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Posted by Lieutenant Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) in Side Sim: Alternate Timeline - What Does Security Do All Day In-Between Missions? [Tag Lt. Rodier]

Posted by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) in Side Sim: Alternate Timeline - What Does Security Do All Day In-Between Missions? [Tag Lt. Rodier]

Posted by Lieutenant Henry Rodier (Chief of Security) in Side Sim: Alternate Timeline - What Does Security Do All Day In-Between Missions? [Tag Lt. Rodier]
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Before her promotion, the only time Pilar had ever really ventured from her Counseling office was when she was trying to track down a cadet who had missed their Counseling appointment, trying to wrangle a DH in her office for an overdue evaluation or if she’d been summoned by the CO or the XO. Otherwise, that was where she spent most of her days and if she wasn’t interviewing someone, she was preparing a report for Starfleet or consulting with other Starfleet or Federation psychiatrists on an unusual mental ailment that afflicted the crew on some starship.
Now that she had a new role, one that would give her more access to the ship and hopefully not tie her to one spot for long hours, she decided to take the opportunity and see what happens in the day-to-day operations of the Challenger. Of all the departments that most piqued her interest, it had to be security. Her husband had started his Starfleet career in security and it is where her son had intended to enroll after he joined the Academy. Also now as the XO, she knew she had to brush up on her combat skills since she could potentially be joining the away team on missions. The prospect of this thrilled her because Pilar was looking forward to being on the away team more often. As a Counselor, this opportunity wasn’t presented to her very often and only in times when there was a potential mental health issue involved with the inhabitants of wherever they were. She hoped Henry was not too busy, for a drop-in meeting. He was the perfect person to prepare her as the head of the Security Department and she wanted him to get her up to speed on the security protocols that might have bypassed her brain since she wasn’t particularly concerned with them as a Counselor. Of course, she’d had all this training in the Academy but as with all things you either use it or lose it. Now it was time to brush off those old combat skills and become acclimated to all the security protocols, especially those concerning away missions.
Weighing in at only 130 pounds, she didn’t look tough but she was. If she got knocked down or banged up during a training exercise she was going get up and keep going until she absolutely could not anymore and this meant she would probably have to be unconscious. Pilar was not afraid of putting herself on the line if she needed to. It is what you did for family and she considered the crew on the Challenger to be a part of her family as well.

Pilar stepped off the turbo lift onto Deck 7 and went to the Security Office and rang the chime.

Halcyone, XO

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“Come,” Henry replied. The door slid open to reveal him standing at the office window, hands resting on the tiny sill, shoulders hunched forward. The events at Jupiter Station were still very much on his mind, though he had elected not to speak to others about those thoughts. Still, as he turned to see who had called upon him, his eyes weren’t as sharp as they could be. A monitor on which he had been writing reports was left open on the desk.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

When Pilar entered Henry’s office, she immediately noticed his dejected demeanor and decided not to immediately mention the real reason she had stopped by. It was the Counselor in her, always wanting to ensure that everyone was okay, managing their self-care, and carrying their baggage as best they could. “Lieutenant Rodier, I am sorry for the unexpected visit. I have been meaning to stop by and see how you have been holding up since our last mission also wondering if I can help you sort through anything?”
She clasped her hands infront of her as her eyes swept the office. She wondered how long he’d been in there, working alone.

Halcyone, XO

A large cup of water sat on the table beside the open monitor, only about a quarter full. Beside it were two plates - one empty with only a few crumbs, the other still mostly covered in lettuce and oil.

Looking up to her face, Henry replied, “Thank you, Commander, but I’ll be fine. It… it’s just been a bit tough to get back into the swing of things. Haven’t quite been able to get my focus back just yet.”

~ Henry Rodier - CoS

Pilar walked over to the desk, and let her fingers rest beside one of the plates for a moment before she said, “Okay.” there was another pause from her before she asked, “How long have you been in here working?” She wondered if he’d made contact with his parents or even his brother since the last mission.

“Oh… a bit. At least this shift and…” he trailed off, eyes settling downward to the sill.

Pilar walked over and stood by the officer and gazed out the window with him before she suggested, “How about we go to the lounge for lunch? I’d like to challenge you at 2D chess as I have been reading up on the game,” she lied, “and I think I may have some interesting tricks up my sleeve....and if you are up for it I have an interesting request to ask of you. However first thing is to get get you out of this office. Come on Lieutenant.” She said as she gestured for him to follow her.

Halcyone, XO

Despite seeing the counselor’s ploy clearly, his eyes perked up slightly, a bit of light coming into their tiredness. With the departure of one of the Challenger‘s previous captains, Henry had become the ship’s foremost expert on 2D chess. “That’d be fine.” he followed her out the door.

Remembering the latter half of her statement, he added, “Interesting request? What’d that be?”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

“Oh…I will get to that later. Let’s get you in better spirits first.” She said as they walked to the lift. She turned to him and asked, “Now if I remember correctly, each pawn can move two squares on the first move, correct. Or is it the opening pawn can move two squares and each subsequent one can move only one square?”

