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With the events of Jupiter Station behind them, Aaron figured the crew could deal with a bit of a break. It was also a good chance for the new crew to get to mingle with everyone else on the Challenger. With the help of the station, he had managed to arrange for food and drink to be brought over for everyone.

=^= Attention all hands. You are all invited to join me in the crew lounge, Nine Forward, at 1800 hours this evening. Casual dress is encouraged, and I hope to see everyone there! =^=

Just enough time to get the last few things arranged and to get changed before the festivities.

Capt Foley - CO

Dar showed up wearing a light blue long sleeve tunic top that had three buttons or toggles really. on the top and white dress pants with a pair of brown moccasins without socks on. Looking around spoke to no one at all. “Well. I guess I am here early. I’ll look around to help set up more.” With that he trotted around looking for things to do.

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

Kylie heard the announcement and waited her time out. A while later, quietly the cadet stepped onto the deck from the turbolift. She headded down the corridor lost in her own thoughts. She stepped into the lounge and looked around her posture was a little stiff, as she appeared to be in the Starfleet regulation dress uniform. She walked more into the room, giving a small nod to LtCom. Dar. She made her way around the room, skirted towatds the edges and walls, and found a spot to sit that she hoped would be pretty inconspicious.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

James was in his red and blue dashiki, he heard the message from his CO he took the turbolift. To the designated area, where he could see a small number his crew assembled. He got some tea, and found a seat. It was nice to have a break, from everything. He nodded at Dar, and Kylie.

James black security

Pilar entered the lounge, although she was later than she intended to be, she knew this was a very special event. She had managed to dig out her long lost fitted, knee length, purple wraparound dress. It honestly felt strange but nice to wear something other than her Starfleet uniform.
After being in the lounge a few minutes Pilar spotted Kylie, nodded at the counselor and James, trying to sort out who to interact with first. She made her way over to Kylie who seemed to want to stay hidden in the sparsely populated room. “Cadet Brecker. It seems like just yesterday I did your onboarding evaluation. How are you feeling?”

Halcyone, XO

Kylie looked away from James a sour expression crossed her face. She stood up as the XO approached her. She then stretched out her hand offering it to shake. “Commander.” She says a little tursely before her expression broke and a smile formed on her face. “I am well. I didn’t think it would be so life and death even in the academy.” She gave a small chuckle then took her orher hand and rubbed it against the back of her neck for a moment before she dropped it back into place at her side. “It seems like yesterday, and also a lifetime ago. It is good to see you.” Her expression turned warm, open, and relaxed. It showed some slight hints of friendly affection. She takes a breath and gives part of it out in a sigh. “Things change constantly, which is good. But I guess it just makes it hard to get into a routine. After being in one for so long the near constant flux is a little offputting. However,” Kylie paused a moment her expression thoughtful and somewhat somber. “Speaking of the life and death thing… I may have held my cool in that lab… but it was terrifying being responsible for the lives of everyone in the room. If anything It gave me more perspective. Into yours and the Captains roles, and how nervewracking it must be to have to make judgement calls.” She then offers a warm smile.
Cadet Kylie Brecker (Engineer)

Dar nodded to everyone as they entered as he finally found what he was looking for. The drinks and food set off in a little room. “Ahh! There they be.” He grabbed the food cart and rolled it out for everyone, and placed it in the section he knew cadets and some staff would go in order…hide or be conspicuous. He did not anyone feeling left out. This was a celebration and not a hide and seek game. He smiled at Cadet Brecker and gave a slight bow. “Morning Miss Beckler. The food is here and I will be back with the drinks. The food carts were filled with cakes, pastries and rolls with all kinds of jams and jellies along with finger sandwiches and the like.

He went back and brought out the drink cart. It was filled with coffee, teas, juices and some low alcohol content adult beverages. Nodding to her once more. “I’ll just leave this right here for you madam. Turning around and smiling. “The food and drink are here, but I think we should wait on the Captain before we partake in the food unless the esteemed XO says otherwise.” He bowed to the XO.

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

OOC: I apologize if I stated the food and drinks incorrectly. I was just trying to write a meaningful post.

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