Side Sim: psych check in: Hios, Kevin

Posted May 30, 2023, 4:31 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar (Counselor) (Travis Good)

Posted by Cadet Kevin Hios (Scientist) in Side Sim: psych check in: Hios, Kevin

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Sorazo Dar (Counselor) in Side Sim: psych check in: Hios, Kevin

Posted by Cadet Kevin Hios (Scientist) in Side Sim: psych check in: Hios, Kevin
Kevin boarded the USS Challenger and made his way towards the Counsellors office for his Starfleet mandated Psych eval. As Hios was autistic, he was very nervous about this because he hated people seeing behind the facade he puts up to try and fit in. As he walked through the expansive corridors towards the office, he shivered with anxiety and nerves.

As soon as he got to the office he pressed the button on the door.

Commander Dar was just coming back from his lunch break when he spotted the Cadet at his door. Smiling; “Good day Cadet…Hios? Is it? I believe you are my 1400hrs appointment. Please come in and make yourself at home. There is no need to feel uneasy here.”

Walking to the replicator. “Glass of Arnold Palmer and..” Turning to Cadet Hios. “You want anything to drink good sir?” After getting Cadet Hios something if he wanted it he came back and handed it to him, if anything and sat down in a chair across from him. “Now Cadet. I have read your file before you got here.” The Trill said. “I understand that you are autistic and rest assured you are in good company. I want you to understand the autism is not holding you back or preventing you from being successful, it’s the way that society treats people who deviate from the norm that’s holding people like you back. What society thinks is normal is different in the way that you perceive is normal and on this ship, I believe that you will fit in just right because the Captain and myself take things like this very seriously. Again. If at any time you want to leave, just say so or if things get too overwhelming, just hold up a hand and I will stop. Is that acceptable to you?”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

“Yes Sir, that is acceptable, though don’t worry, all the mental breakdowns will only happen inside my quarters and not at my duty station sir” Hios says while playing with a piece of blue tack he fiddles with when he is nervous.

“I am also pretty nervous being on such a scientific ship and my background in stellar cartography may not be useful for this training exercise since everything in this sector has been mapped, double mapped and triple mapped just to be sure.”

Cadet Kevin Hios, Science Division

Sorazo waved his hand in a dismissive manner. “Bah! Who cares. You followed your dreams and passions and became what you wanted. At least you are more useful than a psychologists in space. ” He laughed. “But you are still very useful. One thing about space is that it is ever changing and enities from other galaxies and the like come in, through and around our sectors of space. You might find out that a rogue planet or a comet or asteroid with significant mass came by and distributed the paths of the planets and stars within our sector and therefore need to be mapped again. Plus I am sure that you have other talents and knowledge at your disposal. Correct?”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

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