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Posted by Lieutenant Ang’er To’kar (Chief Engineer) in Main Sim - Engineering
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The ship had kicked into Warp 9 and Ang could see on the charts they had altered course. A quick communication message to helm confirmed they were on a mission and were racing to a destination.

“Ok, everyone. Looks like Captain wants max from this baby. We’re on a rescue mission, folks. And heading to an asteroid field. I want everyone at their stations. You two,” she glanced at two nearby cadets. “You two, Thorne and Townsend, need you to man monitor station six. While there, run a diagnostic on the weapons’ systems as well as the tractor beam system. We need to be sure we are prepared for everything.” She pointed to another pair. “You two, you know your place. Hit those antimatter chamber checks. We don’t wanna be slamming skulls cause warp drops from us not paying attention.”

She handed out assignments to everyone else and shooed them away to get to work. She, herself, went to the main console table and began playing with the asteroid charts to be able to suss out what they would need once they were on location.

Lt Ang’er To’kar
Chief Engineer

This asteroid was no part of a system or a belt and thus its rogue nature meant it was mostly tracked by observation. Rogue Asteroid 7OT381 was a slightly oblong basaltic asteroid that had a mean diameter of 525 km in diameter. It had a nickel-iron core, an olivine mantle and a crust with calcium-aluminum rich inclusion. It was also noted that there were veins of magnesite.

The reports on the asteroid indicated that it was possibly a protoplanet that can been chucked from its original solar system and sent on its merry way. There were deep craters from impacts and its overall shape showed a history of having chucks of itself dispersed. The topography showed deep crevices in places.

~Mischief Maker

Ang read the report and frowned. “Well, teaches me that not all asteroids are part of killer debris fields. But,” she shrugged, “at least we won’t have that to deal with.”

She watched the others move around engineering and smiled. Funny how life worked out. A month ago she was on third shift trying to get along with the Chief. Now she was the Chief, and thankfully, since she was the biggest issue, things were going relatively smoothly.



=^= Bridge to Engineering. How is the ship looking? Any major concerns I need to be aware of? =^=

Capt Foley - CO (crosspost)

=^=All good, here, Captain.=^= Can’t Ang’s voice a moment later.

She glanced around at her engineers and smiled. Everyone had hopped up their game in light of the new mission and the excitement of a new adventure.



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