczak said and moved over to the Captain and took a spot on the wall near him.

About then the station commander had rolled in with his bright white jacket stretched far too tightly against his girth. Jackson looked more akin to Santa Claus than a seasoned military veteran, having a jovial air about him. After having walked to the front of the room he looked at the box and ran his finger over the material, laughing to himself. “That old dog. Say what you will about the man he sure knows how to treat cadets…”

GM Wombat

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GM Wombat

-Gordon, CE

“Well now, this should get interesting” Felix said, and turned himself around to take more notice of the proceedings and noting those who had arrived. “How about you take your seats with your Cadets, and lets see what the man has to say for himself.”

Captain Rhodes, CO

Korczak stood near but away from the Captain, looking out over the crowd as they began to assemble. “Captain.” was all the bespectacled and plain looking man said, but there was a slight smile and nod of greeting.

Korczak, CNS

Nijix walked in. She wore the traditional starfleet uniform for official occasions, the shape tailored to give her a snug fit and give her more mobility. She could never tolerate dresses as their open bottom felt unnatural whenever they entangled around her legs. It didn’t help she became self aware that one wrong move might result in negative aftermath.

Her eyes studied the others interacting. Their body language and expression revealed a lot as she continued inward, finally finding her seat. When Jackson arrived, it was difficult not to shoot a unpleased glare in his direction. Still what was done, was done. Casually she found her place before anything else. She had been mostly on her feet, the minor break allowed her to sooth her stomach butterflies and collect herself for presentation. She could retain this air of confidence until her nerves settled down.

-Lt. Nijix Tavium, CoS

Max was, for the first time since his arrival, doing something work related that didn’t involve a labcoat or tending to the various injuries and boarding physicals in sickbay. He had departed the Challenger with a gaggle of eager cadets with whom he was only casually acquainted. Max was less used to the formal uniform. Though he wore it with pride. Few physicians knew the excitement of becoming both a doctor and an officer at almost the same time. His medical career and his starfleet career were, in that way, inextricably linked.

He walked into the ball room. He knew little of the mission, to be honest, having kept his head in sickbay trying to adsorb as much as his CMO was able and willing to teach him. But even he was curious about this box.

Cadet Woolley, Medical

“Woolley,” Having migrated from their position previously aside the Captain, Torrirs found themself standing not far from the young doctor, who they had become accustomed to. Adjusting the base of their uniform, as to alleviate even the smallest of wrinkles, inhibiting further ones at the first sign, they shifted their gaze to Max. “I trust you are doing well?” It had been only a minute time since they had last seen him, but they didn’t bother to concern that in their words.

Silently, Torrirs’ gaze drifted about the ballroom, studying the design, or any patterns that may have washed across the floor or walls, in effort of decoration. Still, however, they remained open to listen to what the Cadet had to say.

Max finally was able to get away from the Challenger, he had been taking care of some last minute paperwork. Ever since they had arrived, he had been informed that they were getting a new CO, and every time that happened, there was even more paperwork to submit for the mission. But with that aside, he was able to break away for this meeting.

Stepping into the mess hall Max tugged his dress uniform back into place. Looking around at the crew that had been assembled, it looked like everyone was there. Walking around the side of the room, he made his way to the back to wait and see what was finally in that box.

Cmdr. Harkness - XO

Lt. Torrirs

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Catt new the moment she entered the mess hall that she was late. She was all to aware of people looking at her. The speaker at the podium even paised right at the moment of her entry ctestong one of those awkward silences where any noise Carries. So of course with her first day jitters she would fumble her padd and it would clatter. Noisily. She imagined everyone must be looking at her now. In bending to recover her padd she of course managed to kick it away from herself.

“MEWL”, she vocalized in her distress as she chased after the padd and tried to scoop it up and find a seat to hide in at the same time.
Her uniform didn’t help her much on the hiding part as the older tunic jacket and trousers uniform she wore because spandex overalls just looked awful when worn over fur. She stuck out like a polidactile dew claw.

Having seated herself quickly she padd back in paw Tried to sink into her seat and fade into nothing.

Maybe nobody noticed she though fairly sure they had.

Cadet Catt Bennet. Sciences.

Janusz took note of the assemblage and was about to take his seat when he saw the Cadet enter in her dramatic and attention-grabbing fashion. He watched as the PaDD fell, was kicked across the deck, and then retrieved by the white-furred figure. He then saw the tell-tale signs of self-consciousness and embarrassment. He slowly made his way around the room, nodding and saying hello to various people from the ship and the station. After several moments Janusz, allowing things to settle down and conversation to return to normal and such, took a chair at the adjacent table from the feline-esque Cadet.

Korczak was an unremarkable figure, easily lost in a crowd. His nondescript features were accompanied by plain brown eyes and eyes and hair that was cut somewhat plain as well. The only things that would garner any sort of attention in this setting were the wire rimmed glasses setting on his nose and the Lieutenant Commander pips on the collar of his blue dress uniform.

