Side SIM: Dar in his office (Open to anyone)

Posted Jan. 24, 2023, 4:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) (Shaun Tee)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar (Counselor) in Side SIM: Dar in his office (Open to anyone)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Rahm Vesta (Chief Medical Officer) in Side SIM: Dar in his office (Open to anyone)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar (Counselor) in Side SIM: Dar in his office (Open to anyone)
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Dar finally was able to go to his office and once he entered it, he looked at how drab and dreary it was and sighed. “If only I could get it to look like the CMO’s but with my flair....but what do decorate it with? I can’t decorate it with my personal artwork because my paintings are considered too…morbid and that will not go a long way to calm someone down and feel relaxed.” He said while walking to the chair and desk. Turning the chair around and giving it a spin, it was one of those nice professor leather chairs with a high back. He loved those but did not expect to see one here. Smiling he sat down in the plush cushy seat and went into a deep thinking state to learn how to decorate his office.

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

Dr. Rahm Vesta walked down the corridor to the Counselor’s Office. She had quite enjoyed meeting the Lieutenant Commander during his medical intake, and could certainly use a friend and counsel aboard the Challenger. She liked to have people in her life to talk to–to bounce ideas off of.

She stood in front of the office door and ringed the chime.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

The chime brought him out of his concentration and he looked around. “Uh! What?” Seeing Dr. Rahm in the doorway he smiled and stood up. “Dr. Vesta! So good to see you again! I was just thinking about you while I sat here trying to decide how best to decorate this place. Please come in and have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

Dr. Rahm smiled back at the Counselor and swept into the room.

“Sorazo, how kind of you. I’ll have an iced sweet tea, half sweet, with lemon, please.”

She took a minute to take in the decor of the office. Most of it was Starfleet regulation… except for the stately leather chair behind the desk.

“What sort of office do you do your best work in?” Vesta asked. “I can’t help but turn them all into an exact replica of my office back home. I still keep a space on Bajor, though I rarely visit anymore.”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

He chuckled getting up from his seat while moving to the replicator. “Well, I usually have plants and artwork that is non-threatening and not going to put the patient under despair. So no ships out at sea or storms. Which sucks because I love those. Please have a seat while I get you your drink.”

Vesta took a seat in one of the patient chairs.

He finally made it to the replicator. One large iced sweet tea. Half sweet and with lemon.” Once that was done, he took the glass and moved it. “One large cup of coffee with Italian sweet cream, hot.” Once it replicated, he picked it up along with the other drink and walked over to her and handed it over. “Your drink my lady.”

“Thank you for your hospitality.” She took a sip of tea. “Perfect.”

He then sat across from her and not in his stately chair. “I paint but it is to get my frustrations and emotions out, so none of it is suitable to display here.”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

“Art is a fantastic outlet. But I understand how you’d want your office to be a neutral space. But sometimes Starfleet can tend rather… clinical. And that’s what you’re trying to avoid, right?” she intuited.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

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IC: “Yes. That is what I am trying to avoid but I do not want it to look like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse either.” He puts his hand on his chin and looks away for bit. “Although Chairy would be cool.” Turning back to her. “So you have any ideas doc?”

Sorazo Dar, CNS

“On Bajor, we would often meet with our prylars–sort of like priests–in our shrines and temples. Even during the Resistance. They were always dim. Underlit, with sconces on the wall. Plain tapestries. It was a very calming environment and quite a respite in our difficult times.”

She took a sip of her tea. “What sort of places have brought you respite, Sorazo?”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

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Dar frowned when she mentioned what they do. “Hmm. I am not very religious but that is a good idea. I way for me to think outside my box so to speak. But that idea you mentioned just sounds bland, dull and from my reading, looks like an office room from Earth’s 1990’s decade.” He took a sip of his drink as well to think about the other question she proposed. “I think, there was a small coastal town in the North of England. Most likely around 200 people. There on a small hill about 500 meters in height stands a lone, dead tree with a rundown looking wooden fence right behind it. That spot has an excellent view of the coast, harbor and sea.” He started to smile now. “When it is spring and fall, that hill and town is absolutely gorgeous to look at. I think I would love to be buried there, when I die.” He took another sip then continued. “I am from Trill but have spent time exploring the galaxy and most of the planets in their entirety. I love to travel. That spot still stand out to me to this day.” He then got up and went to the wall. “I see where you are going with this exercise. What if I painted this room like a 3D picture of that place? So when they walk in they feel like they are there in that spot?”

Sorazo Dar, CNS

Dr. Rahm sipped her tea and closed her eyes, picturing the space.

“I think that would be an interesting immersive experience for a Counselor’s Office!” she said. “Maybe a nice bench, the sound of gulls and waves–even I might feel obligated to spill my guts.”

She turned serious for a moment. “In the Occupation, bland and dull was very comforting indeed, Sorazo. It was a quite scary time for the young ones, especially. Many of us were born into that world.”

She sighed. “But traveling has taught me peace, too, I suppose. And I suppose I carry Bajor with me, as you must carry Trill with you. It is our burden.” She shrugged.

“What do you think?”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

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