Side Sim - CNS's Office - Demil's Psych Checkup

Posted March 14, 2023, 10:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Demil Lis (Chief Science Officer) (Amdirgol S)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar (Counselor) in Side Sim - CNS’s Office - Demil’s Psych Checkup

Posted by Lieutenant Demil Lis (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - CNS’s Office - Demil’s Psych Checkup
Having completed his check-ins with the captain and sickbay, Demil navigated the halls of the Challenger to the Counselor’s office. He’d been long overdue for a checkup anyways back on the Ark Angel, and given it was fleet policy to get a checkup upon a transfer anyways, it was perfect timing to do it now. He rang the door chime and requested “Excuse me? If you have a free time slot, I’d like to complete my checkup? I’m Ens-Lieutenant Demil Lis.” He sighed as he caught his error, still getting used to having two pips on his collar. He had gotten two promotions in a short period of time, and being a Lt. was still new to him, as was being fully in charge of a department. Demil half-smiled ruefully. He was going to have plenty to discuss.

Lt. Demil Lis

Sorazo was painting a hillside mural in fall colors with a bay in the background on his wall when he heard the Lt. Sitting down the paint and wiping off his hands he motioned for him to come in and shook his hand. “Welcome! Sure! I always have time. Just let me get right before we begin.” His shirt was off and he was in a white undershirt. Pointing to the far wall where a wooden coffee table was and two plush chairs, was the replicator. “Please help yourself to any refreshments and have a seat in any of the chairs.” He said while putting on his shirt and tucking it in. On the coffee table was a tray of pastries, finger sandwiches and blueberry scones. They smelled freshly baked.

Demil took a small pastry and sat in the chair, silently watching the counselor bustle about.

Walking over and getting a glass of water from the replicator and quickly downing it before recycling it and ordering a coffee with sweet cream and walking over to the other open chair and took a seat. “So what is up? The Trill said before he took a sip of his coffee. “Aahh. And do not worry Lieutenant. Getting promoted is a wonderful thing and almost everyone of us has done and will do again, what you just did when you came in.” He winked.

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

Demil smiled, a bit embarrassed. “It’s definitely an odd feeling, being suddenly in charge of every science officer on this ship.” He swung one leg over the other. “At least it’s smaller than the Ark Angel.”

Lieutenant Demil Lis

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