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Demil nodded and went back to his console for a moment. “I’m not seeing anything else particularly viable as a location, ma’am,” he reported.

When Sorazo heard the message he knew that they were in trouble. The Captain was steady in voice as much as she could be and the only thing that bothered Sorazo was the unexpected termination of the message. “Commander Halcyone. I was thinking that we should also see if we can see traces or warp signatures from other vessels. That Captain on the message made a steady voice transmission and wouldn’t have done so if they would’ve been far enough away from the asteroid. So either the asteroid had something that jammed the signal or another vessel in the area did that. But I am no tactician madam, just my thought.”

Lt. Commander Sorazo Dar, CNS

She gave the counselor a quick nod.

Scans showed that the Challenger was the nearest ship. The asteroid was currently in a rarely visited pocket of space that had no inhabited systems and was between major shipping lanes. Most ships went in directions well away from this small area.

~Mischief Maker
“I recommend we get closer and investigate. Once we’re close I can run more detailed scans and hopefully find their lifesigns or at least the shuttle.” He tapped his combadge. =/\= “Lis to NCadet Zayin. Please suspend any experiments and operations that will require use of the primary sensor array until my authorization is given.” =/\= He rubbed circles on his hand with his thumb absentmindedly as he watched Halcyone, waiting for the next set of orders.

Lieutenant Demil Lis

Pilar nodded at Lieutenant Lis then said, “Sounds good. Let’s move in closer to the area.” she said to the helmsman. “My biggest fear is that they crashed on the asteroid and that caused the abrupt end to the transmission. They could be injured. Let’s hope for the best.”
Although she was not familiar with the part of space they were in, it seemed remote and there are no habited systems in the vicinity. “They were on an unusual trajectory. I cannot imagine their navigation systems would have directed them in this area. I wonder if they were lost.” It was a question to ask Commander Cole, if and when the Challenger was able to retrieve her and her Ensign Metwin.

Halcyone, XO

The helmsperson turned and looked at Halcyone. “Based on the coordinates, it’ll take us a day to reach the asteroid at our current cruising speed.”

~Mischief Maker

“Well in that case we need to pick up speed. We don’t have a day. Let’s increase the speed to warp 9.” She activated the comms and said, “Security and medical, be on standby. We are headed to a potential rescue mission. Security will need to escort the medical team on the asteroid so we can retrieve Commander Cole and Ensign Metwin and bring them aboard for examination.”

Halcyone, XO

Having finished his tour of the ship, Aaron had grabbed a cup of coffee before heading back towards the bridge. As the turbolift doors opened, he walked into a much busier situation then he was expecting. He looked over at Pilar standing in the middle of the bridge, she seemed to have everything under control for now.

Stepping to the side of the turbolift, he nodded at an Ensign who was standing at the station there. Lifting his coffee cup up, he took a sip as he watched the scene on the bridge.

Capt Foley - CO

OOC: Mika and I spoke and we’re just going to clear up a little confusion. The ship is already going warp 7.25 (cruising warp speed), so she is upping the speed to warp 9 and I will amend that above to keep everything in sync.
“Aye ma’am, Warp 9,” the helmsperson said. “ETA is just shy of twelve hours.” The ship shifted into the higher speed, veering off in the direction of the distress call.

~Mischief Maker

“Yes thanks for that correction, warp 9. Now what is our ETA?” Pilar asked the helmsman.

Just as she asked the question, the NE Acting CMO, Orman, and NE Acting Security officer, Ackles reported to the bridge. Ackles asked, “What is our ETA? I have already assembled a security team to aid with the rescue.” Orman added, “And I have four medical personnel who are prepared to beam aboard the astroid and provide medical aid.” Ackles nodded and asked, “Should we have a shuttle on standby? Just in case we are not able to beam aboard the asteroid?”

Pilar looked at Captain Foley and said, “What do you think Captain?”

Halcyone, XO

“It wouldn’t hurt to have a shuttle ready to go just in case. Just make sure that your teams are getting some rest over the next 12 hours before we arrive. The last thing we need is for them to be tired and not performing at the best of their abilities when we arrive.

“Any more updates from the crew? Or are we sort of flying in blind?”

Capt Foley - CO

“At this moment we don’t have much information. We are not even sure of the status of Commander Cole or Ensign Metwin. Its unclear if they were accompanied by any other crew at this time.”

Pilar nodded at Ackles and said, “You heard the Captain, get the shuttle prepped just in case it is needed.”

Halcyone, XO


Aaron nodded. “After that, I want any unnecessary personnel off shift to rest. I want to make sure that the crew is prepared for whatever gets thrown at them. That means you as well XO. I’ll take the next 6 hours.”

He took another sip of his coffee cup as he settled into the center seat.

“Helm, ETA?”

Capt Foley - CO

“Eleven hours and forty-five minutes, Captain,” the helm called over their shoulder.

~Mischief Maker

“Thank you.”

“Yes, sir.” she said as she moved aside. “When we arrive at our destination, may I request that I accompany the rescue party?”

Halcyone, XO

“Only if you get off the bridge right now,” Aaron said with a laugh.

Pilar’s eyes widened, she gave the Captain a quick nod and bolted for the turbolift

=^= Bridge to Engineering. How is the ship looking? Any major concerns I need to be aware of? =^=

Capt Foley - CO

Halcyone, XO
“Captain, permission to leave the bridge?” Demil requested once the reply from engineering came through. “I’d like to appraise the labs of the situation and send most of the cadets off shift so they’re better rested as a whole in the event we are forced to double up in the course of this mission.”

Lieutenant Demil Lis, CSO

“Granted. Have them back on station no later then 1 hour before our estimated arrival. We are going to be needing pretty detailed scans of the area to help track them down as quickly as possible. Also contact Starfleet Stellar Cartography, get the latest star charts of the area.”

Capt Foley - CO

=^=All good, here, Captain.=^= Ang’s voice a moment later.

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“Aye, sir,” Demil said, standing up and crossing quickly to the door. “I will send those star charts to you as soon as I have them.” He stepped into the lift, ordering it to the labs.

Lieutenant Demil Lis, CSO

Aaron looked around the bridge as it slowly emptied out. He could sense that this was the call before the storm.

Reaching over he tapped the controls to open a comm channel throughout the ship. =^=This is the Captain speaking. We are enroute to a distress call, and will be onsite within the next 12 hours. For the next 10 hours, all departments, reduce to a skeleton shift. Unnecessary personnel are advised to rest. More information will be provided as we arrive onsite. That is all.=^=

Leaning back he settled into his chair and took another sip of coffee. There was nothing left to do but wait now.

Capt Foley - CO

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