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Vesta wordlessly got to work and quietly injected Lt. Commander Dar with the medicine and then prepared a hypospray for Pilar.

Pilar held her arm out for the injection. “Good thinking.” Like Mr. Russo said all they could do is wait at the moment.

Halcyone, XO

As she waited for her injection, Pilar looked around for security cameras. She wondered why she hadn’t thought of it and why Lieutenant Greene hadn’t mentioned them. “What about security cameras? There must be something even if it’s only accessible by high level officers.”

Halcyone, XO

“Nope, classified experiment, Commander. I don’t make the rules on this one, I just make sure the systems are doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” Russo said.

“Hold still,” Vesta whispered, injecting Halcyone with the hypospray. “And we’re done. Thank you!”

She prepared another for Russo.

“Mr. Russo?”

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“Yeah, sure,” Russo said, distracted by keeping an eye on the readings and waiting for Brecker to act. They would all know one way or another when she did.

Dr. Rahm quickly smgave Russo an injection and busied herself with preparations.

=/\= cadet black to Dr. Vesta, Doctor we are secure nearest the door. Awaiting your response ma’am, I’m finding it difficult to breathe.=/\=

Cadet James black security

Sorazo heard the cadet and winced. “By the three Kennedy’s. Is there not anything we could do for the poor lad Mr. Russo?”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

Cameron looked confused. “There’s nothing that would be causing that reaction physiologically. The levels aren’t high enough for it to be disrupting airways. My guess is that this is your area, Counsellor, but of course I’m not an expert.”

~Mischief Maker

“It could be anxiety. The overwhelming sense that he might die is getting to the best of him perhaps.” Dar pressed his com badge. =/\= Cadet Black. This is Sorazo Dar. Please take the time to take some deep controlled breaths and close your eyes and try to relax. Think about all of those paintings that you have done over the years and the ones that you will do once we get you out. It will all be ok. I promise Dr. Rahm, the XO and I along with some others are doing our very best to get you out. Hang on. Spread the word to the others to help calm them down please. You’re a strong man and a fine natural born leader. We will all get through this.”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

“Counselor, that is a good start in keeping the cadets calm in the room. If they are low on air, the best thing they can do is not panic, or else they will surely run out of air much quicker. Also, I’d like you to provide Mr. Russo with the mental support he needs to figure out the situation as well. He has a tough task and he is working to the best of his ability to sort it out. Dr. Rahm when the occupants in the room are out, I think it’s best to transport them to sick here on the Station, all of them. I am sure they will allow you to treat here. I want them to have medical clearance before they go back to the Challenger.” She looked at Lieutenant Russo and then said, “Lieutenant, let us know what we can do. In the meantime, we will allow you to do the work you need to breach the lab. I will inform Captain Foley of the situation.” she said as she stepped to the side and activated her comm badge. =^=Commander Halcyone to Captain Foley. Are you picking up my transmission?=^= Being so close to the lab, she wasn’t sure about the quality of the transmission, =^=I wanted to give you an update on the situation here.=^=

Halcyone, XO

=^= We hear you Commander. What updates do you have for us? =^=

Capt Foley - CO (crosspost)

Dar nodded. “A fine idea Commander. I might add that the cadets would go to the sickbay here willingly, but they will be apprehensive thinking they might get locked in that room as well. A very real fear. I will stay with them all along with Dr. Rahm to help alleviate their concerns.” Turning to Lt. Russo. “I am at your disposal my good fellow. Just tell me what needs to be done and I shall do it.”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

“Very true,” Vesta said. “Unless the station appears to be in any danger, to Station’s sickbay we shall go.”

She huddled with her medical team and they were prepared. Vesta realized a lot was down to the cadets in the Lab, but she had faith they’d see it through.

“Just let me know how I can help.”

=^=Cadets Black, Brecker–the oxygen in the room is fine. Trust your training. We’re all here to support you.=^=

-Dr. Rahm Vesta, CMO

A few moments later, the door to the lab opened and the cadets plus Commanders Rice and Greene exited the lab.

