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Posted by Gamemaster Mischief Maker (Gamemaster) in Jupiter Station, Operations- Main Sim


“Not usually, no. The Academy tends to task cadet ships with other assignments and get themselves outside the Sol System. But as I understand it y’all needed repairs from a previous mission before you even had your little incident with the pocket universe, Command decided to put your here for repairs and we’re trying to give your cadets something to do.” Russo shrugged. “I-“

“Interesting.” Dr. Rahm muttered. “I guess I haven’t made it that far into Frankenstein’s logs.”

At the same time as Vesta’s scan showed trace amounts of tetryons in a special lab in the middle of the science department, an alert sounded followed by a comm.

=/\=Rice to Operations. We’ve got a containment problem down here and Doctor Green can’t shut down the experiment chamber. The lab has gone into lockdown.=/\=

Captain Alshoi overheard and hurried over. “Alshoi here. How bad is it?” she asked loudly.

=/\=Not too bad… yet. But we need to maintain the shielding and still shut down the power to the chamber.=/\=

Russo’s hands were moving furiously and he outwardly seemed to be rather calm and collected. “I an’t do anything up here. I’ll have to go down but I could use an extra set of hands. Doctor Rahm, I could use your help until I know what my team can and can’t do from other areas. “

“I got two hands and I can use them,” she affirmed.

Alshoi nodded. “Do what you need to,” she said before speaking more loudly for the comm. “Commander Rice, Russo is on his way down to see what he can do. Stand by and do what you can to protect yourselves.”

=/\=Understood,=/\= Rice replied and the general sounds of the officers and cadets down in the lab were audible as they tried to work through their problem.

Meanwhile, Russo had grabbed a kit and pierced Rahm with an intense look. “You coming with?” he said, but his tone sounded less like a question and far more like an urgent order.

~Mischief Maker

Dr. Rahm grabbed a tricorder and her trusty copy of Gallitep–why did she make this book such a big part of her day?!–and followed Russo into the corridor.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

Once they were alone, Russo double-checked that no one was around. “You keep mentioning the Resistance as if it make a difference, well… time to put that experience to good use. I have confidential information I will share, but you cannot tell anyone else, not even your captain unless I say so or it becomes absolutely necessary. Understood?”

~Mischief Maker

Dr. Rahm nodded seriously. “Mr. Russo, on Bajor, we have a saying: If a man can’t hold his tongue, phekk his word. You might be surprised, there are very many stories that end with me.”

-Dr. Rahm Vesta, CMO

In other circumstances, Cameron would keep all his reactions to himself and never dream of revealing them. But therein lay the delicate nature of his work: sometimes revelations were necessary and helpful. That was the gamble he was playing with right now as he let his wariness sweep across his face. He inhaled deeply and nodded. “I am an engineer and operations officer. That is my background. But… I am also currently and Intelligence operative tracking a possible saboteur. At first I though that Doctor Greene was mixed up with things he shouldn’t be, but the more I’ve learned the more I’m convinced that someone is trying to make it seem that way. Why? I’m not certain and it may not matter. Greene’s work is experimental and highly classified. He knows that someone from Intelligence is monitoring his research because they are the ones that started him on his path, but he doesn’t know it’s me. You were looking for the components to make a bomb, but that might not be necessary if someone has corrupted Greene’s experiment.”

~Mischief Maker

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