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Then an alert sounded causing the doctor to grown.

“Commander…” Rice cautioned.

“It’s… fine, just some tetryon particle leakage. It can happen but…”

But??” the stations XO said, sipping past the cadets and joining the researcher at the console. Her eyes widened a moment before the entire lab went into lockdown.

Containment failure. Risk of radiation exposure imminent.

“Shut it down!” Commander Rice ordered.

Green was aghast. “I… I can’t. The fail-safe program isn’t responding…”

“Well do something!”

“I’m not an engineer!” Greene said, fighting to stay composed as he cycled through different options.

~Mischief Maker

Kylie quickly steps up to the console and looks at it her face twisted in deeper concern and thought. “I would suggest, first trying to cut power… com engineering and see if they can cut power to the lab. Otherwise… we could try to also get a schematic.. and a couple of plasma torches and get creative…” She looks to the chamber, then the console again. “My best guess… there could be a power flux… that’s drawing more power than the system can handle.” She says as she looks around the room. “Do you have a tricoder in here?” Her voice showed the urgency she felt at the somewhat desperate situation, though overall her voice was calm. Her eyes continued to scan the room, looking at the tools and stations that were in the lab.
-Cadet Kylie Brecker Engineer

“Lots,” Greene said. “Behind you in the equipment cupboard.” He waved to the general area behind Brecker where there was a tall set of equipment cabinets.

James followed her hitting the right side of the console, trying to increase the shields to the chamber. He told Kylie “ I don’t think it’s safe, to just cut the power.”

Cadet James Black engineer

“Certainly not unless you want to be flooded with tetryon radiation and expose everyone to a subspace anomaly,” Greene barked. “But we do need to find a way to cut the power flowing through the chamber, or increase power to the shields. But I don’t know why we have leakage through the shields in the first place. These systems are meticulously checked.”

Rice hit her commbadge. =/\=Rice to Operations. We’ve got a containment problem down here and Doctor Green can’t shut down the experiment chamber. The lab has gone into lockdown.=/\=

=/\=Alshoi here. How bad is it?=/\=

Rice looked to Greene who grimaced. =/\=Not too bad… yet. But we need to maintain the shielding and still shut down the power to the chamber.=/\=

=/\=Commander Rice, Russo is on his way down to see what he can do. Stand by and do what you can to protect yourselves. And maintain an open comm.=/\=

“Understood,” Rebecca said. She gestured to Cadet Black. “Cadet, in the far corner should be the emergency supplies. Grab a medkit so we can at least inoculate ourselves and buy some time.”

~Mischief Maker

“Well I meant that obviously… power to the canister not necessarily the shields. I would have figured they would be on independent power leads… if its piggybacked into each other, then we have more problems.” Kylie said as she jogged over to the supply cabinent that Greene mentioned. She grabbed one of the Tricoders, and a PADD if one is also in there. She jogged back to the cannister and then quickly she started to take some readings, of the canniseter if possible, of the shield emmitter, and various other components and consoles in the room wether they appear directly related or not.
Cadet Kylie Brecker Engineering

Greene was fixated on the console as she tried several different shutdown commands, but all to no avail. But Brecker’s question percolated through his mind. “They are technically separate but programmed such that the shields are automatically on if the chamber is running power. Objects are taken in and out once power is off, for safety reasons. But something is wrong and the command pathways aren’t responding the way they should be. This should not be possible!”

James walks over picks up the medkit and pulls out the hypospray, puts Hyronalin into the spray. And awaits further orders he was trying to remain calm,in the situation he was under. But he was pretty sure that the medicine would help the radiation if it was needed.
James Black engineer

“Have you done your emergency first aid course yet, Cadet Black?” Commander Rice said.

~Mischief Maker

Yes I have, there is also a pill form but we need it now. I’m ready to administer the inoculation ,I also was the medic on the kurduc freighter. I worked on.

Cadet James black engineer

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