Pilar’s eyes widened as the door opened and she was filling the Captain in on the current situation. “My goodness! Glory be to the stars! The door has opened! They are free!” She shrieked in delight.

Rice looked tired but was radiating gratitude. “Operations has initiated station-wide radiation protocols. Medical will come to us so we aren’t tracking it everywhere.”

OOC: I’m happy to let you play this out further if you like but that’s it for me, or at least for this chapter of the story. Mwahahaha!

~Mischief Maker

The amount of relief Vesta felt was exhilarating, but her work was also not done here. She herded her NEs into a quick huddle and whispered some directions as they scrambled to get up some stretchers for the occupants of the lab to sit upon to await medical care.

=^=Computer, erect a Phase 3 pass-through medical force field around the corridor,=^= Dr. Rahm said.

“Folks, we’ll set up a little triage center over here and wait for the station’s medical team to perform radiation remediation,” she announced. “But, Cadets Brecker and Black, well done. I’m sure the Commander and the Counselor both have a few things they’d like to say, too. I’ll be over here with the medical team whem you’reready for treatment.”

Pilar smiled and said, “Thank goodness. I am so happy to see you all. Be sure to follow Dr. Rahms orders so she can get you treated and we can get you back aboard the Challenger. “

The Bajoran doctor beamed at the two and began helping the station staff with their radiation treatment.

But still, so many questions still ran through her head.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

=^=Captain I am happy to report that everyone looks well. Dr. Rahm has set up triage to evaluate everyone, however I am sure everyone will live.=^=

Halcyone, XO

Kylie comes out with the others, half running, half hanging onto Dr. Greene. After they are outside, she fell against one of the walls of the corridor. She took a deep breath and panted softly. Sweat profusely poured from her. She gave a nod, in acknowledgement to Greene’s comments inside of the room. “Well… the other idea I had… probably would have resulted in the same results..” She muttered softly before dragging herself to her feet a few moments later. She walked over to the area they designated as the Triage. “Dr. Greene and I received the worst of the radiation.. She says before she slumped back to the ground. Resting her head against the wall. She stared at her hand, eyes half lidded, as she opened and closed her hand, seemingly with some difficulty.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“NE Harper,” Dr. Rahm ordered. “Get the Cadet onto a stretcher STAT. Kim-Ye, the doctor. If you need additional support, I’ll help you.”

She began preparing a path for transport, motioning to Russo, Pilar, and Dar to move out of the middle of the corridor.

“Don’t worry, Cadet Brecker. You did a great job.” She motioned to the NEs as they prepared Doctor Greene for transport on the rolling stretcher. “I’ll be along to the station’s sickbay with you and the doctor.”

She turned to the lab door as Kylie got situated.

“Cadet Black, are you okay?” she asked.

-CMO Rahm Vesta

“ I think so,but I can breathe better anyway. I have radiation poisoning as well we all do thank you Kylie, you saved us all.

Cadet James black security

Kylie grunted in acknowledgment, though she didn’t turn to look at James. She turned her head and rested it to the side against the wall for a moment. Afterwords she helped the NEs in getting on the stretcher as best she could or was allowed to. “That could have went either way. I got lucky. We were lucky that the safty protocalls engaged as they were suppose to. Otherwise that could have gotten more dicy.” She sighed softly.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

“Besides the radiation exposure, everyone seems to be whole. I will leave you to attend to them Dr. Rahm. Please inform me when you are able on the final prognosis of the cadets.” She looked at Lieutenant Russo and said, “Of course we will need a full official report of the events that happened here today.” She went Commander Rice’s stretcher and said, “When you feel up to it I’d like for us to talk.”

Halcyone, XO

Rice was seemingly fine though it took her a moment to parse Halcyone’s words. “Of course,” she said. “Once they clear me.”

Meanwhile, Russo looked at Rahm for a long moment. Yes, he would be writing a report and yes it would be the official one, but now more than ever he intended to keep things under wraps lest someone got wind that they were on to them. Time for Plan B.

~Mischief Maker

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