Halcyone, Counselor

He allowed a small smile at Halcyone’s efforts, deciding to allow her to keep at it. It is - was her job, he thought. Might as well let her try. “Two squares on the first move, one after that. Good memory.” Entering the lift, Henry opened his mouth to instruct it where to go, then frowned in mild confusion. “Deck eig… nine. Deck nine.” The lift began to move, and his frown mostly cleared, though a slightly furrowed brow remained.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

Pilar gave a competitive smile then said, “That is all I needed to know, Lieutenant. Are you prepared to lose to a novice chess player. I say that because I think you are so distracted that I just might have a chance to beat you.” She presses the stop button on the lift and looked the man in the eyes. “Henry, I am worried about you. Why don’t you tell me, really, how you have been. I know you are not fine. You are not…yourself and I cannot in good conscience ignore the situation.”

Halcyone, XO

Henry had not expected such a forward confrontation from Pilar. He had not had the chance to develop enough of a professional relationship with her to adequately predict her moves, and even if he had, he wasn’t exactly in the state of mind to do so. Regardless, he stuttered as he started to answer, the hint of a smile remaining eerily frozen on his face. “I don’t… doh… don’t know. I’ve… it’s not great. I’m not fine. My dad, he’s normally who I’d talk to, he’s good with people, emotions. But… I can’t. It’s classified, and what I was able to say… it’s just a unique thing. Unique situation. For once, not even… he can’t help. I don’t know…”

He put out a hand to steady himself against the wall, drawing a deep breath. The smile had disappeared by now, replaced by a very set expression, teeth partially clenched, eyes staring ahead, voice hard and almost angry. “I can’t even take my own advice, because I was… am… could be the problem.”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

Pilar carefully placed her hand on his shoulder. “I think you are being too hard on yourself.” She felt she had failed him in some way because he had not been comfortable enough to to her and talk about what he was going through. “I really want to help you. Tell me what can I do. I am not a counselor anymore but I am willing to act as an interim counselor for your sake. It’s going to take time for you to…get through this, but you can’t if you don’t talk about it with someone.”

Halcyone, XO

He looked up at her. “I… I don’t know exactly how I messed up in that future, I don’t know if I still will do something similar. I feel like I should be scared of what other people think, how their views of me have changed. But I’m not. I’m just scared of how my view of myself has changed. I don’t know what to do with that, with this… with anything. It’s like I was given a shield to protect against something, but I don’t even know what to look out for.”

“Henry. Listen to me. You haven’t done anything! How can you be at fault?” She shook her head trying to find the right words. “Whatever is going to happen is not your fault, you can’t know what is to be therefore you can’t be at fault unless you intentionally and maliciously do something to cause something terrible to happen.”

He shot her a look of frustration. “That legal speak. Yes. I know. I’m not at fault. Nothing’s happened. I’ve heard it all before. It’s just the ambiguity of it. This big thing, was it me in a bad place at a bad time? Or was it some massive error on my part? It just felt so… preventable, whatever it was. Like I was truly the one at fault. So even if I haven’t done anything, even if I don’t plan on doing anything, isn’t that enough to be scary?”

“It’s not. At this point, there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you do, things will happen as they are supposed to and that is the truth of it. I know that seems like its easy for me to say because I am not the trigger to the event, but in all honestly, there is probably nothing you can ever do to change what is going to happen. What we need to focus on is mitigating the damage it will cause.”

He took a breath. “I just need you to be honest, to tell me what you see wrong, what you see me doing. And not to stop giving me work, treating me like a broken thing. Slow me down, fine, but please. Don’t make me stop.”

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

She looked at him as she pressed her lips together and furrowed her brow. “Alright then. Sure. Why don’t we start now. I am going to be honest right now and tell you what I see. I see someone who is carrying the whole entire universe on his shoulders. Trying to go out of his way to ensure that those he care about the most will not succumb to his actions, which he cannot perceive. This scares you because you don’t want to hurt anyone and you certainly don’t want to be known to anyone as a destroyer of” she shrugged, “....anything. You do not have one malevolent bone in your body. I know that, you know that, and anyone who knows you know that. You know you hardly make mistakes. So right now you doubting yourself is the first thing you are doing wrong.”

Halcyone, XO

He said nothing, stunned to silence for a moment as he took in the Commander’s words. “Thank… Thank you, Commander. That… helps. I suppose I just feel that I should be more careful about something, and it’s very frustrating not to know what.”
The lift opened onto Deck 9 just as Henry finished.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

She nodded, “Let’s not think about all that for the time being. My chess strategies are stirring in my head and if we don’t get to a chess board soon, I am afraid I will lose them all.” She patted him on the back and said, “Come on, let’s go find us a table, get something to eat, and play chess.”

Halcyone, XO

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