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After leaving the bridge, Pilar when back to her quarters and gathered a few items to take with her onboard the Jupiter Station.
She stopped in front of her work desk and said, “Computer, start a subspace transmission to Commander Savid Tschn’Gaihi onboard the USS Entente. She sat in the chair and waited for the transmission to go through.”

Halcyone, Counselor

A man with dramatically upswept eyebrows, pointy ears and a greenish skintone appeared on screen. Pilar smiled and said, “Did I disturb you?”
“Not at the moment.” Savid replied.
“I am glad. Hopefully you are being productive otherwise?”
“Of course.” There was the slightest hint of a smile according to his lips and eyes.
“First I would like to say that I miss you and I cannot wait for our next leave on Vulcan. The kids have been heavy on my mind and I can’t help wondering what they have been up to.”
He nodded and said, “Likewise. How are you settling into your counseling duties, Commander?”
She smirked because she knew it was his way of acknowledging her promotion. “Fairly well…based on recent feedback. I like it better than being a yeoman for sure. It’s hard to not get attached to the cadets though.”
“I am not surprised you are struggling with detachment. It is one of your....” He paused to find the right word, “tenuous qualities.”
Pilar frowned, rolled her eyes and said, “Anyway I wanted to give you a heads-up. I will be shipping something your way from the Jupiter Station. A surprise.”
He raised his eyebrows, “A surprise? As you know, I do not care for surprises. Why not just tell me what it is?”
“I know you don’t, one of your tenuous qualities in my opinion.” She noticed a frown form on his face as she continued and was glad because she liked when she was able to trigger even the slightest emotional response from him, “However I think you will appreciate this one. Also, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you what it is.” She placed both her hands on the desk in front of her. “Actually I want to speak to you about something else.”
“Yes, go on.” He said as he stared at her through the screen.

Halcyone, Counselor

After leaving the bridge Pilar went to her quarters and sat at her workstation. After a few minutes alone in thought she activated the console and began to draft a message to Savid:

Commander Savid T’sch’Gaii,
Even though you denied my last request and closed discussions around it, I still feel compelled to write to you, see how you are doing, since I have not heard from you since our last transmission and I am concerned that you may not be well. I will ask you to not treat me as a Vulcan but as your spouse and make better attempts to contact me regularly regardless of our standing with one another.

Your Argelian/Risian Wife,
Commander Pilaryn Halcyone-T’sch’Gaii

It was possible he may not respond. He tended not to when he felt that her tone was hostile toward him and Pilar felt frustrated that she couldn’t just approach to demand an explanation since there were millions of miles away from each other on different starships. She told herself if he didn’t respond to this transmission, the next one would have the word divorce in it.

Halcyone, XO

A few hours later Pilar did get a reply. A message appeared on her console in an official manner.

Transmission from USS Junoesque
To: Commander Halcyone-T’sch’Gaii

I have received your message and I have not written you because I have been leading the away team on our latest mission. However I want to apologize for not frequently checking in and sending you an encouraging word. I will make better attempts to do so. In any case, I also want to clarify that I have not closed discussion on the matter we discussed. My response seemed to have upset you therefore I decided it was best to delay discussions due to the vast distances between us. It better we have the discussion when we are both in each other’s presence.
I have included a gift in this transmission for you. I hope it will improve your mood.

Commander T’sch’Gaii

When Pilar opened the attachment that accompanied the transmission, she smiled. It was a recent picture of their three children.

Halcyone, XO

Pilar’s eyes welled up with tears as she opened the attachment and saw the picture of their three children. A bittersweet mix of emotions washed over her, ranging from longing to joy. She couldn’t help but smile as she gazed at the image, each detail from her children’s faces etching itself into her heart.

She took a moment to compose herself, feeling grateful for the thoughtful gesture from Savid. It was clear that despite the distance and the demands of their respective roles, there was still a deep connection and love between them.

Pilar’s heart swelled with affection for her partner, appreciating the acknowledgement and apology in the message. She understood the challenges they faced in maintaining communication across vast distances, especially while carrying out important missions. The fact that Savid recognized the need for an in-person discussion and was willing to address the matter meant a great deal to her and meant he wasn’t being a typical Vulcan.

Pilar’s spirits lifted. The moment served as a reminder of the family they had built together and the love they shared. It gave her hope that, despite the challenges and physical separation, their bond remained strong.

With renewed optimism, Pilar prepared herself to continue her duties, looking forward to the day when they would be reunited and able to have the much-needed discussion. The picture of their children would remain a cherished treasure, a symbol of their enduring connection and the happiness they had created together.

Halcyone, XO

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