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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in Jupiter Station, Operations- Main Sim

Posted by Gamemaster Mischief Maker (Gamemaster) in Jupiter Station, Operations- Main Sim

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in Jupiter Station, Operations- Main Sim
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Cameron led the Challenger’s CMO through to the airlock and they made their way up to Ops, which didn’t take long. He really didn’t have a lot to say, though it was probably obvious that he thought this was a waste of time. And for him it really was. After all, he had other things he should be doing right now, and scanning for something he knew without a doubt wasn’t on the station was far low on his list of priorities.

When they arrived, he gave a wave to Captain Alshoi who was talking with one of the science Lieutenants. She gave a nod of her head to acknowledge them, though for the moment went back to her conversation. She was half-Betazoid and an empath and knew that there was nothing urgent, though she did note the undercurrent of irritation from Russo. She felt for the officer with him as he could be… difficult at times, but was remarkable at his job.

CMO Rahm Vesta wracked her brain and tried not to stare as she followed Russo through the space to Ops. She clutched her earworn copy of Terror in Gallitep to her chest reflexively. Things had progressed a long way from her retrieving this book from the Cargo Bay and trying to snoop on the area where a crate had sent a crewmember into a picket dimension in her predecessor CMO Dr. Frankenstein’s last cadet cruise.

“Alright,” he said as they came to stand in front of the main operational bank of consoles. “I’m going to start a scan for the three variants you mentioned. Anything else we should look for while we’re at it? A scan this big is going to take time so we might as well do it all now.”

~Mischief Maker

“If you’re going to search for trilithium, tekasite, and protomatter, you might as well include strange instances of dilithium as well–since it can be refined to trilithium. I’m talking areas where one wouldn’t normally find it.”

When Vesta took over the CMO’s Office from Dr. Frankenstein, she read all of the previous doctor’s logs and had mentioned to several crewman that it was strange how a ship like the Challenger of all places would experience such unusual events.

She paused. “Lieutenant Commander. And this is just a hunch, but scan for any anomolous readings of tetryon radiation, too. If thats alright. Let me know if I can help and jump on a station.”

She muttered, “I was Resistance, after all.”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

Russo shot her a look, though whether he heard her comment or not was hard to tell. “Depends on what you mean by anomalous. There is an experiment going on on the station that does generate tetryon radiation, but that’s highly supervised and contained. Even if there was small leakage, we have sensor alerts set up in such a case.”

Vesta’s heart thumped in her chest. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Tetryon radiation experiments on a science-sentric part of a station weren’t unheard of–but the coincidence of it all… Frankly, it un-nerved her.

He gestured to the station beside him. “I’m going to start the full scan. I’ll start it to scan key and sensitive areas first and then fan out from there. If you want to scan the immediate areas around the station, that should cover all our bases.”

~Mischief Maker

“Absolutely,” Dr. Rahm said. She approached the station and eased into the console with a few unsteady taps.

“I admit, this system is a little newer and more sensative than some Bajoran systems we used back in my time. It was practically two tin cans, aluminum foil, and fourteen ions strun together with some hope. Scanning Operations and Storage first.”

She pecked the screen with two fingers.

“So does Jupiter Station have a… working relationship with the Challenger often, Lt. Commander? Say, do we often do passenger transport or, say, cargo drops to the station?” she asked innocently. “This is my first mission aboard. Scanning the Labs as well, just in case.”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“Not usually, no. The Academy tends to task cadet ships with other assignments and get themselves outside the Sol System. But as I understand it y’all needed repairs from a previous mission before you even had your little incident with the pocket universe, Command decided to put your here for repairs and we’re trying to give your cadets something to do.” Russo shrugged. “I-“

“Interesting.” Dr. Rahm muttered. “I guess I haven’t made it that far into Frankenstein’s logs.”

At the same time as Vesta’s scan showed trace amounts of tetryons in a special lab in the middle of the science department, an alert sounded followed by a comm.

=/\=Rice to Operations. We’ve got a containment problem down here and Doctor Green can’t shut down the experiment chamber. The lab has gone into lockdown.=/\=

Captain Alshoi overheard and hurried over. “Alshoi here. How bad is it?” she asked loudly.

=/\=Not too bad… yet. But we need to maintain the shielding and still shut down the power to the chamber.=/\=

Russo’s hands were moving furiously and he outwardly seemed to be rather calm and collected. “I an’t do anything up here. I’ll have to go down but I could use an extra set of hands. Doctor Rahm, I could use your help until I know what my team can and can’t do from other areas. “

“I got two hands and I can use them,” she affirmed.

Alshoi nodded. “Do what you need to,” she said before speaking more loudly for the comm. “Commander Rice, Russo is on his way down to see what he can do. Stand by and do what you can to protect yourselves.”

=/\=Understood,=/\= Rice replied and the general sounds of the officers and cadets down in the lab were audible as they tried to work through their problem.

Meanwhile, Russo had grabbed a kit and pierced Rahm with an intense look. “You coming with?” he said, but his tone sounded less like a question and far more like an urgent order.

~Mischief Maker

Dr. Rahm grabbed a tricorder and her trusty copy of Gallitep–why did she make this book such a big part of her day?!–and followed Russo into the corridor.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

Once they were alone, Russo double-checked that no one was around. “You keep mentioning the Resistance as if it make a difference, well… time to put that experience to good use. I have confidential information I will share, but you cannot tell anyone else, not even your captain unless I say so or it becomes absolutely necessary. Understood?”

~Mischief Maker

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