CNS Office - Cadet Thorne Evaluation

Posted March 18, 2023, 3:08 a.m. by Cadet Eliza Thorne (Engineer) (Rhiannon Hulick)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar (Counselor) in CNS Office - Cadet Thorne Evaluation

Posted by Cadet Eliza Thorne (Engineer) in CNS Office - Cadet Thorne Evaluation
Eliza located her room after receiving detailed directions from a passing crew mate and quickly got her stuff tucked away at her bunk. Checking her PADD she decided to get her medical evaluations done first before meeting her new CO. The counselor’s office was furthest from her current location so she decided to head there first.

Utilizing the map on her PADD she was able to reach the doctor’s office fairly easy. She was usually good at navigating new places but she still has moments of not being sure which direction to take in some places. Thankfully, the fews times that happened, she was able to find someone who was able to get her cak on track. Once she arrived Eliza took a second to compose herself then pressed the door chime.

Hearing the chime, Dar put down the paint brush and wiped his hands. “Come in!” He said loudly heading over to the finished part of the room that had the two leather plush chairs and a wooden coffee table. Next to it was a cart with pastries, sandwiches and a coffee pot and tea pot. Motioning for her to come over and have a seat with his left arm. The painting was of a lakeside bay with a very small town with the view point of the person being on a hill. “Make yourself comfortable and help yourself to any of the refreshments here. If none are to your liking, the replicator is beside you. My name is Sorazo Dar. How can I help you today?”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

Eliza entered when she heard the welcome and nodded when Counselor Dar motioned to the chair Eliza should sit in and perked up when he mentioned the refreshments. Eliza quickly made herself some tea and grabbed a small pastry. As she sat Eliza took a bite of her pastry just as Counselor Dar asked her a question. She swallowed quickly before replying, ” Ah, yes um my onboarding checklist, it mentioned a psych eval as part of my orientation process, so um here I am! ” She gestured to herself with a smile, before remembering this was her new posting and she needed to at least try to remember to be professional. Her arms fell down and she tacked on a quiet, ” Um, sir. “

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