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When NE Kyos arrived, Rodier was still sat at his desk, hands clasped. “Kyos. We’re doing a full review of the ship. I’m trusting you to lead that and report back to me.”

She looked at him in confusion, no doubt wondering why he wasn’t leading it himself. “Yes… sir,” she responded. “Anything in specific I’m looking for?”

“Any backdoors or ways into the ship’s systems. Just routine, but put your all into it. Take whoever you need.”

Kyos nodded once in response. “Yes, sir.” She then left the room, and Henry waited for approximately 30 seconds before leaving the room himself to walk the halls, hoping to see something, anything of use.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

Everything in the corridor was as it should be.

~Mischief Maker

As Henry meandered down the corridor, an alarm sounded on his personal comm, which he recognized as the one he’d created to alert him to any major alarms or klaxons on the Station. He turned and headed for the lift, determined at least to figure out what the hell was going on over there.

“Bridge” he said, as the lift doors slid shut behind him.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

The lift moved upwards and soon deposited the COS on the bridge.

A quick scan of Jupiter Station was showing that they had gone to red alert due to radiation contamination.

~Mischief Maker

But I’m not there… he thought, panic setting in. He gave his head one quick shake to momentarily clear it and sprang into action, tapping his comm. =^= Challenger to Jupiter Station, report. What’s going on over there? =^= As he waited for a response, he gestured for the Science and Ops officers to conduct a more in-depth scan.

~ Lt. Rodier - CoS

=^=Dr. Rahm here with Mr. Russo. Checking on some sort of containment issue in the Jupiter Station lab. Send support and activate emergency medical support, Lieutenant, just in case.=^=

-CMO Rahm Vesta (crosspost)

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