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I’d like to take a moment to welcome some of our latest crew to the Challenger!

First, welcome Matt Calder, our latest cadet!

Second, welcome back to Kieron Hoult! Kieron has previously been a Cadet on the Challenger before serving as our Chief of Security. He has agreed to return as our new Chief of Security, and I’m grateful for him stepping up to help us once again mentor our newest members.

Welcome both Matt and Kieron!


I’d also like to welcome Christian, Thomas and Mika to the Challenger! 3 more new cadets!


Welcome Cadets! I was surprised to learn I shared a name with one of you :)

Welcome aboard, all! I’m excited to play with you and see the stories we can write!


Welcome Matt, Christian, Thomas and Mika and welcome back Kieron!

Travis Good

Thanks all, good to be back!


And they just keep going! Welcome Charles McMillan to the Challenger as our newest Security cadet!


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