CSO Office - Cadet Ashford reporting for Duty - Check In

Posted Oct. 8, 2023, 7:05 p.m. by Cadet James Ashford (Scientist) (John Febuary)

Cadet Ashford closes his eyes with anxiety. He is at the door to the CSO’s office, and he imagines the possibliltys awaiting him with Starfleet. He opens his eyes and walks through the door which opens with a loud swoosh. Cadet Ashford steps inside of the room. A Trill named Demil Lis is waiting at his desk. Ashford sudenly felt hot - he was starting to sweat. “Cadet Ashford reporting for duty, sir.” He barely got out without any voice cracks. He hoped spending some time on the Challanger would help relive him of his anxiety.

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