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Posted March 18, 2023, 2:48 a.m. by Cadet Eliza Thorne (Engineer) (Rhiannon Hulick)

Posted by Commander Pilar Halcyone (Executive Officer) in Boarding Post - Cadet Eliza Thorne

Posted by Cadet Eliza Thorne (Engineer) in Boarding Post - Cadet Eliza Thorne
As Cadet Eliza Thorne gazed upon the USS Challenger, she couldn’t help but smile as excitement thrummed through her. She had been on Jupiter Station for nearly a year now. After graduating from the Academy her engineering professor had invited some of his top students to accompany him to the station to help him with a project. He had warned them that posting to the Station with him could mean that getting a post on ship would take time but the opportunity to work with him had outweighed such a possible negative outcome. She had been informed that with the arrival of the USS Challenger at this station came an open slot for their engineering department and Eliza had quickly grasped at the opportunity.

Now she was ready for her first ship posting and she had to remind herself that squealing in delight was not very professional. Looking at Eliza, you wouldn’t think her the type to be an engineer. With her 5‘4” height, rounded face, and blonde hair she looked more like a fairy from a children’s book than someone with a lot of mechanical prowess. In fact, many of her fellow classmates had called her tinker bell when she had first started on the engineering track at Starfleet Academy. She had accepted the subtle teasing with good grace and a smile, and then consistently gone on to score in the top ten percent of her classes until she graduated. She thrived on subverting expectations and hoped that skill would help her succeed on the Challenger as it had helped her in all her other endeavors.

As the situation on the Jupiter Station calmed down she activated her comm badge, =^=Halcyone to Thorne. Please meet me in the transporter room.=^= She intended to take the Cadet to the Challenger and proceed with her on boarding.

Halcyone, XO

Eliza paused as she walked when she heard her comm chirp. =^= On my way Commander.=^= Before orienting herself with the map on her padd and heading to the transporter room. Once she arrived at her destination, she placed her bag on the ground, stood up straight, and saluted Commander Halcyone. ” Cadet Thorne, reporting for duty! “

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