Without looking at Bennet, he said in an oddly accented voice “I do hate when that happens. I have recommended to the Admiralty that those things come equipped with velcro, but they simply won’t listen to me.” His voice was low so as to keep the conversation between the two of them, and his tone was friendly and joking.

Korczak, CNS

Catt was just starting to calm herself when the Commander spoke. She couldn’t tell if the wire frames on his face were cosmetic or had a function. She manipulated her padd as she replied softly.
And she hesitated as a definition of velcro came up on her padd.

"That would catch in my fur and soon be useless becauses of shed fur getting stuck to it in my case. ", she replied totally missing the fact that he was joking. "The padd is a standard Starfleet issue and has the magnetic attachment feature.",

And she paused as she realised she was explaining something he knew already and flicking her ear uncomfortable she fought the urge to groom her fur as fussing like that was impolite as was the display she had made of herself on entry for that matter.
“Its just that I can not use the magnetic feature as it causes.” And she turned on the magnetic field and her fur immediately puffed out as if she was on a zero gee environment.
She sighed and turned off the field.
“My fur is longer and reacts to such fields. So engineering training was a nightmare.”.
“Never met a Caitian with this problem. I’m told it’s a result of toxic exposure when I was a kit. The long fur is a truly of overly enthusiastic medical efforts to repair the patchy and melted fur I suffered as a result of the toxin.”
Catt looked at the commander suddenly aware she was over sharing.
“Mrrr… sorry. I am a host of embarrassments. It was not my intent to be offensive.”,
She touched herself on the ear with a pop and the ear flattening defensively in reaction to the static shock. but the charge the field had built up collapsed and her fur settled down enough to allow it to be smoothed into place.

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Cadet Catt Bennet.

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Korczak turned to look at her as she spoke, listening and observing. Once the calm had somewhat restored to her voice, he leaned over a little and said “Cadet, you really must learn to relax a bit at these kind of things. You have a long career ahead of you. It wouldn’t do to get so worked up over something as trivial as a PaDD falling to the floor. It’s going to happen.” he said with a smile and leaned back a bit and added “Gravity has that effect on things. But I’m sure we can discuss it when you come to see me during your check-in on the ship. That’s why I’m there, after all. But for now, deep breath Cadet. Take a second to compose yourself. This is simply a moment in time. And I honestly think most here are too preoccupied with putting in face time with the Station Command staff and the new Captain to have paid much attention to your entrance. I wouldn’t worry about it at all. You are going to be just fine, I think.”

Korczak, CNS

Catt flicked an ear at the commander, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She wrapped her tail around her chair leg tightly to keep it from betraying her again. She wasn’t sure she would be alright. But she wasn’t going to insult the commander by looking like she doubted his statement. But this time it was her left ear that betrayed her inner turmoil. It flickered from upright to flat in a nervious tic that all her training in body language could not suppress. This lack of control. These overly emotional outbursts. It was why she wasn’t on the diplomatic division like most Caitians. It was why she was posted alone on the Challenger. Well not alone but without another Caitian for support and comfort. But all that wasn’t something she could Express to an alien. She made her best effort to be attentive and chipper, but she knew she was broadcasting distress like a beacon. If.. If there was any other Caitian to notice. But then if there were that would be worse.

“Feral.” She said softly, involuntarily as she expressed what truly bothered her. The word horrified her as she realised she had said it aloud, and said it to an alien. she deflated. Embarrassed and unable to look at the commander.
“I am sorry commander. I am… Alone. It makes everything , hard. I will contain myself and make my best efforts. “, she sighed and finally composed herself. Putting on a I meant to do that look that was all the emotion most Caitans let others see.

Cadet Catt Bennet. Sciences. USS Challenger.

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IC: Janusz looked at the XO and replied easily and informally. “Hello, Commander. I certainly hope so. It has been the source of much anxiety and consternation among the crew since it was brought on board.”

Korczak smiled a warm and friendly smile, and looked intently at the young Caitan. “Being alone can drive one to behaviors that would otherwise lay dormant, Cadet. It’s completely understandable. But you must realize quickly a very important aspect of life in Star Fleet: You are never alone. Your crew is your family, your home, and your culture. They may not look like you. They may not come from the same planet, system, or even quadrant. But they are there for you, and they expect you to be there for them. No, you are most certainly not alone…”

Korczak, CNS

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Gordon limped over to join them. To the new cadets, he looked like the average human male, except that he had a limp on his left leg. He also looked like the left side of his face got into a fight with a blender and a flame thrower. There were scars all over the place with skin that looked at one point to have been badly burned.

“Truer words were never spoken Cadet.” He said in his deep voice. “Lt Gordon, Chief Engineer USS Challenger.” He introduced himself to the Cadet, smiling as best as he could.

-Gordon, CE

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